I’M EXTENDING MY HAND TO YOU | Message from God | The Blessed Message

son this message is a sacred cloak I’ve

brought to you stop dwelling on the past

and focus on the opportunities ahead

move forward with confidence discover

the hidden Beauty in each new beginning

knowing that I am always with you loving

you and guiding you every step of the

way follow my instructions and stay

focused avoid distractions be alert and

prepared Marvel at the Wonders I can

perform in your presence I’m certain

that as you walk by my side guiding you

with patience and will wisdom every step

of the way you’ll realize that you can’t

solve everything in a single day however

I have the power to transform the world

around you and change your situation for

your own benefit don’t worry about the

future don’t let anxiety disturb your

sleep the events to come should not

trouble you seek peace in me for it is

now that I grant it to you it’s no

coincidence that we meet at this moment

in every challenge in every tear I’ve

been by your side patiently waiting for

you to accept my guidance to accept my

unconditional love it’s not an easy

journey I know but my son even in the

darkest moments even when you feel lost

in the darkness remember that I am here

holding your hand firmly I understand

you I know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed

as if the weight of the world is on your

shoulders but know that you never carry

this burden alone I am here to help you

carry the load to ease your worries and

soothe your restless Soul you are

precious in my eyes and your well-being

is my priority trust in me trust in my

guidance hold my hand if you seek my

presence and I will provide everything

you need in this moment you may feel

doubts you may question the purpose

behind your struggles but I tell you

that every battle has served to

strengthen you to make you the person I

know you can be fear not the storms that

rage in your life for I am present even

in the most turbulent times and when you

feel you can no longer bear it when your

strength fails remember that I am here

holding your hand with infinite love I

can feel the anguish in your heart the

tears you shed in silence but know that

each tear is precious to me for I am

turning them into Pearls of Wisdom into

symbols of your journey of spiritual

growth fear not to show your

vulnerability your Humanity for it is

through it that you connect with me in a

deeper way allow yourself to be Guided

by my light by my constant Presence by

your side when sudden challenges or

urgent issues arise stay calm be aware

of the steps to follow trust in my

goodness and with faith raise your hands

to the

sky say thank you my God for being so

faithful as you express your gratitude

my angels rejoice and the Heavenly hosts

sing praises and glory to the almighty

God God all creation unites to

listen I will extend my hand as a loving

father and answer your prayers with

Miracles and wonders doing extraordinary

things in your life your sincere praise

is the key that opens the door to my

presence I will fill you with my spirit

empowering you and enhancing your

spiritual vision blessing you with what

you have asked of me do not cling to

material possessions or Earthly titles

although you need resources to bless

others do not worry put me first

surrender your soul and your heart to me

focus on your family pray and perform

your work diligently treating all people

with respect and honesty I will provide

everything you need without sadness or

tension when you look back to moments of

Despair and discouragement it may seem

like I have forsaken you but know my

beloved that in every challenge in every

moment of darkness I was there waiting

for you to turn to me to find comfort in

my loving arms it’s not easy to trust in

something you cannot see something that

seems distant and unreach ably but I am

closer than you imagine I have never

left you even in moments when you

doubted my presence I am always with you

even when you cannot feel me by your

side trust in me trust in the plan I

have for you for it is a plan of Hope of

prosperity of unconditional love you may

wonder why things aren’t going the way

you planned why obstacles seem

insurmountable but dear child know that

my plans are greater than yours my ways

are higher than yours do not cling to

your own limited ideas of what is

possible open your heart to the

possibilities that only I can provide

trust in me even when the future seems

uncertain for I am in control of all


sometimes life may feel like a constant

battle an endless struggle against the

forces of evil but I am here to offer

you peace to offer you rest amidst the

storm do not be consumed by fear by

anxiety for I am your safe Refuge your

unshakable Fortress You are not alone in

this journey my beloved I am here

holding your hand with eternal love

guiding you through the turbulent Waters


life in the the words of Psalm you

will find comfort and hope the Lord is

my shepherd I lack nothing he makes me

lie down in Green Pastures he leads me

beside Quiet Waters he refreshes my soul

he guides me along the right paths for

his name’s sake these words are not just

an empty promise they are an expression

of my eternal commitment to you my


child I am your Shepherd your guide your

protector at all times s in all

circumstances when you feel lost

remember that I am the light that shines

in the darkness the hope that never

Fades fear not the unknown for I am with

you holding your hand with love and

compassion trust in my guidance in my

Divine wisdom and you will find the

peace you

seek I know the desires of your heart

the tears you shed in secret the

struggles you face daily and I am here

to offer you comfort to offer you

strength to offer you unconditional love

no matter what you have faced so far no

matter how impossible the situation may

seem remember that nothing is impossible

for those who believe in me I am your

God your creator the one who knows Every

Breath You Take trust in me trust in my

promise of eternal love and you will

find peace that surpasses all

understanding feel the fullness of the

presence of the Holy Spirit enveloping

you completely I cherish you and

encourage you to approach with

confidence for I am about to work

wonders in your life receive the days

with Joy Rise with enthusiasm and walk

with pride for your cup will be filled

with blessings closer than you

imagine I believe I am granting you the

peace you have sought in your prayers

now I add the wisdom you aimed for along

with the Heavenly courage that will

provide you with unwavering strength go

forth toward what you aspire to for you

will achieve it it’s time to face your

fears and limitations because the

blessings I am sending are not just for

you but also for your

family I am building a protective wall

around all those you love rejoice when

your home is filled with smiles again

place your right hand over your heart

now and Express gratitude for this great

blessing you are receiving remain strong

against any adversity for what I have

granted you will will remain yours your

past sufferings will become Distant

Memories I am creating a new story for

you and your family pay attention for I

am about to share a secret with you if

you are willing to accept the challenge

of moving forward tirelessly and if you

give me your hand to lead you remember

my promises when you face opposition

trust in me and in my intention that I

have come to bring to you let peace

replace inner turmoil for I am

sustaining you as we overcome challenge

es and adversities together do not

ignore me now for I am reaching out and

you can feel it I wish the best for you

I wish to see your circumstances improve

seek me and I will remove any obstacle

that is hindering or blocking your

journey toward your true purpose if you

have strayed from the path come and

kneel before me and I will realign your

way stay away from the negative

influences of those who belittle you who

cannot see your worth and try to bring

you down you you don’t need that kind of

negativity leave it behind and you won’t


it I am preparing the way to introduce

sincere people into your life always

know that I am here my beloved child

waiting for you to accept my

outstretched hand trust in my power in

the dreams I have planted in your life

you have many things to be thankful for

and you will have much more for I will

bless you and make you very happy amen

if you believe in these words leave your

Amen in the


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