I’M ENDING YOUR… |God Message Today |

beloved child draw near and heed my voice behold I perceive the turmoil

within and the pleas of your soul always my presence is your steadfast companion unwavering by your

side gaze upon me The Sovereign Lord and quiet your

thoughts open your heart wide for I yearn for a bond with you one sacred and

profound grounded in trust and vulnerability Reveal Your innermost

fears and regrets to me my grace is sufficient to envelop them

all in our shared silence be immersed in my

Tranquility cast aside your burdens the weights that bend your back amidst

life’s tempests find solace in me your Haven in the tumult worship Springs from a heart

attuned to mine not in Grand words or rituals but from genuine love and re

worship me in Simplicity for who I am the Eternal one invoke my names Almighty

father Prince of Peace Ponder my boundless goodness and faithfulness

reflect on the Myriad ways I’ve blessed you answered your prayers provided for you guided and healed my hands have

shaped you my spirit sustained you in all this offer me your worship do not

fret over perfect words your heartfelt sincerity is what I cherish

your thoughts are known to me your heart’s love apparent before it’s spoken let your worship be unguarded and true a

whisper meant only for my ears in our communion confess your failings lay down the burdens of poor

choices and regrets I comprehend your human struggles my Mercy meets you in

weakness repentance paves the way for my healing love release any bitterness

resentment or anger forgive as I have forgiven you entrust Justice to me and

choose compassion as you relinquish these burdens my purifying light will flood

your soul bring me all your desires and troubles no issue is too formidable for

me be assured I hear every request and I act in unseen ways my timing is

impeccable My Method surpass your understanding rest in the promise of my provision

do not weary child persist in faith even when Clarity is distant your enduring

Faith honors me I assure you Deliverance will arrive precisely when needed trials

are transient yet they Forge an everlasting Glory within you stay close

to me seek me daily and our intimacy will deepen I will endow you with

strength to persevere be open to my blessings do not confine me by your

finite understanding my capabilities far exceed your imagination as the heavens surpass the

Earth so do my thoughts Eclipse yours trust in my boundless power to bless you

extraordinarily give generously for I will multiply your offerings give with

sincerity and joy remember all you possess is from me honor me with your

first fruits and Witness the abundance of my blessings in closeness with me

align your thoughts to mine and experience profound Joy my presence in you will radiate

visibly fulfill the purposes I’ve set for you since time’s beginning be

courageous unwavering in faith my divine power equips you fully Proclaim my

truths boldly fearlessly I am ever with you guiding your path Gra pass my hand trust in my

guidance even through challenging and obscure paths rely on my strength when

yours falters I will never abandon you stay near me seek my face through prayer

and worship in Stillness listen for my gentle guidance draw close find Rest in

Me My Living Waters will rejuvenate you I have boundless love and wisdom to

impart Precious Child our intimacy is a cherished gift

today reopen your heart to me I await you my dear one I see your Brokenness

hear your cries let the refining fire transform you burning away all that is

not of me fear not the Flames for I am with you this process purifies and you

shall emerge resplendant trust not in your own Insight but in my

omnipotence whatever Miracle you seek I can grant only believe you have settled for the mundane

yet I offer much more do not constrain me with limited requests open your eyes to the

supernatural I wish to manifest in your life break free from doubt and disbelief

dare to believe in Grandeur true faith is imaginative if you fully grasp my power

your life would be markedly different you’d ask boldly and I long to Lavish my

blessings upon you do not restrict my generosity with hesitant prayers come

expectantly ready for miracles my child remember that through

every phase of your life I am with you my love guidance and wisdom are constant and unending in every struggle every joy

every moment of doubt and every Triumph I am there so come open your heart a new

to me today let us walk together on this journey hand in hand heart to heart for

you are not alone on this journey of life in every step every breath every

moment of uncertainty my presence envelops you embrace the mysteries of my

ways for in them lie the depths of wisdom and understanding your path

though sometimes shrouded in fog is always under my watchful eye in the moments of Darkness remember that I am

the light that guides you through trust in my boundless love a

love that knows no conditions no limits in your weakest moments My

Strength becomes your Fortress when you feel lost and alone remember that I am your compass always

