I’m Here to Fight for You

my beloved child I know you’re carrying

a heavy load come sit beside me and

share your troubles my love is more than

enough for you I know sometimes your

journey seems tough each step filled

with worry the future might seem unclear

wrapped in fog and fear but remember the

voice leading you off track isn’t mine I

am the Good Shepherd and I want to guide

you towards peaceful and purposeful

paths let go of anxiety take my hand and

together we’ll walk through the Mist the

way will become clear as we go is your

mind troubled with problems that seem

insurmountable does focusing on these

issues bring positive change no it often

leads to stress and paralysis my dear

one like a tree can’t Thrive if it

obsesses over its roots fixating on

problems won’t bring growth look upward

and outward see the sunlight filtering

through the branches under my love

shadows seem less daunting where you put

your attention your energy follows be

intentional about what fills your mind

and heart focus on what is good Noble

pure and admirable fix your thoughts on

me and as you magnify my goodness your

struggles will shrink I’m here to fight

for you the battles within and around

you let me handle them I see the strain

in your furrowed brow and slumped

posture why resist letting me unleash my

strength on your behalf I am the

Conquering King the Lord God Almighty

speak the word and angels will intervene

foring wicked schemes release the need

to control outcomes let me lead

surrender the situations within you

don’t tightly hold on to circumstances

beyond your control let go and I will

guide you trust in me have faith and

together we’ll navigate through every

challenge challenge my dear friend I’ll

handle things with wisdom and Grace the

rough places will be made smooth and

crooked ways will straighten out

everything will fall into proper time

and order as you learn to listen for my

gentle guidance for now silence the

inner voices long enough to hear This

Promise be still and know that I am God

cease your striving planning and

worrying let all the business and

tension drain from your body breathe

slowly feel the quiet permit your spirit

calming anxious thoughts rest in my

capable hands trusting me to work night

and day on your behalf I never Slumber I

never waver while you sleep I prepare

the path ahead Forge connections open

doors and speak to minds and hearts I

orchestrate timely blessings you cannot

yet perceive so do not dwell on what you

cannot control greet each New Dawn

expectantly living with childlike faith

believing I have wonderful surprises in

store when challenges Loom I lift you

over when anguish surrounds I carry you

through if you stumble I catch you if

you cry out I come running whenever fear

clouds your thoughts speak my word aloud

let scripture dispel Illusions and half

truths that spread distrust speak my

promises with bold conviction until

breakthroughs crash like wav upon your

circumstances with me your strength is

unmatched no giant can intimidate you

for long no stronghold can enslave you

and no pit can contain you the road

ahead May tumble and wind but I know the

way I hold the future in my palm every

step leads to Redemption every loss will

give way to gain and every tear sound on

Earth will reap unending joy in eternity

this I promise you my beloved one one no

matter the battles raging around us I’ve

already won the war you are on the

Victorious side the enemy knows his time

is short so he seeks only to terrorize

you for a season take heart my Brave

Warrior wield my word like a sword and

my promises like a shield you are

anointed appointed Royal and redeemed

you are safe in my hands I know

weariness weighs upon your spirit

tonight the demand swarm thick seeking

to drain your energy and attention The

Light Within You flickers weakly

struggling Against The Winds of stress

Come Close lean upon me lay down your

worries you are safe here unclench your

fists untense your shoulders silence the

inner voices churning to do lists within

your mind cease striving for this hour

and simply receive receive my love and

nurturing peace I know it feels like you

fail today judging your worth by tasks

accomplished but can you not see beloved

I never burden you beyond what you can

bear reject the lies hissing that you

are lazy or worthless for needing rest I

design the rhythm of work and Sabbath

into creation itself it is wisdom not

weakness prompting you to pause reflect

and replenish embrace the truth that

business will always contrive endless

tasks unless you intentionally fight

back learn to push back against the

demands carve out margins of renewal and

build a balanced Rhythm sustainable for

the Long Haul protect those quiet hours

for Pursuits that nourish you start

small by dedicating even minutes

daily to Stillness with me sit in silent

communion soaking up my spirit presence

as this life breathing routine takes

route you’ll encounter resistance but

the energy gained through sacred rest

will Empower you to accomplish far more

than burning out ever could remember

Sabbath is never a waste it always bears

fruit in due season walk slowly at my

Pace defined by your identity in me you

are loved

unconditionally breathe easily silence

the anxious inner voices let my tender

affection wash over you visualize your

mind swept clean take stock of emotions

and invite healing I seal cracks within

your spirit

mended by Mercy Redeemed by love

restored like new whole beautiful

complete in me rest peacefully my wings

of Grace canopy you in the Sheltering

dark I keep watch through the night

protecting your sleep when you wake

rested in the light of a new day you’ll

walk on with hope and joy I love you


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