I’M Proud of You My Child l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l God Message l

my child you have already traversed many

trials and tribulations in your life and

I want you to know that your faith and

perseverance have not gone

unnoticed now it is your turn to be

blessed you have weathered hardships

learned invaluable lessons and displayed

incredible courage in the face of

adversity understand that the challenges

you faced were not of your making the

adversary sought to disrupt your life in

your moments of desperation you seed

Seeds of Hope and now it’s time to open

your eyes with faith for the the Earth

trembles and a green Sprout

emerges you are entering a new phase in

your life and it’s time to leave behind

what is holding you back reach forward

with faith and grasp the blessings I am

placing before you the trials have

passed and Your Time Has Come Today I

will perform beautiful miracles in your

life and the lives of your family and

you will not be troubled by closed doors

speak to me affirm your thoughts and

write them down declare your belief and

acceptance of the Holy encouragement

that comes from Heaven if one door

closes do not despair for another even

better door will soon open there is a

spiritual battle for your life and your

faith but fear not for I will place

people with Divine knowledge in your

path to assist you accept their Guidance

with humility and dedicate time to

prayer and I will reveal even more to

you you will emerge victorious in this

battle and all obstacles you face will


vanquished while I can deliver you

instantly I need you to value your faith

talents and Gifts victories are not one

alone and if you disregard my word and

abandon your faith the enemy will seek

to tear you apart you are destined to

bless many and your family will grow in

wisdom and humility prospering in all

things walk this journey with me give me

your hand and Ascend to that spiritual

level where lives are

transformed there are countless good

things and beautiful Works to be

accomplished and I have plans to prosper

you and not to harm you plans to give

you hope and a future remember I am with

you always even in your darkest moments

you are surrounded by my affection and

supreme love unlike any other in your

life I understand your loneliness and

lack of tenderness but now I embrace and

console you with Divine strength and

encouragement because I love you deeply

my child have courage and Faith your

Victory is guaranteed and your blessings


overflow believe in my promises cling to

my love and know that your future is

sealed with the anointing from above

eternity does not elude you and your

happiness will not be diminished by any

enemy seeking to discourage you I

possess the power and my eternal desire

is for you to receive all the Wonders I

have promised trust in me hold fast to

my words and do not be swayed by the

lies of this world cling to my promises

and do not let anyone remove you from

the place where you are surrounded by

affection and love I understand your

concerns and desires and I assure you

that your prayers will be answered your

life will improve and the issues

weighing heavily on your mind will find

resolution so declare your faith and

commitment and know that I love you

deeply and have magnificent plans in

store for you as you extend your hand

step by step toward peace and happiness

know that I am with you guiding you and

empowering you embrace my love embrace

my promises and embrace the future

future I have prepared for you your

Miracle awaits my

child believe receive and rejoice in the

blessings I have in store for you amen

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