I’ll Break the Chains Holding You Back | God Message Today |

listen up my beloved

child I got something important to say

today I’m here to break those chains

that are holding you back all you got to

do is trust in me my words alone can

make you whole again the stuff I say has

the power to give you a new lease on

life to pick you up when you’re feeling

down maybe you think you’re not good

enough for me to come around but let me

tell you something your faith and your

humility they’ve got my attention I want

to be not just in your house but in your

heart too here’s the deal I’m going to

speak words that’ll mend you A Simple

Touch from me will shatter those chains

that keep you down your pain I’ll snatch

it away your fears worries will be gone

cause even the big sky above Tunes in

when I open my mouth I’m talking

straight to you cuz I want to see you

grinning from ear to

ear come with me

it’s like getting a big old hug that

says I love you big time and keeps you

snug from any trouble that’s what I’m

all about offering you in this life so I

need you to really believe in it with

your whole heart and take it in the kind

of strength you’re after it’s right here

just waiting for you to snatch it up to

cloak yourself in the healing and

transformative Vibes of my Holy Spirit

right at your

fingertips no need to carry the weight

of the past or believe you got a handle

all your mistakes solo yeah Life’s a

roller coaster of troubles but hey I’ve

already claimed victory over this wild

ride for you you’re a child of the big

guy upstairs and that’s a rock solid

guarantee so lean on me with every step

you take every hurdle you tackle cause

guess what you’re going to ace it I get

it sometimes you’re drowning in tears

without even knowing why listen up

here’s the Scoop those tears they’re

your heart’s way of saying it’s craving

a reunion with me your heart’s pining

for me your spirits on a quest for my

presence and let’s face it without me

you’re not going to get far healing like

life slipping through your fingers that

peace that Joy you’ve been yearning for

feels like they’re playing hard to get

and those close to you it’s like they’re

drifting away more and more every day

hey pay attention cause I’m right here

by your side right next to me there’s a

whole fountain of blessings just waiting

to flood your life with all the good

stuff you’ve been missing out on ready

to sweep away all that

sadness take a dive into these Waters

and let them wash away all that Gloom

from your mind you’ll never feel hollow

again that’s a promise from yours truly

your faith it’s been making things

happen my

words that’s all you need today I’ve

brought some serious healing into your

life you you opened up your heart to me

and guess what I’ve decided to make my

crib right there with you and you better

believe I’m sticking around count on it

I ain’t going

anywhere I got my eyes peeled for you

and your family gearing up to shower you

with blessings beyond your wildest

dreams so how about you invite me over

to your place today open up every nook

and cranny of your life to me let my

blessings pour in soothing your soul and

wrapping your heart in Comfort

I’ve done some serious house cleaning at

your crib wiping out all the flaws with

my touch I’ve breathed life into every

corner I’ve swept away all the chaos and

mess left behind by your

struggles you’re all washed up and

forgiven now you just got to embrace it

now I ain’t saying you’re Flawless or

that you won’t stumble upon

Temptations you’re my child and I got

nothing but love for you but let’s face

it you’re only human

there’s going to be hurdles but I’ll

always be right there to lend a hand and

cheer you on as you push ahead even when

you take a tumble yeah you’ll goof up on


own I get it duking it out in your

battles might leave you feeling low

maybe even ridiculed and embarrassed

like you’re back in the mud all over

again but stay focused on me I’ve

enlisted you in this fight and it’s with

my power that you’ll be washed clean

pumped up and forgiven time and time

again keep pressing on no matter what

obstacles rear their

heads those foes of yours fueled by

Spite and without an ounce of remorse

are green eyed over the Triumph I’ve

draped around you they’ll pull out all

the stops to come at you aiming to

Rattle the peace you found in me but hey

you’re listening up and I know you’re

catching my drift you’re all about

rooting for your loved ones and seeing

them Thrive which means staring down

challenges putting in the grind holding

on to faith and trusting in the promises

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