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amen my dear child I was the there for you yesterday I’m with you today and

I’ll always stay by your side I wrap you in my caring Embrace holding you gently

because you are precious to me your protection is my commitment and My Love

Is Your Shield so I need to speak softly and patiently because I want to touch your

heart gently and give you the strength that comes from Heaven you’ll face

challenges your opponent is stubborn and will try to confuse your thoughts distract you from your goals and your

true value and tempt you to expose your heart to sadness and

hopelessness you already know this deep down with all your heart firmly and

without any doubt you’re not on your own in your battles and you never will be

like a powerful protector I’ll guard you and lead you to victory keep moving

ahead with faith I’ll support you bless your path and fill your life with good

things but remember my love for you is unwavering there will be times when I’ll

tell you to take a break because taking care of yourself is important I know you

understand this yet sometimes life can be distracting I’ll gently remind you when

it’s time to slow down to connect with me in prayer and to find strength and

nourishment in my words I praise and bless you for the time you spend with me each

day your loyalty and devotion are remarkable you’ve learned to seek me

earnestly and your thankful Spirit brings deep healing to you and your loved ones don’t be upset by what others

say anymore you are wise patient and smart you know where you’re headed

because you rely on me your heavenly father others might get jealous seeing

the good things happening in your life while some may judge by what they see on

the outside I see your heart and know you well you’re aware of my love for you and

if anyone tries to hurt you with lies they’ll have to answer to me don’t be

afraid my child I was with you in your toughest times and I’ll surely stand by

you now as you show your loyalty and mature in faith choosing to put your and your

family’s lives in my care is the best choice you’ve made you’re cherished safe

and guarded In My Embrace this week you’re going to be incredibly courageous you need to stand

strong for your family and you will be successful keep pushing forward with all

your strength I’m organizing everything every situation every individual just

right as you heed my guidance you will sense my strength aiding you your Triumph is already

secured and I will place it within your grasp but your faith needs to be active

keep trusting and most importantly believe in yourself some have tried to bring you

down with hurtful words even people from your own family have tried to make you feel small understand that their actions stem

from not just spite but jealousy too they see the unique light in you

recognizing something extraordinary yet let go of any resentment and put

aside thoughts of getting even if you face unexpected challenges

this week if people stand against you if you work hard to take care of your family and find yourself overwhelmed

with worry pray for those who wish you harm they aim to bring you down crush

your hope stop your progress and disrupt my plans for you rest assured I’m sending a legion of

strong angels to stand against those who oppose you keep moving forward my dear one don’t

stop or hang your head I’m with you and you are under my protection look for me

in the morning reach out at night rely on my strength I will be with you every

step of the way I will protect you as the day breaks and when you get up I’ll

be there to go with you we will tackle this week’s obstacles together I plan plenty of blessings for

you and your family it all hinges on your faith in me your determination to

persevere not backslide but I know you well and I anticipate your choices you will keep

Faith you will hold on to my word this week when you least expect it

you’ll find your Victory you’ll need me and I’ll be right here you can always

come and talk to me whenever you feel the need I’ll keep showing you how much I love you both in what I say and what I

do your days of sadness are ending and the time of feeling down is behind you I

want to shower you with my love and care let my presence and love into your

life remember no one can love you as deeply as I do I see everything that

goes on in your heart and thoughts sometimes the hurt is so deep

that you think about giving up it’s been a while since you felt the urge to jump out of bed eager and joyful

for the new day but now I’m telling you your pain stops today I’m refreshing

your spirit I’m giving you the most genuine love there is taking away your grief and

replacing it with deep joy as you listen to my words you can

start to feel this change I’m easing your worries healing your feelings and

taking away your hurt completely changing your heart you’ll see for yourself how I help

and back you up in everything you do I’ll wrap you in my love I’ll keep an

eye on you because I want to keep you safe let your happiness and your smile show the world my strength and might I’m

filling your life with wonderful gifts talents that lift you up friends you can count on and a family that will grow to

love and respect you more when they see the changes I bring about in you I’m boosting your courage and your

will to live remember there will be those sent by the adversary who cross

your path people who only see the bad side dream small and lack faith and

excitement so I tell you don’t listen to them don’t bother with them at all they

want to bring you down and make your heart heavy with negative thoughts be brave enough to be your true self work