pointing you back to the safety of My Embrace The Journey may be long and the road may be rough but with me you will

never wander astray your faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains

let that Faith grow nurtured By the Waters of my word strengthened by the

light of my truth in faith find the courage to face

the Giants in your life for with me by your side no obstacle is

insurmountable I call you to be a Beacon of Hope in a world that often dwells in Shadows let your light shine reflecting

the love and grace you have received from me in your words in your actions in

the very essence of your being manifest the beauty of my kingdom you are my

Ambassador carrying the message of my love to every corner of the earth remember my child that in giving you

receive in forgiving you find Freedom in dying to self you find life

eternal these paradoxes are the essence of my kingdom the world may not understand but

in my wisdom you will find the secrets to a life of fulfillment and

purpose seek not the riches of this world for they are fleeting instead store up for yourself

Treasures in Heaven where moth and rust do not destroy where thieves do not

break in and steal for where your treasure is there your heart will be also in your moments

of Joy celebrate with me in your moments of Sorrow lean on me I am your constant

companion your greatest supporter and your Eternal savior in every season I am

with you sharing in your laughter and wiping away your tears as you walk

through life Let My Words Be the lamp unto your feet the light unto your

path meditate on my teachings for they are life to those who find them and

health to one’s whole body guard your heart above all else for

it is the Wellspring of life do not conform to the pattern of this world but

be transformed by the renewing of your mind then you will be able to test and

approve what my will is my good pleasing and perfect will in this transformation you become

more than a conqueror overcoming the trials and tribulations of this world through the power of my love remember

that you are wonderfully made a masterpiece of my creation you are unique with a purpose and destiny that

only you can fulfill walk in this truth confident in

the knowledge that you are loved valued and cherished beyond measure my beloved

child know this my love for you is eternal unchanging and unfathomable it

is a love that transcends time and space a love that sacrificed everything for

your Redemption so come to me with all your fears your doubts your dreams and your

hopes in my arms you will find rest peace and a love that will never let you

go for you are mine and I am yours now and forever

more I know the Deep desires of your heart every hidden longing every

fractured dream not one is beyond my ability to fulfill but you must let go

of normal and embrace the supernatural reality of knowing

me I Am The God Who part sees who raises the Dead who turns water into wine

nothing is too difficult for me draw close now beloved our intimacy is the

gateway to the miraculous as you worship me in spirit and in truth feel my manifest presence

envelop you let holy awe wash over you be still and know that I am God listen

for my whisper let me quiet your fears and doubts you are standing on Holy

Ground so remove every hindrance every distraction shut out the cacophony of

the world and be filled with my glory the supernatural power you seek

flows from time spent in my presence fully open and surrendered as you lean into me trusting

me more than what your eyes can see and your mind can comprehend old limits fall

away suddenly you know deep within that I am able to do anything the this

unshakable Faith opens the floodgates of Heaven ask me for the impossible beloved

dream big with me picture the answers you desire as vividly as if they have

already come to pass I am anchoring them in the spiritual realm even now

preparing the way bold audacious Faith moves my heart for it aligns with my

unlimited power and Glory never forget the size of your requests reflects who

you believe I am small prayers reveal small thinking the

limits are within you not me you were made to walk in power and authority

doing greater things than even Jesus did while on this Earth rise up to your full

potential in me shake off disappointment from unmet expectations and past

setbacks none can thwart my purposes for you let me Breathe new life into Broken

Dreams and long forgotten promises no failure or betrayal can stop me from

fulfilling my perfect plan and my perfect timing what I have spoken will come to pass just watch and

see for now rest in my presence beloved listen for the rhythm of my heart so

attuned to You Feel My Delight in you know that you are seen heard and loved

beyond measure soon you will emerge transfigured by the refined ‘s fire

boldly walking in the Supernatural gifts and miracles I pour out on you the

impossible will become reality through your obedient Faith together we will do

wonders my beloved child I speak to you this day to assure you that you will see

my hand at work in your life I know the deepest desires of your heart and I long

to fulfill those desires according to my perfect will do not lose hope or grow weary for I am faithful I cannot lie nor

nor will I ever fail you when I make a promise you can trust completely that I will fulfill it my words accomplish what

