my precious child I come to you bearing a message filled with peace assurance and

Clarity even now I have sent an angel to watch over you as you sleep delivering

Words of Love written by my own hand let tonight be a refuge for your

weary Soul a chance to rest deeply knowing you are safely cradled in my

arms feel the gentle caress of memories dance across your dreams walk once more upon the path of

hope where sadness and fear cannot tread sing praises to me and declare your

unshakable faith as daylight Dawns any shadows will vanish replaced by courage

and confidence when you wake you will feel my affection in the sunrise kissing your

face bringing a smile I am always mindful of the desires of your heart constantly keeping

vigil rest in my tender Embrace throughout the night as you dream

for soon your eyes will behold the blessings I have prepared for you and those you love the days of tears are

ending today is a day of joy and salvation even the angels are

celebrating for you have surrendered your heart to me heeding my call as the

sun rises a new each day so too will your life the past is gone and your

future shines bright all that has been stolen will be restored hundredfold

for every act of kindness or care you selflessly performed for the poor and needy you will be rewarded

bountifully despite those who slander and attack your work will Thrive and

flourish for every hour spent serving me and others without thought of reward I

will lengthen your years and fill your spirit with renewed passion for living

these promises already gifts within the spiritual realm now await your claiming

from this day on dedicate your first waking moments to our communion then go

forth in faith to walk in the blessings prepared for you let no one bring you

shame I see those who rebel against the blood that redeemed them angrily watching as you prosper while they

listen for chances to accuse falsely unless they repent they have

chosen to stand as enemies keep your distance from those who harm with words gazes and actions

who destroy families while disguising wickedness as righteousness they paint sin brightly

and call it virtue twisting Doctrine to suit desires if you wish to hear my voice you

need only open the pages of my word reading with faith hope and unwavering

loyalty May Joy fill your heart and strength renew your spirit today you

have awakened to New Life no more restless nights or haunted dreams

henceforth your mind mind is free and peaceful sleep will refresh your soul the curses of enemies cannot touch you

and their traps will ens snare only themselves I vigilantly guard your every moment both rest and waking my angels

encircle you swords drawn in defense now you have power to tread on snakes and

scorpions rendered immune to their venom by my hand seek me in prayer and

scripture bowing at my feet to receive guidance faith and protection

daily those who oppose you will be humbled never daring to trouble you again learning that faith in me means

power honor integrity and Truth your example will lead many to take spiritual

life more seriously Walk Tall with eyes heavenward do not look back at those who

mocked safely held in my hands no stumbling blocks can trip your feet

pay no heed to threats or ridicule if heeded fear may find footing for real

harm later stand Confident untroubled by enemies their efforts against you will

encounter me instead cowardice exposed by Revealing Light have faith you have already

overcome live in peace not sparing thought for those blind to your

devotion cling to my love no evil can reach you here each day rise renewed in

joy and Trust resting every care upon me my angels will stay by your side never

will I Tire of lavishing you with love reminding you of my faithfulness nothing can separate you

from me not height nor depth nor angels nor demons nor any powers nothing in all

creation in my strength you will continue life’s journey receiving Every Blessing I pour upon you until you reach

the fullness of your destiny though concerns may come do not let them steal sleep or peace no

diagnosis no threat must instill dread your life and well-being are safe in my

hands your future assured yet do not let fear paralyze and prevent action hear now these promises

and take heart first spend time in my presence voicing every petition and worry I I

wish to cleanse forgive and lighten the unnecessary burdens of guilt and regret that hinder you I will Empower prosper

and multiply blessings to you each time we meet my help will bring success in

all your endeavors but stay focused on the tasks I appoint let nothing deter

you from my will do you not yet understand a single word of faith

unleashes immediate healing uplifting elevation Deliverance this is certain

truth decide now to wholly believe that my love can wholly transform you through

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