work hard and don’t give up because at every moment you are loved supported

blessed cherished and led I’m creating a path for you and have

placed countless Guardian Angels around you stand up and smile my dear child

because you are very precious to me my love for you is endless never give up

hope because I’m here to support you and give you the strength to keep going I’m

giving you all the courage you need to move forward so you won’t be crushed by life’s

challenges feel encouraged to stand to continue on your journey to face

difficulties and to keep pushing through you’ve experienced success and

victory before so don’t let your current troubles defeat you you won’t be beaten

or brought to shame listen to what I’m saying and be encouraged because your steady faith in

me will lead to amazing things my utterances possess the power to heal

your body to shelter your family to bestow provision upon you and to fulfill

all your needs your table shall lack no bread Joy

shall abound in your household and true Prosperity shall reign receive my blessings with a humble

heart and gratitude remember to extend a helping hand to those in Need for in your

abundance lies the opportunity to bless others as you sow kindness you shall

witness the heavens opening up filling your home with peace and joy true blessings are seen in the peace

and steadiness of your family in the health and insight that bring about joyous and rejuvenating times have faith

in me and trust that a better future is in store for those who cherish

me soon you’ll see even the dreams you thought were Out Of Reach starting to come true as you’re all powerful and

divine Guardian I am always with you I will keep you safe shield you and uh

provide for you now and forever your future won’t repeat your past I’ll make sure you don’t go through

old hurts again now is the time for the healing of your hearts

ongoing hurts let go the past holding on to only the lessons learned and never

dwell on it again trust in me holy seek comfort in my presence when you feel

weak it’s okay to cry you can be open with me I know the challenges you faced

and the heavy loads you bear you are genuine possessing a noble heart despite

being wounded while lavishing love upon the undeserving you were left desolate weeping in

solitude but lift your head high heed my words and believe that such tribulations

shall not befall you again from this day forth place your full trust in

me I shall guide you toward a better path always present to console you a new

life brimming with happiness awaits you where sorrow and tears shall be no more

in the future when you find yourself crying those will be tears of happiness tell me you have faith put in

the effort In My Embrace you’re safe no one will hurt hurt you if anyone tries to harm you they’ll

have to answer to me I cherish you spend a few moments listening to me before you

go on with your day I find joy in seeing the good things you do your hard work

for your family and how much you value our relationship remember I count on you and

trust you to use the gifts I’ve given you wisely you’re not someone who gives up

easily you don’t ignore or defy my directions many people think they can

find happiness and success without me not realizing how important it is to introduce their families and children to

my guidance but you’re different my teachings are alive in your

home in your work and all your endeavors conduct yourself with diligence and

honesty let no harmful words Escape your lips for they wound the soul mercilessly

you are filled with forgiveness and my presence shall awaken you each day

filling your heart with order just as the sun rises at its appointed hour your days shall be replete with

courage Tranquility enthusiasm joy and peace this isn’t just a simple Miracle

it’s a special reward from my presence for those who truly seek me out I’m not hidden away I’m easy to find

yet many roam aimlessly thinking they’re searching for me but end up empty-handed but when their eyes are

opened they realize I’ve always been right there with them here I am now

sense my joy in you your life brings me happiness I hold no grudges for your

past errors forget about your past mistakes and don’t be upset if critics try to

bring you down they’re just jealous you are resilient full of strength

ahead of you are many blessings and duties chances to assist and serve

others you and your family will bring happiness and blessings far and wide always keep your trust in me

declare with confidence I receive my blessing my dear children when you’re

sad look up to the sky don’t hide your tears because I understand your deep

pain I’m holding you so don’t be afraid I’m here to lift you up wash away your

missteps and change your life for the better I’m offering you the comfort and

love you need let your tears out as you feel my sincere love for you you know how much I

cherish you I want to take away your pain for good I see all the tough times

you’ve gone through I’m aware of your struggles even your silent sorrows and

the tears that accompany them are comforted in my presence I grasp what you’re going

through the contempt you faced and the feelings of insignificance you fight

against listen closely to my words Laden with

affection to me you possess infinite value and the greatest sacrifice in the

universe was made for you with my blood I absolved your

transgressions and relieved your regrets so you need not suffer those who scorn

you make a grave error therefore forgive them and surrender to me your anger

sorrow frustration and all the emotions weighing heavily on your heart it’s time to forgive yourself my

child I’ve already forgiven you let peace fill your heart give me all your

troubles because I’ve wiped away your errors and you don’t have to bear them anymore I love you deeply whether you

