I’M SORRY BUT..| God Message Today |

my beloved Child come closer and let us Converse do you sense the importance of

this moment be attentive for I wish to reveal Mysteries concerning your purpose

and relationships you have been questioning when promised blessings regarding

Partnerships will come to fruition I see your fatigue when prayers appear fruitless instead of Awakening long held

dreams you perceive delays where I am simply making preparations and positioning for for precisely the right

timing have faith in my Flawless Providence I am pleased by your patience

thus far but know that cultivating greater endurance will reap even greater

rewards than you can Envision the Shadows fading signal the

dawning of warmth and light those walking Faithfully before me will experience compounding

Revelation yet alongside joyful breakthrough ever lurks the adversary prowling with Beed fangs determined to

ravage and demolish the pristine future rapidly coming into view eyes blazing

with envious Fury behold long awaited prophecy being fulfilled after years of empty

Echoes he dispatches his villainous followers to prowl through the darkness On Assignment to terrorize newly

unlocked dreams though Brazen are their deceits and vicious their exploits I command

that these Confederates Retreat to the abyss I declared Divine reversal over

all curses summoned against your Bounty the Gates of Hell cannot Prevail where

Heaven’s angels are triumphant March forward behind Heavenly hosts blazing

Trails for my arrival come closer beloved do you sense Adventure Dawning

on the horizon of your story the hour has come to launch ships long anchored

safely in Harbor out into seas that Exhilarate the soul first consider what this Odyssey will require as it unfolds

holds unscripted navigating unpredictable Tides will test character and courage yet fear no Peril in my

company have we not walked hand in hand through storms before trekking Skyward

Into Thin Air can leave you breathless when the ascent seems too far too Swift

but Vigor flows from my heart to yours when yours grows faint we travel as partners never you

alone and in those moments when your feet stumble consider too that Adventures

launch not from timid Shores but Wild Waves that leave Hearts pounding Divine Destiny pulls you past

former fears yet Prudence also wins races so temper Zeal with wisdom

impatience courts danger hurtling yourself unmowed onto tempestuous Seas

my sovereign hand charts the course ahead shielding you from shipwreck on deceptive shs allow relationships to

Blossom gradually intention Al as increasing light illuminates the New

Path ahead step together in syn with my Tempo weight proceed in harmony with my

queue be still at times to nurture quiet fruition or to avoid passing

storms not all teach wisdom discern which waves offer valuable lessons and

which gently caress your safety rests not solely in your skill But ultimately in me you will

learn to rely on my guidance not fearful self-

protection Discovery requires time yet unfolds with Marvel I lead you on treasure hunts to unearth facets of

yourselves and each other glistening with sacred Brilliance too often buried or

disregarded yet there will also be less dazzling moments when abilities fall short and tempests toss

violently in those times cling closely together endure adversity without a

shred of condemnation know that Seasons always change just as

I work individually in each seeking one to transform shifting Sands into unshakable Bedrock so I tutor you side

by side to build relationship on an unbreakable Foundation take heart and

refuse doubts that cloud Clear Sight hold on to Hope while the sand stabilizes Focus not on irritants but on

my joy Calling You Higher and deeper within observe my movements how I

perfect the weak and stumbling I teach you laughter in the tempest’s midst to

dance though Thunder crashes and lightning crackles knowing secret Delight overwhelming the Gale we journey

together what my spirit unites no person can divide I have blessed this sacred

Covenant who now can revoke the Legacy I bequeath or halt Destiny sure approach

lift eyes beyond the swirling Squall behold break through unfolding Majestic

on the horizon painted with promise established long before this

day mine is the victory song already lifting the atmosphere though battles

still rage take courage beloved you were born to weather storms and Thrive I use

even conflicts to teach resilience through forgiveness yet refuse anxiety seeds

contaminating soil pure before me as I tailor each individual filling

empty spaces to shape solid stones from shifting Sands so I tutor you side by

side to construct relationship on unshakable Bedrock too strong to fracture under

duress cling not to Petty annoyances but to my joy Calling You Higher and deeper

within focus on my movements how I perfect the stumblers and strengthen the

weak I teach you laughter in the tempest’s midst to dance though Thunder

crashes and lightning crackles knowing secret Delight overwhelming the

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