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my dear child I want you to know how

much I cherish you please take a moment

to really listen to what I have to say

as my words come from a place of utmost

care and affection for you focus just on

me right now push aside any other

thoughts or worries and make space to

hear my voice the message I wish to

share with you holds profound meaning it

is meant to lift the weight from your

shoulders and clear the confusion from


mind come close and let me wrap you in

an Embrace of peace and calm by

entrusting yourself to my care I can

soothe your soul in a way that nothing

else can even when challenges arise be

assured that I will never leave your

side my love for you is unfailing it

casts out all fear and

uncertainty turn to me whenever you need

strength hope or comfort you are so

precious to me as my beloved child I see

you now wey from battles and hardened by

trials you have cried out to me in your

time of need I want to to assure you

that I am aware of the sorrow in your

heart and the struggles that plague your

thoughts you have wandered down your own

path these past years making choices

without seeking my wisdom to guide you

this has led to much disorder and

frustration though you tried hard to


things now you have come to a point of

decision between clinging to your will

or surrendering to mine the pain has

come from following your own plans apart

from me if this resonates with you then

Hear My Call turn fully to to me now ask

me to overrule your stubbornness with my

perfect will so you may walk in the

purpose I have designed for you take

hold of This Promise in the name of your

lord I see another here weighted down by


responsibility the burden feels far too

heavy to carry alone give this load to

me ask for my strength peace of mind and

discernment I will lift the oppressive

yoke from your neck and give you victory

over the anxiety and depression as my

Healing Hand touches you the vice likee

pressure in your chest will vanish

receive my Deliverance right now in this

moment a season of compromise is now

Ending by my design I have allowed

certain things for a time but no

more it feels disruptive because I’m

closing doors and removing unhelpful

relationships this is my doing meant to

turn your heart back to me my word says

I show loving kindness to lead you to

repentance the Roadblocks come from my

hand as a tender call to realign with my

purposes accept this as truth spoken in

the name of your Lord for all listening

up major changes upon you I will take

away those who care only for themselves

not for your well-being but stay hopeful

for I will bring new connections

according to my divine plan you have

labored too long under unhealthy

Dynamics as you turn to me I will grant

you understanding and my perfect peace

watch for me to show the next steps on

your journey I am leading you into ways

of righteousness some wonder why I am

rearranging things it is because I am at

work to redirect you

spiritually areas of your life feel

unsettled because you need this change

if all remained the same you would not

press in to know my will see these

disruptions as my loving Refiner’s Fire

meant to purify your faith and prepare

you for blessings to come a spirit of

neglect has lingered too long I boldly

command it to depart even now I am

stirring your heart bitterness anger and

unforgiveness have kept you trapped

emotionally but I declare you free in

this moment I see a precious child of

mine who has surrounded themselves with

walls of distrust you feel attacked on

all sides though untrue a spirit of

Suspicion and paranoia has come to

oppress you but my mighty power will

deliver you and restore your soul

completely Rejoice now in this freedom I

give Monumental change is upon you I

will remake areas of your life that have

caused you pain much will halt that I

have not approved you have hungered to

know my will and walk in it because of

your humility I will answer things will

shift into proper order as I establish

what is right do not be discouraged by

any attacks or trials that come they are

only temporary while my purposes

unfold I see your struggle the burden

feels too heavy but do not lose hope my

strength will help you overcome every

obstacle in my timing when you feel too

weary to press on remember I see your

struggle and will never forsake you dark

voices may try to make you quit but

reject those lies you were created to

endure my power upholds you together we

will defeat the enemy I will restore

perfect peace I am taking you higher

into long awaited

promises this season of weeping and will

Wilderness wanderings is ending trust my

timing continue to hope

expectantly your prayers have moved my

heart soon your faith will blossom into

rock solid assurance that I do answer no

request is beyond my power I spoke the

universe into being rest knowing I hold

you securely in my hands not one detail

of Your Life Escapes my notice wait

patiently in Stillness to see my

salvation revealed the light of dawn is

breaking through the darkness weeping

may endure for a night but joy comes in

the morning the meaning of past delays

and detours will make sense when you see

the new day I have prepared I notice

when you humbly kneel before my throne

even if you feel unworthy remember I

take Delight in you I Rejoice over you

come to me weary and burdened unload all

your cares into my hands you were not

meant to carry these weights alone I

long to lift you up above the swirling

storms of life to be your rock of

stability when everything around you

shakes trouble will come but my faithful

promises endure forever feel my peace

transcending human understanding be

still and know that I am God my banners

over you wave in Triumph you have

overcome because I have already secured

the victory salvation belongs to our god

rise up now with joyful hope in your

heart sing praises to my name for I

alone deserve all glory and honor the

Breakthrough you have cried out for is

closer than you know

I am here to lift you out of despair’s

pit Redemption has come let your lips

Proclaim my goodness though things still

look Bleak choose to praise me as The

God Who turns mourning into dancing the

season of wilderness wanderings is

ending your Promised Land lies just

ahead you will finish this race well by

my sustaining strength I continually

renew you so you can soar like an eagle

no matter what obstacles may come hold

fast to this Victory is assured for all

who Trust trust in me my beloved child

you are sealed and covered by my blood

no weapon formed against you will

succeed the enemy is powerless to undo

what I have spoken over your life take

comfort I will never leave you or

forsake you even if others abandon you I

remain constant your everpresent help in

time of need call out to me and I will

answer some may misunderstand and speak

words that pierce your heart but listen

past the noise for my my gentle voice

Whispering love to your soul let me lead

you to Still Waters of peace and shelter

you beneath my protective Wings the

inner turmoil will grow calm once more

in my

presence abide in The Refuge of my

nearness I lift you up out of the Raging

flood waters and set your feet upon the

