I’m Here To Inspire You To Action | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

my beloved ones today I perceive within

you a remarkable potential and I am a

flame with a fervent desire to inspire

you into action I am here to declare

unto you that my love for you knows no

bounds for it is infinite I have come to

illuminate your path and Lead You

towards a state of profound peace

abounding joy and ultimate fulfillment

place your trust in me my child and rely

upon the Brilliance of my light the

depths of my love and the unwavering

devotion that I possess I bestow upon

you my grace and mercy enveloping you

within my Divine will forever seeking to

shower upon you an abundance of

blessings know this my child that my

faithfulness to you remain steadfast

unyielding and Resolute no darkness that

may Loom along your path shall

extinguish the radiance of my Guiding

Light go forth and immerse yourself in

the veracity of my sacred teachings

persevere in prayer and bear witness to

the unfurling of my Divine wisdom upon

your journey Arise My cherished one and

lift your heart high in

exaltation Proclaim my word and declare

your Liberation no curse no Fetters no

change shall impede your progress for I

am Forever by your side I illuminate I

protect I love I shall never abandon you

for I am perpetually present to guide

and bless every facet of your life on

this resplendant day my beloved child

embrace my peace and welcome the torents

of blessings cascading from the heavens

above I anoint you adorning you with

spiritual Grandeur today I affirm our

sacred Union so that my Divine Light May

radiate through you reflecting love and

forgiveness unto those who yearn for

release from the shackles that bind them

on this day dear child I endow you with

the power to dismantle the works of

darkness to humbly share my truth with

those who seek illumination amidst the

Shadows place your trust in me my child

and rest assured that I shall Shepherd

your every step with love and wisdom it

is through this unwavering trust that

you shall discover true happiness

boundless prosperity and Abundant

Blessings know that my love for you is

eternal unchanging and everlasting amen

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