IN JUST 3 DAYS – JESUS | Gods message today |

my precious child today I want you to look deep within

yourself and listen closely to my voice Let My Words touch the very core

of your being I know that life can be hard sometimes and it might make you question

the faith that once burned so brightly inside you but I want you to know that I’m always here for you no matter

what I want your faith to shine like the sun filled with with love and passion I

want you to treasure the gifts I’ve given you your spirit Your Enthusiasm

and your love for life these are the things that make you special and

unique right now it’s time for you to step back into the light of hope it’s

time to nourish your soul with my promises and my truth even when times are tough you don’t have to be afraid

because I’m right there with you I’ll guide you through the challenges protect your dreams and help you reach your

goals life might be difficult sometimes but remember I’ve already faced the

toughest battles for you I want you to live a life filled with joy and happiness I want your life to be

overflowing with victories and blessings I don’t want you to experience defeat or

failure remember the things you’ve learned because as you become happier and more blessed there might be people

who get jealous and want to see you fail that’s just a part of life some sometimes but know this I lift up the

people I love even if it means others might not like it some people might not

be happy to see the joy and faith in those I bless but don’t be scared because as

long as you follow my guidance no one can truly harm you I’m not expecting you

to be perfect I know you’re human and you might make mistakes sometimes what I really care about is your heart and your

dedication to my teaching ings your commitment to me is what matters most

you turn to me when things are going well and you also reach out to me when times are hard don’t ever stop doing

that keep moving forward and pray with all your heart your tears are like seeds that you

plant whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling keep going no matter

what I will calm the storms and steal the waves for you I’ll solve your

problem s and take care of your worries but what I really want is to see you consistently loving me and making me the

most important thing in every part of your life you’ll discover that this kind of

faith is a powerful tool it can push away evil help you overcome your

weaknesses and give you spiritual and Supernatural strength to face Temptations fears and any challenges

that come your way before you leave your house each day take a few moments to Bow your head and

dedicate your plans and everything you do to me pray for your loved ones and speak words of faith and peace be happy

because I am your Shepherd and you will never be in need to me you are my

daughters my sons and my precious little lambs I will lead you to Green Pastures

and guide you beside Peaceful Waters in your home there will be no more yelling

or confusion the fights that hurt your heart will stop I will keep away the

people who want to harm you the ones who steal your love and ruin your peace I

will get rid of all the hidden sin and mistakes that try to weaken your faith and happiness I will take away your sadness

you will not see misery or lack at your table the time will come when you’ll experience abundance like bread

appearing just when you need it new opportunities for growth and learning will appear I’ll clean your home of any

negative things or bad habits that harm your character and your belief in me remember I’ll always be there holding

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