I’M NEVER TOO FAR AWAY | god says | god message today


my beloved you are deeply known and

cherished beyond measure from the moment

of your conception even before I have

known you intimately in the quiet

sanctuary of the womb where life

Symphony begins its first tentative

notes I was there I watched you with a

heart brimming with love as you embarked

on The Miraculous Journey of

existence my presence in your life is

unbroken a steady stream of guidance and

companionship I Am the Artist and you my

beloved creation are being lovingly

shaped on The Potter’s Wheel of Life

each spin each gentle press of the hands

transforms you bringing you closer to

the vision I have always cherished for

you a vision of beauty purpose and joy

this journey of transformation is not a

solitary one though you walk through

valleys shadowed by doubt and climb

mountains of Trials you are never alone

my presence envelops you a comforting

cloak in the cold a soft whisper in the

tumult when pain clouds your days and

the night seems endless remember I am

right beside you holding your hand

guiding your steps I understand your

Humanity your

fragility the human heart and mind

though wonderfully made have their

limits in your moments of Despair when

you feel abandoned and lost recall my

greatest sacrifice on the cross I

embraced loneliness and pain endured the

utmost abandonment so that you my

precious one would never have to face

your trials alone I am there in every

tear every sigh every heartache and in

every Triumph too the shadow of death

looms as an inevitable Horizon for all

life yet it is not a Chasm of Despair

but a doorway to Glory through my

crucifixion and triumphant res

Resurrection I have transformed even

death that last and fearsome enemy into

a mere pause before the dawn of an

eternal day in life’s complexities and

its finality trust in me I am your guide

through the Labyrinth of existence and

your bridge over the abyss of

non-being in your daily walk let this

truth be the compass that guides you my

love for you is boundless unchanging a

beacon in the Darkness

when doubts assail you when your faith

wavers like a Candle in the Wind

remember the constancy of my presence I

am the unchanging pillar of cloud by day

and of Fire by Night leading you through

life’s Wilderness to a land flowing with

milk and honey a place of rest and

abundance every Sunrise is a reminder of

my faithfulness every sunset a testament

to my unending care in the Grandeur of

Creation in the in rric at beauty of a

single leaf see Reflections of My Love

For You the universe vast and a

inspiring is a canvas where I have

painted the story of my devotion a tale

that Finds Its climax in the Salvation I

offer you I invite you to partake in

this Grand narrative every moment of

your life Every Breath You Take is an

opportunity to draw closer to me in the

Silence of prayer and The Melody of

worship and acts of kindness and love

there you will find me

I am as close as your heartbeat as

immediate as your thoughts your life is

a precious gift an opportunity to

experience the richness of my love to

grow in wisdom and stature in every

challenge find the seeds of growth in

every Joy see the fruits of my blessing

with each passing day let your heart be

a fertile ground where Faith takes root

blooms and

flourishes in your interactions with

others remember the that they too are my

beloved Creations show them the same

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