rock now you can take bold confident

steps declaring my

promises you will advance against the

powers of Darkness for no evil can stand

against the light and Truth of God’s

word my child you are an overcomer by my

blood and your testimony you will

fulfill every purpose I have ordained

for your life do not look at the past

behold I am doing a new thing even now

streams in the desert rivers in the

Wasteland I declare them open before you

when the path ahead seems unclear let my

peace comfort you I will direct your

steps along the Highway of Holiness

follow me wholeheartedly trusting that I

know the way through the

Wilderness nothing is impossible for me

I can part seas and move mountains you

need only take one step of obedience at

a time my grace is enough for each

moment rely on me fully in all your ways

then I will make the Crooked path

straight no matter what tomorrow

holds I am already there preparing the

way before you have no fear for I have

commanded angels to guard you and lift

you up you are precious and honored in

my sight

I Rejoice over you with

singing though enemies and trials

surround you my peace flows through your

soul like a river receive my perfect

love that casts out all fear rest in my

promises my timing my purposes for you

your breakthrough is coming I know your

hearts cry for direction and purpose

listen closely for I am speaking the

plans I have for you are good to give

you hope in a future my ways are higher

than your ways let go of the need to

understand everything allow me to guide

your steps according to my will as you

commit your way to me I will make your

righteousness shine like the dawn a new

day of Promise is coming there are

attacks trying to deceive and hinder you

through false Visions but my light

dispels all

Darkness the blood of Jesus breaks every

curse and spell you are safe in my hands

I am your deliverer and protector

walk in the freedom I give you to move

into your destiny for some I am

recalibrating your spiritual vision in

times of isolation you have lost

connection but I am restoring you my

living water will flow through you again

do not lose heart call out to me and I

will answer our fellowship is

unbroken I am right here closer than

your next breath waiting for you to seek

me I will rekindle your passion and Zeal

once more there is a woman here seeking

direction for her life turn to me with

confidence the way ahead will be

revealed one step at a time as you walk

in Humble obedience distractions will


away my spirit will guide you into truth

wisdom and understanding receive this

now in the name of your lord in the

coming days devote yourself to seeking

my will above all else come to me

focused and sincere not just empty

routine demonstrate the true Cry of your

heart to know me more as you prioritize

our relationship I will open your

spiritual eyes and give fresh Revelation

you will gain much Clarity for the road

ahead this new season of closeness is

starting now the intang lements of

Darkness will lose their grip on you

their assignments over you are canceled

you are

Untouchable sealed by Jesus’s blood walk

in the authority given to you command

evil to flee Break Free into joyful

Freedom some of you need to relinquish

control and allow me to move and work on

your behalf you have held on too tightly

trying to orchestrate things but my ways

are higher and better than yours let go

of understanding everything give me

access to every area then you will see

breakthrough as you yield your timing

and purposes to mine to the one who

feels distant from me I have never left

you it is not too late to turn your

heart back if you take that first step I

will run to meet you with open and

welcoming arms our relationship can be

stronger than before the past is

forgotten my mercies are new every

morning for those weighed down by

circumstances cling to this truth

Victory is assured for those who trust

in me take my hand as I lead you out of

the darkest valleys my divine power has

given you everything needed for a Godly

life you can do all things through

Christ who strengthens you every promise

I have made will come to pass what I

ordained cannot be undone some here are

barely staying afloat overwhelmed by

demands your weariness runs deep but

striving harder is not the answer true

help comes when you exchange fear for

Faith surrendering control back to me I

see your heart and know your limits let

go and let me provide rest and renewal

for your soul my beloved I see the

burdens you carry that were not meant

for you alone lay them at my feet and

allow me to Bear them with you

unload all your cares upon me for I care

deeply and hold you near to my heart do

not be anxious for the future or

consumed with worry over tomorrow I am

the Eternal God who holds time in my

hands I have already gone ahead to

prepare the way before you trust in my

provision for I am the endless source of

all you need my abundance has no limits

and I Delight to pour out blessings on

you as my treasured child as you seek my

kingdom Above All Else I will supply

every need do not be consumed by worry

over your life for I am your faithful

provider in times of uncertainty and

doubt cling to my unchanging promises as

your anchor I remain the same yesterday

today and forever my word is a lamp to

light your path no matter how dark the

night or Fierce the storm my eternal

truth will sustain you and guide you

into the fullness of life I have

prepared though you walk through the

darkest Valley Aly fear no evil for I am

with you my rod and staff will comfort

and protect you from all harm I am your

refuge and strength your everpresent

help in times of trouble draw near to me

and I will draw near to you in my

presence is fullness of joy and perfect

peace You are not alone in your

struggles for I know your ways

intimately I see every tear that falls

and hear each Cry of your heart your

pain does not go unnoticed or forgotten

by me I am the god who tenderly heals

the Brokenhearted and gently binds up

their wounds come to me and find rest

for your weary soul I am the god of

restoration able to turn ashes into

Beauty mourning into Joy trust my timing

for I make all things beautiful in due

time though the journey is difficult the

destination is worth it I am leading you

toward a hope-filled future of purpose

and promise do not lose heart my beloved

for I am doing a new work in you

behold I make all things new let go of

the past and press on toward the prize

ahead I am the author and perfector of

your faith I will never leave you nor

forsake you with me by your side you

will overcome and walk in Victory hold

fast to the hope within you for I am the

god of hope I fill you with joy and

peace as you trust in me my plans for

you are good beyond what you can

imagine so do not grow weary in doing

good in due time you will reap a

Bountiful Harvest of blessings if you do

not give up take courage my

child know that I am with you

always you are more than a conqueror

through my

love rise up in confident faith for I

have called you by name you are mine

walk boldly in my spirit’s power and

nothing will be impossible for you with

deepest love and grace your heavenly

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