I’M SORRY BUT…|Gods message today |

my child feel the warmth of my presence surrounding you embracing you in your

times of need I hear your cries in the Stillness of the night I know the secret

hopes and fears you Harbor in your heart you’re not alone for I’m with you always

my beloved one open your heart and let me in Bear witness to the Miracles I

will unfold in your life when you make room for me at the center of your being I don’t want fleeting visits from you

you my dear one I long for your whole heart the fullness of your strength your

soul your mind I want to be the focal point of your thoughts the lifeline you

cling to in storms make a lifelong vow to me today

commit yourself fully and watch how my living presence transforms

everything those who hurt you will return seeking forgiveness doors once closed will swing

wide open people who rejected you will finally see your worth I will bring new friends to

banish loneliness replacing it with joy and laughter Let My Words resonate within

your spirit they hold creative power to shift things for your benefit to turn

the tides on all that comes against you do not fear unexpected trials or let

hurtful words bring you down misunderstanding cannot touch you nor criticisms deter you when you abide in

me the Venom aimed at you by enemies will not infect your soul for I am your

Shield awake each morning with my words upon your lips remembering that you dwell in my shadow sheltered by your

heavenly father’s strong and loving arms you seek my help because you know

my love for you will never die or fade and because my promises are ever true

rest assured beloved one I will help you without fail face each new day with

strength strength and peace taking joy in my presence by your side even when you stumble or think you failed me

remember always my Mercy it knows no bounds or limits and my grace can erase

your deepest regrets because I have never failed you yet and I will not start now when you

need me most when loneliness aches and sadness envelops your soul when tears

wet your pillow as you wake up tired each morning listen again for my voice

in it you’ll find the strength to carry on just one more day have hope dear

heart for I hold a future filled with goodness joy and peace in my hands one I

desire for you hold tightly to my love press forward one step at a time along

your path despite the obstacles fix your spiritual gaze upon the sure promises I

have spoken over your life when new threats or challenges surface to discourage you remember well the

supernatural courage and power that reside inside you because I dwell there

in moments of danger consciously recall my ability to deliver you have Mountain

Moving Faith beloved one for I have chosen you I have spoken Destiny over

you great Riches of the spirit will emerge even from the painful lessons of

loss or lack you’ve walked through until now seek me early through prayer every

morning humble yourself daily at my feet then watch what happens as you learn to

delight yourself in my presence I will grant the very longings of your heart

both known and unknown in my perfect timing these words have come to you by

Divine Design at this appointed time they hold Clues to my plans for this next chapter of your life remember and

treasure them always within now is your moment the fullness of time for you

seize it with both hands and watch what I will do for you and those you love most for today right now I lift off the

anguish that sometimes seems to haunt your soul without reason I will fully uproot and banish

any source of lingering sadness that remains you are loved with an

everlasting love as you listen for my voice feel my

hand of blessing upon your head be still and let heavenly peace wash over your

spirit from the top of your head to the souls of your feet every infirmity in body mind or

emotion is now cleansed away by my healing power all torment of Darkness releases its grip upon your soul even

now suffer silently no more for your Liberation has come rise up lay claim to

the gifts of Grace I paid for you to walk in Divine Health mental soundness

emotional stability and strength for I I am your father I breathe my very Spirit

into you giving you this precious gift of life to enjoy so listen closely now I

am filling your being with fresh fire and motivation to greet each new sunrise my glory will illuminate your face with

joy and purpose feel my wind of opportunity lifting and refreshing you

then go announce boldly to the world in this hour that I alone am your Good Shepherd your provider your healer your

rock of strength strength my Living Word is a lamp of Revelation to light up your

path ahead clearly it contains mappings to lead you into lands flowing with

Supernatural increase on every side but first wholeness your soul must heal

thoroughly fears anxiety and the torment of the past must now lose their grip for

how can you fully embrace the abundance of blessings prepared for you when weighted down inwardly by such