I intend for them to do they never return to me void I will bring to

completion every good work I’ve started in you the enemy seeks to discourage you

with lies and doubts but do not listen to his Whispers set your mind on what is true and Noble fix your eyes on me to

walk in the Supernatural you must renew your mind and adopt my perspect perspective this happens as you spend

time with me in prayer fasting worship reading my word and fellowshipping with other believers these things position

you to hear my voice and walk in my power the spiritual determines the natural as you align your heart with

mine you’ll see breakthrough in the natural circumstances of your life don’t seek the gifts over the giver pursue

intimacy with me first and foremost from that place of abiding in my love you’ll bear fruit that remains

tough times will come but I use all things for your good even the difficult

Seasons I’m pruning and refining you shaping your character through the trials stay close to me when the

pressure mounts my grace is sufficient for you dear one I’ll give you strength for

today and bright hope for tomorrow I know the deepest desires of your heart

your dreams and longings don’t surprise me or intimidate me I place those

desires within you as you walk with me in humility and faithfulness trusting me

fully I’ll lead you to a life of purpose freedom and blessing beyond what you can

imagine don’t try to figure out the how that’s for me alone Your Role is

simply to obey what I’m asking of you today take one step at a time keeping

your focus on me I’ll open the right doors at the right moments stay

sensitive to my leading through prayer wise counsel and discernment according to my word as you give it will be given

to you as you sow generously you’ll reap generously I bless those who bless

others I am a god of abundance not scarcity there is plenty to go

around when you Steward my resources with a joyful grateful heart I promise

you’ll never lack what you need trust me to heal all your wounds mend all

Brokenness and restore what’s been missing pour out your heart to

me I understand you completely I know the path forward even when the way seems

unclear to you wait patiently on me as I direct your steps my timing is perfect

you have my full permission to boldly ask for blessings breakthroughs and miracles I Delight in showing myself

strong on behalf of those who love me me and call upon my name nothing is too

difficult for me though obstacles Loom large in your sight through me they shall become

Stepping Stones to lift you higher beloved you have my word that I

will meet every need according to my glorious riches you are my treasured possession

and I desire your total well-being continue to fix your eyes on me through daily prayer praise and

worship magnify y me with Thanksgiving for who I am and all I’ve done for you

this intentional Focus aligns your heart with my purpose and positions you to

keep in step with my spirit as you give me the glory do my name you will

experience my kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven the Supernatural is available to all my followers through

faith by my grace alone I pour out my spirit on those who earnestly seek

me you don’t earn my blessings and miracles through personal Perfection or

performance simply come to me with humility honesty and expectation I

respond to Hungry seeking Hearts don’t listen to the enemy’s accusations that

you are unqualified unworthy or undeserving of my Supernatural

intervention Jesus Paid the price for you to be an heir of my promises and walk in my power you have received the

Holy Holy Spirit as a guarantee of your Rich spiritual inheritance in me press

on in hope-filled faith prayer and obedience beloved I am faithful to complete what

I’ve started I will fulfill every promise I’ve made to you you can trust

me wholeheartedly my plans for you are for good and not for harm to give you a hope

and a future the enemy will try anything to derail you from my purposes be alert

and resist him standing firm in your faith Godly friends can help strengthen

and encourage you along the journey surround yourself with those who will Build You Up In Love and spur you on to

keep following me don’t wait for perfect conditions to act in

obedience step out in faith with the little you have remember it’s not by

your might or power but by my spirit that breakthrough occurs offer me your weakness and I’ll

perfect my strength in you yield control of your life fully to me each new day I

know your pain your disappointments your unmet longings I care deeply about the

desires of your heart as you pour out your soul to me in authentic prayer

you’ll find Grace Comfort wisdom and Supernatural breakthrough my grace is sufficient for

every season and situation you can trust me to lead you along the very best path for your life

life not always the easiest but always the most meaningful and fulfilling I

desire your constant dependence on me alone that’s where you’ll find purpose joy and satisfaction that the world can

