I’m Trying One Last Time to Talk to You

my beloved child May the peace that

transcends all understanding envelop

your heart and soul as you receive these

words spoken directly from my lips to

your spiritual ears I am your lord

Savior and eternal friend Jesus Christ

coming to you through the sacred Veil

that separates the Realms of Heaven and

Earth open the gates of your innermost

being to welcome my message for it

carries the resounding truth that has

the power to awaken you to the full

breath of your Divine Purpose and

potential you are a child of the most

high God the maker of heaven and Earth

the author of all creation fearfully and

wonderfully made in the very image and

likeness of our heavenly father you bear

within you a spark of the Eternal Flame

that ignited the Universe into

existence this sacred spark this divine

ember Burns at the core of your being

waiting to be fanned into an allc

consuming Blaze that will illuminate the

path before you and shine as a Beacon of

Hope in a world often shrouded in

darkness however my beloved it is all

too easy to allow the cares of this

world the doubts and fears that plague

the human mind to obscure the Brilliance

of this

flame you impose limitations upon

yourself shackles forged from the chains

of self-doubt and lack of vision

hindering the full expression of the

boundless potential that resides within

the depths of your soul

on this day I come to you as a loving

father a wise

teacher and a compassionate friend to

remind you of the immeasurable impact

you can have Upon This World the

countless lives you can touch the

multitude of Hearts you can

heal and the formidable barriers you can

shatter if only you dare to dream

without restraint and commit yourself

wholly to the pursuit of those dreams

imagine for a fleeting moment

the vast expanse of the universe that

stretches out before you a boundless

canvas of infinite possibilities painted

by the masterful hand of the

Creator just as the stars that Adorn the

celestial firmament are countless so too

are the opportunities that await you to

make an indelible imprint upon the

tapestry of human

existence each thought that dances

across the stage of your mind each word

that falls from your lips each action

that flows from the well spring of your

being these carry within them the seeds

of change the potential to send ripples

across the fabric of reality that will

grow and swell into waves of

transformation your

imagination my

child is a precious gift bestowed upon

you by the Divine a Wellspring of

creativity that allows you to Envision

realities beyond the constraints of the

present moment it is the fertile soil

from which dreams take root and Blossom

into tangible manifestations that can

reshape the world as you know know it if

you believe in God then like the video

and leave a heartfelt Amen in the

comments when you harness the full power

of your imagination unleashing it from

the shackles of self-imposed

limitations you unlock the ability to

conceive of solutions to the seemingly

insurmountable challenges that face

Humanity in this age you can Envision a

world where the swords of hatred and

division are beaten into plow shares of

peace and unity where the light of

compassion dispels the shadows of

prejudice and Injustice and where the

healing balm of Love binds the wounds

that have festered for far too long yet

imagination alone as wondrous and

Powerful as it may be is but a fleeting

spark a mere glimpse of what could be if

left untended and

uncultivated it is your commitment your

unwavering dedication to the dreams that

burn within your heart that breathes

life into your visions and propels them

forward along the path of

manifestation commitment is the fuel

that sustains the fire of your passion

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