IT HAS YOUR NAME ON IT | God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my precious child I have seen every room

that rejected you I have felt your hurt

each time a door was shut in your face

by those too blind to see your

Radiance know that you did not deserve

those cold

shoulders those judgmental Spirits

seeking to condemn what they could not

understand in their insecurity and

self-righteousness they lashed out at

you rather than face their own

Darkness but they had no right to

pronounce sentences on your journey in

those rooms you felt diminished picked

apart sentenced to

shame but my beloved you were created

for so much more than the Jealous Ones


comprehend their boxes could never

contain your spirit their metrics could

never quantify your worth do not accept

their Petty evaluations their

projections of failure stemming from

their own unhealed

places you deserve expansive spaces

where your light is celebrated not

contained so I am opening up new realms

for you

now no longer will you beg for

validation from small-minded

Gatekeepers no longer will you waste

time trying to prove your value to the


asleep you are not going where you need

to manufacture Worth or perform to earn

basic respect you are being connected to

people who cherish you sincerely who

make space for you to shine

in these Realms your scars become sacred

symbols of overcoming your messy Journey

elicits not judgment but awe at your

resilience your present struggles stir

compassion not condemnation for

mistakes for in these Realms my Mercy

triumphs over vain religion my wild

Grace whitewashes painstaking

perfectionism here the greatest souls

are the wounded healers those who have

walked through their own fires now

qualified to help spark fires of renewal

in others I stand with the outcasts and


underestimated I Champion those who knew

Devastation but now wield beauty from

ashes so you tempest toss child will

find shelter here for the Long Haul not

a temporary Refuge where you must

minimize yourself to avoid offense but a

shelter for you to grow unchecked toward

Destiny blessings can flow freely as you

openly receive my abundant provision no

longer question your worth but be

confident that beloved children deserve

the best robes and Rings watched over by

spiritual mothers and fathers igniting

holy fire in you surrounded by a tribe

declaring your Royal

identity no more begging for scraps from

scanty sources the full extent of

Heaven’s storehouses are open to you so

enter in fully to this intended sphere

and fulfill your High Calling

take your rightful place at tables with

your name engraved on Empty Chairs

awaiting you Feast on Rich Fair your

soul has craved but you’ve denied in

misplaced meekness believing the Lion’s

portion was too indulgent for one so

long without beloved that is the shamed

selft talk left over from past

exclusion but staying small does not

please me I want to see you claim every

promised territory I set aside for you

before the foundations of the world were

laid there are festivities prepared from

the old lavish Joy drenched celebrations

I have ordained for you beloved child I

hid in obscurity and nurtured out of

sight like a secret weapon growing in

power and

influence until the decisive hour for

launch but the hour of unveiling has

come the hour for hiding low has ceased

it is time for you to take your throne

before adoring Witnesses stunned at my

awesome workmanship in

you rise now radiant one whom I have

arrayed in strength and Glory rise now

as the crown destined for your head

descends rise to receive Robes of Honor

from my hands rise to welcome legends

from ages past now bowing before you

honoring ground you walk on Rise because

the king of Heaven awaits your arrival

so the Heavenly festivities can commence

bask in my joy over you now beloved rest

in my consuming Delight over the person

you are becoming forget the naysayers

pointing out past sins forget the dream

Steelers telling you to aim low toss

away every worthless word seated in Your

Heart by short-sighted fools hold fast

to the Visions I have given you and the

identity I am birthing in you for I

declare you Innocent by the blood of the

Lamb forgiven freed grac to out distance

a condemning past I declare a year of

favor over your life I declare this

upcoming season will excel every season

before I am ordaining recompense and

miraculous turnaround for each loss and

delay you have endured according to my

Perfect Design you are an overcomer

wearing victory’s Crown all that stole

your peace all that opposed your purpose

watch it shrink to nothingness in light

of my glory revealed in you for I am

honing you into a history altering

weapon against Darkness a fiery

Whirlwind of Glory clearing crooked

paths watch now as I display my power to

restore and resurrect Beyond human

limitation watch depths of Deliverance

pour out from one little willing vessel

rivers in the Wasteland will well up

within you for the

Thirsty Beauty birthed from your ashes

will bring

healing the oil of glad Madness will

overflow from your redeemed

life my child your mess molded into a

message of

hope so my child wearing my strength

Dawn your courage

again for divine magnetism emanates from

you now you need not chase after people

to prove your worth anymore but they

will chase you they will chase the life

and light they sense coursing through

you and you will not boast in these

gifts I have awakened within you

boasting does not suit my Victorious

ones this favor is not earned but given

to magnify my name so magnify my name to

all you encounter not elevating yourself

but elevating your

Redeemer proclaiming Liberty because I

freed you from shackles binding you in

limitation some will not understand the

extravagant calling taking shape on your

life especially religious Spirits

scrutinizing your every move for

impurities they will slander and accuse

you of Pride break free from those

seeking to minimize you in false

humility you need not downplay what I

proudly display in you walk the paths I

ordain in boldness not tiptoeing meekly

eyeing others opinions my opinion alone

matters if I am pleased with you nothing

else matters if I celebrate your gifts

dare to freely develop them for I am

fashioning spheres of Supernatural

influence around you now as you yield

fully to me do not resist my reforming

reshaping work in you though at times it

is painful it is very

purposeful I am making all things new

within you so that resurrection power

May radiate from you out of endings I

bring Divine

reversals you are a display of my glory

which leaves no stench of the Grave that

is why the enemy fights so hard to keep

you caged in past defeats he knows the

irresistible Force I’m Awakening in you

but now his schemes fail now you see

with eyes of fire now your feet advance

from Triumph into greater Triumph you no

longer cower no longer shrink back but

rise up thunderous with Divine intent to

decimate Darkness the lion of Judah goes

before you impenetrable armor Shields

you calamities will not defeat you

Sorrows will not swallow you

sickness cannot overtake you lack cannot

restrain you haters cannot Silence You

Giants cannot intimidate you for you

have Royal Blood of Eternity surging

through your veins you have Heaven’s

armies backing you and hell’s hordes

fleeing before you Unstoppable anointing

oozes from your pores every atmosphere

you enter bends beneath the weight of my

Almighty arm upon you so move forth with

care and wisdom but also boldness and

abandon in my love for these lands and

peoples are already yours my promise to

restore what locusts have eaten Burns

within you now every place your foot

Treads will flourish again where you

walk becomes Eden again you my beloved

have been chosen not just as a force of

change but as a recipient of my unending

blessings through you the song of

salvation will Echo not as a testament

to your might but as a reflection of my

boundless love and

mercy in your joy and gratitude the

shame and burdens of the Lost will

dissolve as they witness the

transformative power of my compassion

flowing through your

life they will see in you the fruits of

a life touched by the

Divine peace joy and a heart Ablaze with

the fire of my spirit

this transformation in you will ignite a

desire for change in them not as a

result of your efforts but as a

testament to my Redemptive

power so my child say yes to my call and

step into the role I have lovingly

crafted for you say yes and become a

beacon of my love and grace a testament

to the Wonders that I the Lord continue

to perform in the lives of those who

trust in me

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