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my child as this month unfolds before

you allow the light of Truth to

illuminate your path for in this

glorious time I the Lord your God am

unleashing a torrent of Miracles upon

your life these Divine interventions

will transform the very fabric of your

existence with a particular focus on


finances I understand the struggles you

faced the mountains of lack casting

Shadows of doubt and despair but today I

declare that those Shadows shall be

banished by the radiant Dawn of my

provision just as je shafford found

himself outnumbered and overwhelmed you

too have felt the weight of financial

opposition pressing down upon you yet

like je shafford understand that the

battle is not yours to fight but mine I

invite you to release your grip on the

illusion of control and entrust your

financial future into my capable hands I

am the god of the impossible delighting

in defying the odds and birthing

miracles in Barren

circumstances Your Role is simply to

trust to lean into my unfailing love and

to watch as I move on your behalf lift

your voice in prayer pouring out your

heart before me knowing that I am

listening intently to every Whisper of

your soul remind me of my promises for

they are the unshakable foundation upon

which your faith rests declare my word

over your finances for it is potent and

Powerful able to break through the

thickest walls of lack and

scarcity as you pray be attentive to my

voice for I will give you specific

strategies and insights to navigate the

path ahead just as I revealed precise

locations to jeer Shaffer I will

illuminate your understanding exposing

hidden snares and

pitfalls trust in my Divine wisdom for I

will guide you step by step leading you

to places of breakthrough and

abundance however be prepared for

challenges to arise for often when you

fast and seek my face with renewed

fervor the areas you are contending for

will be brought into sharp Focus but do

not be dismayed for this is not a sign

of defeat but a confirmation that you

are on the right track when challenges

arise let worship be your Frontline

weapon lift your voice in adoration fix

your gaze upon my Splendor and Holiness

engaging in spiritual warfare that

shatters the chains of lack and poverty

as Melodies of thankfulness flow from

your lips I will dispatch my Angelic

hosts to do battle on your behalf

driving back the forces of darkness and

banishing the spirit of poverty from

your life In My Kingdom lack has no

place and scarcity must flee in the face

of my all sufficient Grace rise up with

a heart full of faith and a mouth filled

with praise declaring boldly that

Against All Odds I am causing you to

triumph over every Financial obstacle


limitation rejoice in the knowledge that

I am your provider your sustainer the

one who Delights in meeting your every

need according to my riches in glory

rest assured that I am working

tirelessly on your behalf weaving

together your financial

breakthrough as you step into this new

season of prosperity may your heart

heart overflow with gratitude

recognizing that every good and perfect

gift comes from above embrace the truth

that your financial breakthrough is not

contingent upon human effort or Earthly

circumstances but upon my sovereign will

and Limitless power as you align your

heart with mine trust in my unfailing

love and watch as I transform your life

in ways you never thought possible for I

am the Lord your God the one who speaks

and it comes to pass the one who

commands and it stands firm let your

heart filled with expectancy knowing

that this month holds Untold treasures

and blessings for you step into the

fullness of your inheritance embracing

the Abundant Life that I have prepared

for you as you walk in obedience to my

word as you align your financial

decisions with the principles of my

kingdom you will experience a Divine

flow of

abundance money will come to you from

all directions and everything your hands

touch will prosper but remember the

greatest riches are found in the

treasures of my presence seek me first

make me the center of your affections

and all these things will be added unto

you for I am the source of all true

wealth the Fountain of Every Blessing

Embrace this new season with open arms

knowing that I am leading you into a

place of Financial Freedom and

prosperity trust in my provision lean

into my presence and watch as I open the

floodgates of Heaven over your life

pouring out blessings so abundant that

you will not have room enough to contain

them amen

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