burdens I alone am the the remedy to perfect your inmost being come sit with me in the quiet when

trauma or triggers threaten to overwhelm you allow me to gather the broken

fragments of your heart and make you whole give me your desperation and worry

right where you are let my love envelop you so tenderly permit me to speak words that

shift things deep within then simply receive my healing virtue that flows like a mighty River

from Heaven’s throne room all power in Heaven and Earth is given unto me only

believe and agree with me child for Nothing is Impossible with your God all the forces of Darkness must

bow to my sovereign commands they must release you now from their spells your

Liberty is at hand Freedom’s Bell is ringing out across the land arise take

up from your bed and walk forth into all I have for you for this is not the end

of your story but only its glorious beginning the months and years ahead

will prove the greatest most fulfilling times of your life by far but stay ever

humble in your spirit little one pride has no place in my holy presence recall

how I your lord walk the path of humble obedience and sacrifice unto death for you I ask you to remember always that

not one Victory or blessing you will attain has originated by your might or power alone even your very next breath

is a precious gift I bestow so give me thanks and all the glory dear heart for every advance I

ordain you to make for the enemy hunts day and night seeking but one small

opening to devour your soul he will do all in his power to undermine or destroy

each blessed thing I birth in your life but take heart beloved for I have

overcome the world and all its darkness my power will never fail nor my love

grow dim my words and promises are forever settled in Heaven’s courts

concerning you I cannot lie as for the enemy’s threats just

remember well the sound of my voice instructing you for it will be your source of strength when all hell rages

round about you in stormy times my voice will be the lamp for your feet showing

you the path of peace my words will light up your world even in the valley

of deepest Shadow I will never leave you on your own you are mine and I am yours

in a covenant love deeper than the sea higher than the heavens broader than the universe itself for I have not forgotten

you I have seen the tears you’ve cried alone but your day of recompense has

surely come blessings be beyond all Earthly measure await you my beloved

wonders undram of by mortal Minds for I Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard all that I’ve

prepared for you as your soul Soares upon the wings of my exceeding great and

precious promises spoken over your life this day commit aresh never to think

more highly of yourself than you ought Pride opens doorways for the enemy to

gain access so walk ever here before me in hum of heart staying sensitive to my

spirit’s Whispers learn of me continuously as we walk together this year at deeper and

deeper levels of relationship for I am pouring out my glory in these last days

in ways unheard of in Millennia past all my Saints shall walk in power Purity and

Supernatural Authority as Kings and Priests unto me for I share my heart my

plans my resources and my authority with those who dare believe so drink deeply

here at my feet as my beloved one let your soul expand as you yield fully to

my transforming touch allow me to fill your heart to overflowing with more of

my love today then go forth and demonstrate my goodness gentleness and

compassion to a lost and Dying World shine brightly as a Beacon of Hope on a dark Hillside manifest my glory on the

earth you have all of Heaven at your command now believe and boldly decree my

promises into being this year thy kingdom come thy will be done

on Earth as it already exists in Heaven’s courts prepared for you since before the foundation of the

world my beloved child you are precious to me I see you and know the deepest

longings of your heart though storms rage around you fear not for I am with

you I created the vast heavens and spread out the Earth by my great power I

set the stars in motion and call them each by name how much more do I know you

I knit you together and ordained your days before one of them came to be you are the work of my hands my masterpiece

hardships will arise but I will deliver you from everyone I promise blessings

beyond what you can imagine my plans for you are good to give you a future and a hope I know the road has been long and

weary still I say say to you persevere your reward is coming have I not always been faithful

did I not part the Red Sea to bring you through on dry land has my arm grown too

short to save my power is undiminished from age to age never doubt my

willingness to intervene on your behalf have I not set my rainbow in the clouds

that you would remember my Covenant as long as the Earth remains seed time and

harvest will never cease this I have declared my word is trustworthy and

true Heaven and Earth will pass away but my promises will never pass away not one

