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merciful Lord in the Embrace of your

loving presence we pray with hearts full

of gratitude we thank you for your

constant care which brings peace to our

hearts in this everchanging world you

are our steadfast support we are

grateful Lord for bestowing upon us the

blessings of health and the gift of Life

enabling us to experience all of the

Landscapes of living to feel joy and

sorrow and to cherish the miracle of

every breath we take we give thanks for

all those who have taught us whose

wisdom and love have shaped us into who

we are today we are thankful for every

setback and success in our lives as each

one is an

opportunity you provide for us to grow


transform teach us to love to understand

the world and to forgive others is with

a heart of gratitude just as you forgive


unconditionally may we always remember

that our daily sustenance the gentle

warmth of the sun and the fresh air are

generous gifts from you we sincerely

thank you and may our gratitude

translate into actions that spread love

and light to every heart we encounter

thank you for your Everlasting Grace and

love amen almighty God In This Moment

filled with gratitude we offer you our

thanks and praise once again thank you

for giving us wisdom and strength to

face every Challenge and decision in

life you are the Fountain of wisdom your

word is a lamp for our feet a light on

our path thank you for surrounding us

with your love when we are lonely and

Confused letting us feel your ceaseless


of never leaving us in your love we have

learned to love ourselves and others and

have understood what true tenderness and

strength are we are grateful for

everyone who has helped us inspired us

and shared in our adversities the

presence of each person is your special

arrangement for us thank you for all the

companionship along the way making us

realize that the most precious thing in

life is the connection and support

between people grant us broader Hearts

to embrace and appreciate everything in

life whether it is Joy or tears they are

the marks of our growth and Gifts worth

being grateful for Lord May Our Lives

overflow with gratitude and may our

words and actions always display our

immense thankfulness and reverence for

you may we live live out your love and

cherish life with a grateful heart not

only on holidays but every single day

and night in your boundless Grace we

gratefully press on Amen dear creator

with humble and grateful Hearts we

continue to express our deepest

gratitude to you thank you for the gift

of time through the change of day and

night every day whether filled with

challenges or Joys is an opportunity you

give us to grow and learn thank you for

granting us This Magnificent Universe

allowing us to experience its wonder the

Brilliance of the Stars the depth of the

oceans the Majesty of the mountains and

the beauty of the Flora and fora all

reflect your infinite wisdom and power

all this beauty nourishes our souls and

fills our lives with awe and reverence

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