I’ll Show You The Way | God’s Message For You |

[Music] my beloved child I am hastening the flow of time so that you may soon hold your

cherished blessing in your hands I know you’ve been waiting eagerly for the answer you seek and I want you

to know that the changes I’m orchestrating around you are for your ultimate good prepare your heart open your mind

and let the doors of your home welcome my presence as I speak to you now I

solemnly promise that a transformation is on the horizon for your life I

understand your needs and I’ve known them even before you did yet I desire Clarity in your thoughts and desires be

certain of what you request understand your goals and know that if you seek

Triumph it comes at a price genuine Faith fervent prayer hard work and

personal sacrifices I am here to bestow upon you a blessing of Eternal significance for

you and your family rest assured I will not Grant you anything that brings

sorrow or separates you from me my desire is not for your family to

suffer due to your absence I want you to shine in the world but may Darkness

never overshadow your home remember those you hold dear for I do not wish

for tension to ens snare your relationships or for you to lose your health

my eternal longing is for the best for you true peace unwavering Faith a

tranquil life and a Detachment from material possessions the goods of this world are

fleeting you brought nothing into this world and you will take nothing when you

depart however the love and affection you sow in those who cherish you the faith you share the help you extend to

those in need your unshakable faith and loyalty these are the things that will

bring you genuine spiritual fulfillment I have sent you a great blessing and one day I will place a

crown upon your head with my own hands I hold the power to change seasons and

times to transform Hearts I am aligning everything so that

you may experience my blessings and your suffering will be left behind I stand at your door calling open

up to me now I desire to dwell in your home and I want my wondrous peace to

fill every corner of your family’s Hearts soon you will witness my power

manifesting upon your family and yourself a time of Peace healing and

blessing is Drawing Near I have seen your faith I am listening to your

prayers your attitude pleases me and your sincerity touches my heart your

faith is alive and you Faithfully come into my presence each day you hold your

spiritual life in high regard unlike others who come sporadically and do not

entrust their paths and plans into my hands I want you to become an example to

your family and all you love let them witness the fruits growing within you as

your faith continues to strengthen your spirit mind and soul more blessings are coming your way

but they come with great responsibility I will place you at the Forefront so

that many may see how I bless those who obey me those with Humble Hearts who

patiently wait for my response no longer filled with anguish and impatience when

things do not go as planned you are aware that your life

your family and all you do are in my hands many live in constant worry

believing they are amidst crises during these times yet all good things are for those who

love me who submit to my will and believe in me you belong to the faithful who have

remained steadfast the doors are open for you and Showers of Blessings and joy shall

continuously pour forth always and everywhere keep your eyes open for a

grand opportunity awaits you many reject the blessings I send them because they

feel unworthy on your journey you will encounter many suffering Souls who weep unable to

comprehend that someone truly loves them forgives them and that their future holds no pain or

death if only they could Cast Away their disbelief and offer me the opportunity

to shower them with my love however you will yield abundant fruit like the good tree you are when

you have grown sufficiently and your branches are strong enough to Bear the blessings I shall bestow upon you great

Miracles will occur in you and your family I love you accept my love open

your heart and soul to this pure affection that fills you with peace

Serenity and divine strength my love heals all your wounds relieves your pain

and ailments stabilizes your emotions and grants you a Tranquility you can

find nowhere else only here beside

me when you approach with the desire to receive to grow to live solely in my

presence you shall find it fill yourself now breathe in this

fragrance of my Holy Spirit and let the hours pass receive even more of these

gifts and This Love that I wish to bestow upon you this beautiful love is yours never

reject it do not strive to earn the love of those who claim to love you but fail

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