will fail you are my precious sheep and I’m your Good Shepherd when you walk

through the valley fear no evil for I am with you my rod and my staff Will

Comfort you I will set a table for you and in the presence of your enemies and cause

your cup to overflow my goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life the

trials you face have not caught me by surprise I know your sorrows in all your

afflictions I too am Afflicted when wounds come too deep for Words my spirit

itself intercedes for you though weeping last for the night Joy comes with the

morning light for you my righteous one the light of Dawn is Breaking the long

night is over lift up your eyes the Harvest is plenty though laborers are

few pray to me the lord of the Harvest that I will send you out into my

fields did I not choose you and appoint you to bear fruit that will last abide

in me as I abide in you only by my spirit’s power can you walk the path

I’ve set before you in me you live and move and have your being my precious one

I have planted you that you would grow and flourish in the land I have given you treasure my words in your heart more

than any Earthly riches let my spirit guide your every step on this adventure

I’ve designed for your life stay near to me that you don’t stray from the course

the race I’ve marked out for you is not without obstacles walk by the Light I give for each day do not dwell on past

sins and failures my mercies are new every morning receive my extravagant

forgiveness and surrender the regret that binds your soul in Chains I blot out your transgressions

for my name’s sake I remember your sins no more don’t be haunted by what I’ve

washed away haven’t you learned of my Grace by now condemnation has no hold on you you

are free in me oh how I Delight in you I dance and sing over you with joy

you Captivate my affections when condemnation creeps back in be ruthless

to send it away don’t tolerate that Darkness for one minute only believe

what I say about you I call you beloved radiant redeemed chosen accepted

qualified and equipped with every good thing fix your eyes on me my precious one you must know nothing

separates you from my love no power of Hell nor height nor depth can ever tear

you from my hand not tribulation distress persecution famine danger or

sword in all you are more than a conqueror because my love for you endures

forever I am for you who can stand against you this I declare no weapon

formed against you will prosper the accuser’s taunts will fall flat my

purpose for you remains the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy I have

come that you may have life and have it to the full which report will you believe the

maliner lies cursing what I’ve blessed or my triumphant shout that drowns out

any voice that speaks ill of you my treasured possession my delight is in you will you

not also Delight in who I’ve made you to be do not listen to voices that tell you

I’ve rejected or abandoned you did I not carve your name on my hands I will never

forget you or leave you you are engraved on the walls of my heart always listen

for my voice calling you mine my precious one many plans whirl through your mind but my purpose will prevail

don’t run ahead presuming to direct your own steps wait for me to guide you with my eye my thoughts towards you outnumber

the grains of sand on the seashore my ways are higher my timing Flawless bring

me any frustration any impatience any fear I know the cure for

anxious striving sweeter Rest In My Embrace do not lose heart the troubles

you’re facing have not surprised your all- knowing father don’t believe the taunting lies the one who spoke light

into existence lives within you why why do you reason like mere man my power

knows no bounds rise up in me and watch mountains move victory is yours because

victory is mine did I not break the curse and tear the veil when I Rose from

that borrowed tomb seated now at my right hand all authority has been given me and behold I

give it to you my friend nothing is impossible for one who believes signs

and wonders will follow you This Promise is for you because you are mine so fear

not I am with you through flood and Through the Fire I will never abandon

the purposes I have for you a thousand may fall at your side , at your

right hand but you I will shield no plague will come near your tent because you’ve made me your shelter I order my

angels to guard you in all your ways my precious beloved one how I wish you

could see yourself as I see you my radiant one blameless and beautiful

this is how I view you through eyes of Grace why do you see yourself through

eyes of doubt you focus on failure while I celebrate how far you’ve come you are

my righteousness do you think the Potter throws out the clay every time mistakes

are made quite the contrary it is through patient molding

and shaping that an Exquisite vessel emerges this refining process takes time permit

