I’m With You Always | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

I’m with you always God’s message for

you God’s message now music my beloved

child I speak to you from the depths of

my heart for you are dear to me listen

to these words with your entire being

for they are meant for you alone I ask

for just a moment of your precious

attention to hear my voice above all

distractions what I wish to share with

you is of Greater importance than

anything else that occupies your

thoughts stay with me a little longer

and open your heart let me take away the

pain that burdens your soul and banish

the melancholic thoughts that haunt your

mind I hold you close offering you

Serenity and peace like no other come

trust me with your heart allow yourself

to be loved I am a keeper of promises

and my words hold a profound purpose I’m

here to lift your spirits to bring a

smile to your face every morning as you

seek me know that I love you truly and

deeply I want you to not only know it

and believe it but to feel this Sacred

Love within you so you can find

happiness once more I have never left

your side and I will never forget you

this is an unshakable truth you are

secure in my hands sheltered and

protected place your trust in me

completely my arms are forever open to

you I listen attentively to your cries

and prayers as you welcome each new day

open your eyes take a deep breath and

feel my encompassing presence I Delight

in your morning greetings filled with

confidence and trust you know that I am

here to listen to answer every

benevolent request you bring to me it

warms my heart when you pray for your

family for it holds great significance

do not let your focus drift to trivial

matters when life’s tribulations leave

you feeling lost seek solace in me find

a way when you feel overwhelmed and

surrounded by conflict I am your

solution I do not want anxiety to

enslave you or baseless fears to consume

you you’ve placed your trust in me

because you know I will not let you down

hold on to my word treasure it within

your soul keep it close to your heart

and remember the wondrous things I’ve

done for you in the past I rescued you

from adversaries saved you from the

clutches of death extended my hand and

delivered you from Peril even in the

most dire moments when all seemed lost I

returned with my powerful word

performing Miracles Beyond imagination

there are still Many Wonders I can work

for you have confidence in me let me

continue to assist you I desire to

protect you day and night do not allow

despair to te

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