I’m Here To Help You | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

my beloved child I hear your cries and I

understand the hardships that have

burdened your soul in this vast desert

of suffering where hope Withers and

loneliness looms you yearn for love and

Solace know that I am here to lend you

my unwavering support ready to listen

without judgment or

Interruption it is true my dear one that

you have reached the limits of your own

strength there is no shame in

acknowledging your need for help in the

face of a adversity I urge you to keep

walking for I am here to protect you

from the enemies that seek to wound you

the trials you face are not in vain but

rather a process of

purification just as gold shines after

passing through the fire so too shall

you emerge stronger and cleansed from

the lingering negativity within you I

say this not to belittle your struggles

but to encourage you to extend a helping

hand to those who have fallen along the

way cast aside anger vanity fear doubt

and the lack of faith do not dwell in

the shadows of the past for the joy that

awaits you from this day forward

surpasses anything you have ever

experienced seek out the small and great

blessings in your life and walk with a

clear conscience caring the virtues that

reside within your heart your worth

transcends material possessions wealth

and worldly success it lies in your love

for the divine

seek me with unwavering devotion for I

am your provider and will shower you

with the blessings you

require doors will open before you

presenting opportunities for growth and

fulfillment pay heed to the signs that

surround you for even in the face of

obstacles and frustrations I am working

to transform them into instruments of

prosperity and blessings prepare

yourself to wisely manage the gifts I

bestow upon you in your search for

guidance turn to my word to nurture the

gifts and talents I have bestowed upon

you do not be enticed by the Allure of

material possessions or the pursuit of

Fame instead focus on what truly matters

elevate your spiritual life delve into

the depths of my teachings and embrace

the Miracles that await you do not delay

my child seize the opportunities that

lie before you with courage and

conviction fear not for you shall not be

left wanting even if you should lose

something along the way remember that

there is a grander plan at work trust in

me my dear child and let us embark on

this journey together exciting and

wondrous things await you amen

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