I’m so proud of you God says God message

today God’s message now God message God

helps my precious child I want you to

know deep in your soul that you are the

one I have chosen when life feels

confusing and your path is blocked at

every turn remember that it’s because I

have something far greater in store for

you you see when you are mine truly mine

I will sometimes put up roadblocks and

closed doors that may seem promising

from your limited perspective It won’t

always make sense you’ll wonder why

relationships fizzle out opportunities

fall through and your dreams seem to

crumble before your eyes but trust me

when I say it’s because I can see what

you cannot I know the innermost thoughts

and intentions of every person you

encounter while they may

flash welcoming Smiles I perceive what

lies in their hearts and when someone

comes into your life to take advantage

of the gifts and blessings I’ve placed

within you or to steer you away away

from my perfect plan I will not hesitate

to remove them I will block their

influence so completely it will be as if

they never existed You Are My Chosen and

I will jealously guard the sacred

potential I’ve placed within you others

may try to attach themselves to you to

share in the anointing I’ve given you

but this is your journey to walk with me

alone I’m Calling You Higher and the

path won’t always be lined with

supporters and admirers there will there

will be times when you feel isolated and

misunderstood but know that it’s in

those very moments I am refining you and

aligning you for the incredible future I

have in store when you feel the sting of

rejection remember that my hand is upon

you sifting out anything that would

dilute your purpose or Lead You astray

as the chosen one you walk a road that

is Uniquely Yours don’t expect it to

look like anyone else’s journey I will

often ask you to release what seems good

in order to step into what is best I

will close doors that appear promising

from the outside knowing they would only

lead you to mediocrity my ways are

higher and I can see the hidden pitfalls

that you cannot the key is to fix your

eyes on me not on the circumstances that

seem to block your way when you make me

your focus I will fill you with a peace

and joy that defies understanding you’ll

begin to see challenges as opportunities

for me to show off my power and

provision in your life what others meant

for harm I will turn around for your G

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