never provide stay closely connected to the vine and you will bear lasting spiritual fruit my beloved child take

comfort and find rest in my presence I am your rock Fortress deliverer portion

and inheritance Trust completely in my sovereign plan for your life I hold you

securely in my hands and I will never forsake you you are mine forever more be

strong and take heart for I am with you always my

beloved do not fear the changing seasons of life or the storms that arise along your journey I am with you through it

all when adversity comes cling tighter to me allow your challenges to drive you

deeper into Into My Embrace rather than further away in discouragement or despair I will make a way for you watch

expectantly for how I will use every struggle and trial to strengthen your character and enlarge your capacity for

Joy my grace is sufficient for you dear one my power is made perfect in human

weakness your story is still unfolding and some of the richest chapters are yet to be written stay sensitive to the

quiet promptings of my spirit within you the path forward is often

illuminated one step at a time not miles in advance walking in close communion with

me requires surrendering your inclination to understand everything much remains mystery to you now but take

heart beloved for the veil will lift in due time for today keep following my lead by taking the next wise faithful

step presented before you together we are writing a beautiful story when weariness and uncertainty

tempt you to lose hope remember that things are not as they seem in the natural

realm behind the scenes I am moving on your behalf in countless ways you cannot

yet perceive what you can see and feel is filtered through limited human

understanding You observe only a partial distorted reality I behold all things from

Heaven’s perfect vantage point I know the beginning from the end and I cause

all things to work for good rest in this unshakable truth much

is happening beyond your awareness in The Invisible realm where prayers are heard and miracles are conceived seeds

of Destiny are taking root under the soil of your life nourished by my

spirit in due season you will rejoice as you witness the Harvest of blessings

breakthroughs and divine appointments sprouting up all around you until then

wait and watch expectantly when you feel stuck in fruitless repetition cry out to me for

Fresh Fire and vision come into my presence with childlike Faith honesty

and wonder together we will fan The Embers of your soul into flame once

more I will realign your perspective with Supernatural possibilities rather

than Earthly limitations you will gain new insight into my Myriad ways of working behind

the scenes in your life take comfort in knowing I am intricately involved my beloved using everything for your

ultimate good in the absence of clarity right now

cultivate courageous faith and unwavering trust I know the way forward you can

rely fully on my leadership take my outstretched hand and walk alongside me one step at a time

stay near and listen intently for my gentle guidance I promise never to leave

or forsake you and I will surely direct your path as you seek me wholeheartedly you need not figure

everything out in your own wisdom and strength in fact self-sufficiency hinders my miraculous intervention come

to me daily with humility and dependence recognizing aresh your inability apart

from me where you lack I am full where you are weak I am strong rely on my

power provision and guidance each moment stay closely tuned to my voice walk in

step with my spirit that intimate connection is your lifeline when you

stumble and fail do not listen to condemning lies repent quickly receive

my forgiveness let go of guilt and move forward in Grace the enemy uses shame to

discourage and derail you but I love and accept you unconditionally I knew the cost of of

redemption before I called you as my own though discipline may be required at

times I will always gently restore you I believe in you my beloved child avoid

pointless comparison with others each person’s Journey unfolds at a different pace and through varied

terrain comparing will either puff you up with pride or deflate you in discouragement both perspectives are

distorted walk walk humbly in the light I’ve given you for your path keep your

eyes fixed on me alone as your Source strength and guide I wish to free you from entangling

sin and anything that hinders your fruitfulness do not rationalize or make

excuses for compromising choices and activities bring it all into my

light allow my loving gaze to reveal where change is needed as you walk in

obedience and submission to my ways aligning every area of your life with my

truth you will experience new depths of Freedom purpose and blessing stay

sensitive to my conviction and yielding to my Guidance the rewards are abundant

for those who honor me with wholehearted devotion I hear every Cry of your heart

precious child when you feel unseen and misunderstood by others pour out your

soul freely to me I know you better than you know yourself my perception of you is