me to lovingly smooth your rough edges don’t run from difficult Seasons that

promise greater depth stay pliable in my hands can the clay say to its maker why

have you made me like this I am the Potter you are my clay during trying

times will you remember who has hold of your life I work all things light and dark for your Eternal good what the

enemy means to Destro destroy you with I will use to fortify you for Destiny trust me enough to praise me

through the discomfort of stretching do not listen to voices of fear and doubt

hear my voice calling you beloved see with eyes of Faith fixed on me though

unseen Eternal glories await you momentary troubles are achieving for you

a weight of Glory far beyond all comparison beyond anything you can

fathom you have have need of endurance in the meantime persevere by the power

of my spirit within you my precious child how I long to Lavish my blessings

on you because I Delight in you every good gift comes from my hand don’t you

realize all things belong to you for I hold your future days and know the plans

I have for you plans to flourish you not fail you plans to give you a hope and a

future abide in me and ask whatever you desire it will be done for you didn’t I teach

you about prayer don’t hesitate to make your requests known with Thanksgiving remember I adopt you as my beloved if

you belong to me you share in my boundless inheritance child simply receive what I

have for you you need not strive to grasp what has already been established as yours didn’t I secure every spiritual

blessing among the Heavenly Realms the moment you first believ why do you reason like an orphan when

I’ve made you family engrafting you into my Royal bloodline the King has chosen

you as his cherished one accept this honored position I’ve given you all my

treasures belong to you do not worry about physical provision know the things

you need before you ask seek first my kingdom and all these things will be

given unto you I wish you would trust me in this I I am Jehovah Gyra the God who

provides it brings me joy to meet your practical needs according to my Limitless Supply ask me for rain in due

season I will open the floodgates of heaven and pour out blessings to Abundant to contain never doubt there’s

ample Supply when the Creator holds your tomorrow decide here and now to change

the record playing in your mind I am the god who gives you power to create wealth

I teach you to profit and lead you along paths of gain my precious child where sin once

bound you fast my Grace has made you free condemnation has no hold on you why

do you tolerate the darkness when my light has come don’t believe the father of lies or resonate with his frequency

for one moment more shut every demonic voice down with my Everlasting truth

speak my word out loud the light shines in me and through me to illuminate the darkness in a murky world

the radiance emanating from within cannot be hidden didn’t I declare my

followers would be brilliant reflectors of light didn’t I prophesy they would shine like stars in the midnight

sky my precious beloved it’s your moment to arise and take your place forget

those things which lie behind you and press onward towards the high call I have have placed on your life your

destiny awaits many will see the Miracles I perform through you and come to glorify

me walk in Purity and humility before me that your efforts would bring Eternal fruit I am refining you in the furnace

of Affliction to walk blameless in these last days I am purging and pruning you

for a mighty Harvest stay near the vine where you are nourished and strengthened

don’t Wander from me or you’ll be unable to weather the Gathering storms soon you shall stand courageous and

unshakable against torrents of rain howling wind and swirling flood take up

now the full armor I Supply that you may withstand every assault of darkness when

the day of evil comes you will remain standing for this Noble purpose I am

preparing your soul for Conquest over the domains of Darkness I am stirring up

my church to take back what has been stolen to usher in the greatest Awakening the world world has ever seen

my precious child yes your life shall become a living testimony of my

extravagant goodness and miraculous power signs and wonders shall follow you

the watching world will witness how I restore and redeem and use willing vessel your journey of transformation

shall spark hunger and thirst for me in many Souls yours shall be a life marked

by Adventure Beauty laughter joy and celebration despite the

troubles every moment offers a choice to Grumble or glorify to limp or to

dance determining which world you live in my precious one remember who holds

your tomorrow and choose the intimacy of resting in Me Above All Else here your

soul unfolds wings from this sacred place you will shine ever brighter into

the thick Darkness Blaze with uncompromising hope the

trials have come to prove genuiness and Purity as fire refines precious metal

this too shall pass but what will remain is Christ in you invincible hope

unshakable faith triumphant joy and a boldness the world cannot

explain on that appointed day you will stand face to face with your beloved and

hear the words you long to hear your devotion Delights my heart enter

now into the fullness of joy that has been yours since the foundation of the ages this eternal glory once veiled from

