I’M WITH YOU, DON’T RUSH | Message from God

son you’ve surely heard that well-known

saying that haste makes waste I want you

to ponder with me if God is perfection

and haste is its enemy then haste is

God’s enemy know this my beloved child

life is a journey not a reckless race

when you allow yourself to be consumed

by anxiety expectations and worries you

miss out on the opportunity to

appreciate the gifts I leave along the

way each moment is a gift a fragment of

my Divine wisdom waiting to be unwrapped

with gratitude and reverence don’t be

deceived by the illusion of haste true

fulfillment isn’t found in how quickly

you achieve your goals but rather in the

journey you undertake to get there learn

to savor each step of the way to find

beauty in the little things and to trust

in my perfect

timing in your Relentless pursuit of

accomplishments and success you

sometimes forget the sweetness of my

presence yes I am here I’ve always been

and always will be infolding you in the

arms of my grace but you need to learn

to slow down to feel my touch when faced

with challenges don’t flee from them in

haste but embrace them with courage and

confidence remember that in every

obstacle I am present guiding and

strengthening you each setback is an

opportunity for growth a chance to draw

closer to me and discover the strength

that lies within you I can sense your

impatience your desire to see immediate

results but I ask you to trust in me I

know the plans I have for you plans for

your welfare and not for harm plans to

give you hope in a future surrender to

my will and let me guide your steps with

love and care haste is God’s enemy but

trust and faith are your most powerful

allies allow me to lead you with

calmness and certainty to the

destination I have prepared for

you dear son as you race through life in

pursuit of achievements and success

sometimes you forget the greater purpose

that guides you you get swept up in the

Whirlwind of expectations and

responsibilities losing sight of the

true essence of your existence your life

has a sacred purpose a unique mission

that only you can fulfill but to

discover that purpose you need to learn

to walk with calmness and reverence

listening attentively to the gentle

voice of my

guidance don’t let yourself be seduced

by the illusion of haste time is a

precious gift a resource that cannot be

squandered on trivial things and

distractions every moment is an

opportunity to grow to deeply and

meaningfully connect with me when you

allow yourself to slow down you make

space for my presence in your life it’s

in moments of quietude and contemplation

that you can hear my voice whispering in

your heart guiding you toward your true

path don’t be afraid to leave behind the

frenzied race for material success what

truly matters isn’t the material wealth

you accumulate but the spiritual riches

you cultivate in your heart invest your

time and energy in the growth of your

spirit in the pursuit of Truth and in

the practice of selfless love once

you’re spiritually well without haste

you’ll see that material things will

multiply in your life when you learn to

live with purpose and meaning you find a

peace that surpasses all

understanding even in the most violent

storms of life you can feel secure in my

eternal love and in the certainty of my

constant care I invite you to slow down

and reconnect with me set aside haste

and embrace the Tranquility of my

presence trust in me and allow me to

guide you along the path of your life

haste is a subtle trap when you succumb

to The Reckless race for success and

recognition you miss out on experiencing

all the best things in life everything

I’m providing for you and you’re letting

slip away because you’re too focused on

living for tomorrow when tomorrow

doesn’t even exist live for today let me

prepare your tomorrow with all the love

and care for

you son do you know why so many people

die unhappy because they lived their

lives in haste true happiness lies in

your present seek to fully live today

yes always striving for a better

tomorrow but live for today today for

life is a gift not to be wasted dwelling

only on tomorrow it’s in the Simplicity

of the present moment that you find true

Joy the peace that surpasses all

understanding don’t worry about the

future I know the plans I have for you

plans for your welfare and not for harm

plans to give you hope and a future

trust in me and place your concerns in

my hands when you learn to trust in me

you release the weight of the burden you

carry and allow my Grace to flow freely

into your life when you feel haste

beginning to consume you take a deep

breath and remember who you are and to

whom you

belong don’t let haste steer you away

from the path of truth from daily

blessings from happiness and from the

beauty of Life slow down breathe and

allow yourself to savor every moment of

your precious life haste is God’s enemy

it separates you from Deep connection

with me and with your fellow human

beings leaving you isolated in your

Relentless pursuit of more of better of

faster moreover hasta often leads you to

make hasty decisions fostering painful

mistakes leading you down Paths of

Destruction and regret slow down learn

to live with purpose and intention

cherishing each moment as a precious

gift from my loving hand instead of

rushing through life in pursuit of

fleeting achievements choose to walk

with me step by step

trusting in my guidance and

wisdom when you Embrace calmness and

Tranquility you discover a new world of

peace and contentment you experience my

love in a deeper and more meaningful way

and find true happiness that can only be

found in me may you live each day with

the certainty of my eternal love and joy

in my presence

amen if you believe in these words leave

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