accurate and true the opinion of others cannot change who you are in my eyes you

are my beloved my treasure the apple of my eye my unconditional acceptance love

and Delight in you cannot be shaken lean into this unchanging truth forgive those

who have hurt you just as I have forgiven your every sin and failure un

forgiveness poisons your own soul while releasing the offender you do not have to condone

wrong actions to release bitterness and anger into my hands this is an act of your will not always dependent on the

other’s apology or repentance choose to see others through eyes of Grace as I do

let my Living Water continually cleanse your heart of all impurities daily realign your thoughts words and actions

with my truth sin clouds your spiritual vision but walking in sanctification grants

clearer insight into my plans and purposes intimacy with me requires

Holiness all that contradicts my nature must be laid down as it is exposed by my

light this process takes a lifetime but each Act of

obedience ier every moment every day for your love is s my

path [Music] everywhere in the tend the touch of your

hand I find the strength to rise stand through every trial every tear we’ve

shed your love’s SP the shelter where I find

my oh your love SP my aner life St see

aing a hul I need to be free so I’ll chck

every moment every day for your love I S my

back in every way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share

and expands Your Capacity to receive more of my fullness come to me for rest when

weariness weighs heavy upon you I will lift your burdens and refresh your your

soul in Quiet Moments at my feet simply receive my love allow me to minister to

your deepest needs listen as I whisper words of comfort healing wisdom and

Destiny over you these time spent in my presence realign your heart with my

purposes and equip you to thrive in the days ahead do not neglect this Lifeline

of spiritual nourishment do not listen to voices of condemnation beloved the

enemy is called the accuser for good reason his lies contradict my truth

about who you are rise above these toxic paralyzing Arrows by agreeing with my

perspective of you instead you are my workmanship created for good works I

prepared for you I call you my beloved my child Chosen and dearly loved this is

your true identity stand firm in it I desire you to live Fully Alive awakened

to the beauty and wonder all around you do not Sleepwalk through your days numb

and desensitized to my presence let the mundane become sacred as you view your

life through eyes of Heaven’s higher perspective even ordinary moments are

infused with meaning and purpose when you walk in attentiveness to me I have planted within you passions interests

and gifts that align perfectly with your destiny but these must be deliberately

cultivated and developed do not neglect the holy desires I’ve placed deep in your heart

protect time for pursuing what energizes you and utilizes your unique god-given

strengths you are called to flourish not just survive say no to the good so you can

say yes to the best I have in mind for you the Brokenness in your life is not

the end of the story I am weaving don’t camp in ashes when I wish

to lead you into the beauty of restoration listen for the sound of my

Approach I am coming to rescue you in unexpected ways working mightily on your

behalf take heart beloved and lift your eyes in Hope though Shadows still linger

all around you Dawn’s first light is already cresting The Horizon Victory is

assured for those who put their trust in me my beloved child thank you for

inclining your ear to hear my gentle whisper my words are spirit and life may

they encourage you strengthen you and spur you on to Greater Heights of faith and intimacy with me take heart that I

am fully able to do all I have promised I am always working on your behalf turning everything in your life to

good keep seeking me with your whole heart I am faithful and I Delight in you

my treasured child my beloved do not grow weary or lose

hard I see the burdens you carry


a [Music]


and I long to lift your load come find rest in my presence as

you pour out your heart to me my peace a peace the world cannot give will guard

your mind and emotions I know the desires I’ve placed deep within you desires to create to

bless to make a difference these longings point to your destiny do not

dismiss them lightly instead nurture them as tender shoots water them with

faith and perseverance in due season you will enjoy the Harvest of a life Fully Alive

in me I am always at work molding your character shaping your

gifts the master Craftsman is forming a master peace trust the process even when

you cannot yet Glimpse the final portrait walk in the truth of who you are to me my beloved my treasured

possession the apple of my eye this identity anchors You When

Storms rage say yes to the journey though the road May wind through

difficult places every step with me is infused with meaning and Beauty if you have eyes to see my grace is sufficient

for you dear one my companionship makes your burden light we travel this narrow

road together toward the reward I have prepared for you from the foundations of the world do not lose heart I know the

plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you hope trust me and watch

them unfold

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