Mortal eyes now waits to be revealed in the children of God behold your brilliant inheritance in the Kingdom of

Light the ancient door stands open the Palace of the King has been waiting for

you my friend my precious beloved child receive the kingdom I ordained for you

before Before Time was measured believe my turbulent love has led you safely

home at last yes your life shall become a living testimony of my extravagant

goodness and miraculous power my beloved do not despair amidst

the challenges you face have faith that with me by your side all shall be well

each morning afternoon and evening kneel and speak with me for I Delight in your

words and prayers though the world abandons you I shall remain steadfast my child my love

outweighs all you are precious to me I bless you with family purpose and

vitality value these gifts do not take them for granted in meagerness or abundance bless

and care for what I bestow and you shall prosper greater glories away


sh [Music]

oh [Music]


wait in my kingdom for your faithfulness worry not over what I carry for you fretting will only drain your

Vigor I lead you kindly only Desiring your best my affection fills and

sustains you fears will arise but anchor in me and you will weather the

storms though all else Falls away I remain I see your weariness

my dear one do not linger in Shadows of chaos and despair come sit with me a

while in my light the state of the world is not yours to unravel weave threads of

Love through your days nurture relationships cultivate your spirit show

Grace to enemies model My Sacrifice and love boldly while surrounding anguish

mounts you and yours have my peace write your your beloved’s names and trust them

to my hands alongside your hopes I know their innermost places already yet Delight in your petitions

your family will not fear for I am their Shield while dread spreads miraculous

glory is yours my trumpets sound your freedom draws nigh but for now believe

fight live fully in me do not dread the future my word is sure nothing thwarts

my power you are love beyond measure I accelerate all to bless you swiftly the

change coming is for your gain fling wide your doors make room for my

presence to inhabit your Hearth and Home what I speak this day shall come to

fruition just listen I know your needs but I desire your voice to be upraised

cry out your dreams no good thing will I withhold as you walk uprightly with me I

Crown every labor you offer in honor and sacrifice to me I shift times and hearts

I will unsettle all that must move for you to walk in joy and prosperity my

abundance shall overflow cupt hands the enemy rages seeing blessing upon you if

things seem aiss do not despair nor withdraw from me let us together make right I understand your feelings look to

me beautiful one never forget my faithfulness doubt cannot stand within

it you are mine I came to you when you were lost I cleansed and healed forgave

and restored I adopted you as my own no one takes my children my love is

steadfast for eternity if doubts pester it is because you have heard another voice cast those

lies away run to me see doubt scatter like birds taking Wing don’t let them

Nest within you snatching you from my side stealing the warmth between us shut

out those vacant Promises of Doom here now [Music]


[Music] oh [Music]


I inscribe my name upon your heart so you remember whom you belong to I do not whisk you from dreams I gave

only put me first walk my ways trust my guidance have I not shown my favor I

Will Bless abundantly again take this truth into yourself my Covenant with you stands

forever unbroken none can divide us peace be

still in my love I speak these words over you now

may their shity anchor and calm you say this after me now you alone are God I am

yours in loyalty and devotion all my days a brighter Dawn comes I I wait in

expectation for you I reject despairs creeping in I claim your promise my

answer comes watch me now free and fulfilled at long last I trusted in your

faithfulness and love you uplift and transform me according to your will the

past is gone behold I am made new I seek goodness truth and blessing Untold I

shall know you as I never have before and walk ever in your presence

keep far from me all that would undo me as I rest in you let all the world rage

I will know only your peace thank you for fighting for me I give you my own

heart in return amen

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