It Is Time To Prioritize | God Message Today

my beloved

child Let My Words resonate within the

depths of your being for I bring forth a

Divine message of urgency and

instruction in this hour I call upon you

my child and my people to cease their

incessant planning and instead delve

deeper into the study of my word the

time for superficial engagement has

passed now is the time to immerse

yourselves in the truths and teachings

that I have

imparted put aside the distractions of

worldly Pursuits for they hold no

Eternal value instead open your hearts

and Minds to receive my words for they

are a beacon of Truth in a world

shrouded in

darkness allow the light of my teachings

to illuminate your path and guide your

steps it is imperative my child that you

take up the responsibility of warning my

people the urgency of the times demands

that you share the truth with those who

have been deceived and led

astray let your voices be a Clarion call

piercing through the noise and confusion

Awakening the slumbering souls to the

reality of their

choices in this hour let everything be

put in order align your lives with the

Divine will surrendering your own

desires and Ambitions to my guidance

seek righteousness love and compassion

in in all your actions for these are the

Hallmarks of True Discipleship my

beloved child heed this call to action

let go of your worldly plans and dive

deeper into the study of my word receive

my teachings with Open Hearts allowing

them to transform your lives and Empower

you to fulfill your purpose rise up as

beacons of Truth warning people and

bringing them back to the path of

righteousness May everything be put in

order and as you walk in obedience to my

Divine will the time is at hand and you

are called to be instruments of my grace

and love in this world begin my child

with true repentance before my face it

is not a mere Act of remorse but a

complete turning away from sin and a

sincere desire to align your hearts with

the will of the father in this pursuit

of repentance I call upon you to make an

absolute sacrifice to me lay down your

own desires Ambitions and worldly

attachments at my feet Surrender Your

Will to mine for it is in this act of

surrender that true transformation takes

place do not hold on to anything that

hinders your relationship with me for

the cost of following me is nothing less

than your whole being to plan something

without me is indeed Madness the wisdom

of the world may seem enticing but it is

fleeting and lacks Eternal Value Place

your trust trust in me for I am the

source of true wisdom and guidance seek

my counsel in all your endeavors for I

alone hold the keys to the path of

righteousness and fulfillment ignoring

my words is not only foolish but it is

an act of opposition to me each word

that I speak carries the power of truth

and life disregarding my teachings is to

reject the very essence of my divine

nature embrace my words for they are a

bomb to your soul a light to guide your

steps and a shield against the forces of

darkness my beloved heed this call with

utmost sincerity bring true repentance

before my face laying down your lives as

a sacrifice to me seek my wisdom in all

things do not ignore my words for they

are the very Breath of Life embrace them

for they bring alignment purpose and


fulfillment may your hearts be recept

Ive to my truth and may your lives be a

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