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child God is saying to you today that he

is aware of the troubles in your life

and the dangers that threaten you he has

seen the evil plans being made against

you but don’t be afraid because God is

here to protect you trust in God and

show your faith by liking this message

take this warning seriously ly as the

person who wants to hurt you is tricky


dishonest they might seem

friendly but they are not

good-hearted they are filled with envy

and hate and they want to hurt you badly

type yes if this message is what you

needed to hear don’t lose hope because
Dont Lose Hope

God is always with you he knows knows

the evil plans and won’t let them happen

but you need to be careful and pay

attention to his warning this warning is

for before March

th the day when the bad plans are

supposed to happen stay alert and don’t


scared because God is looking out for

you and will help you through tough

times have faith in God and believe that

he will keep you safe type yes if you

trust in God always remember that good

wins over bad be brave and don’t let

fear take over with God’s help you can

get through this Challenge and come out

stronger trust in God who is always with
Stronger Trust in God

you and get ready for the challenges

ahead but don’t worry because God Is by

your side and will never leave you be

strong and believe because God will help

you through may God’s love and

protection always be with you type thank

you God to affirm even if you feel alone

like you’re in a

desert God is about to bring change he

will take you to a new place

away from your pain and past mistakes

you will become a new person surrounded

by his love and endless kindness you

will get what your heart

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