are my my son or my daughter and I wish for you A life brimming with victories so I lovingly urge you to

stand up today feeling refreshed and new I grant you the insight to see all the

good things I’ve placed in your life the more you open your eyes the

more blessings you will see and the more thankful you will become your thanks is like a sweet tune

in heaven your devotion opens the gateway to more blessings well-being and true success grasp my hand you know the

depth of my love for you feel my warm embrace and accept the love I’m giving you I wish for your happiness for your

heart to heal for you to listen to my words and to feel the love I have for

you I love you so much and I’ll show you this love every

day even if you feel tired and find it hard to keep going even if we wores

overwhelm you remember that I am with you from the moment you wake up reassuring you of my constant

presence I will never leave you have no doubt my child don’t think that your mistakes

have broken our connection my love for you goes beyond any fault or

situation if I embrace you today with sincere love it is because you hold

great significance to me you are worthy of my blessings

I dislike seeing you doubt your worthiness of My Affection I do not wish

for you to feel inferior or believe yourself less than others each of my

children holds a unique and vital place in my heart however the adversary perpetually

seeks to discourage you therefore heed my words you must believe in me so your

emotions EB and flow like the waves of the sea accept my Selfless Love I desire your

well-being your peace blessings for your family and prosperity in your

future every morning when you wake up come and listen to what I have to

say think about the calm feeling you get inside when I talk to you I’m waiting

for you I want you to see for yourself the good things I plan to do for you and

the wonderful blessings I’m getting ready listening to me will chase sadness

away from your heart I’ll share important truths with you and you’ll

understand the reasons just as I cherish you you should love your family and also value and love

yourself have faith in me and let me work wonders in your life promise me my

child that you’ll allow this right now I’m taking away all your worries I’m

filling your life with peace and happiness I will respond to your prayers when the

time is right giving you the good things you’ve asked for be patient because I’m

going to do great things like moving obstacles out of your way and removing people who could bring you down I’ll

bring new friends into your life and people from far away will come to Value you treat you kindly and love

you I will transform your life entirely believe me for I will do so you must be

prepared to receive the Miracles I shall perform in you and your family you are one who takes my word

seriously and that pleases me continue praying for those you love but also pray

for those distant from you your prayers reach my throne and my

mighty hand moves in your favor you shall witness many changes in

your character and you shall feel even more driven to strive and achieve your

dream I am showering you and your family with my love spend this day in peace

listening to my guidance many will try to sway you from your path they aim to trap you rob your

joy discourage you and Lead You away so I am alerting you to be smart and

careful if you don’t seek my counsel and put me first the enemy might distract

you and take away the blessings you’re close to receiving reach out to me every day come to hear

my words listen attentively and embrace them with happiness I offer you wisdom with

immense love so you understand how much I care for you how I’m looking out for you and how I long for your total trust

your peace hope and contentment never forget my deep love for

you open your eyes to my peace filling your heart right now my presence

envelops you feel my spirit comforting you allowing you to live in

Tranquility others around you may be full of stress they might try to pass their turmoil and the repercussions of

their errors onto you but you must not let others emotions

cause you anxiety or disturb your peace here where we stand you and I in

this sacred moment you can forget the world for a while and bask in the inner delight of this profound feeling

it is beautiful to me and I hope it is wonderful for you every day whether it’s

in the morning or at the break of dawn when you first wake up I’m there ready for us to share a moment together a

little time to communicate if you only knew the extent of what you’re achieving in these moments when you reach out and

hold my hand kneeling before my Throne today is a unique day one you’ll

remember I’m setting a seal on your heart announcing to all creation that you belong to

me your mindset will shift when you grasp the depth of my words you’ll

understand my immense love for you and realize how truly blessed you are you’ll

feel confident in your ability to accomplish great things who can stand

against you you’re my child no one can overcome you I’m with you and my love is

the strongest force there is I’m not like a human father who might let you

down who leaves and forgets if your Earthly father failed you don’t think I’m the same I’m utterly

different and today you’ve come to see that as you Embrace this Grand insight into my love I invite you to linger here

with me a bit longer you don’t need to say anything just enjoy this time and lay down any

burdens you’re carrying later when you leave your home your face will reflect my

peace your entire being will be filled with calmness no one can infect you with

negative emotions I’m at your disposal I desire to cover you with love every day as the

sun rises I love you and I await you here every

morning I will fight your battles your Victory is near you will emerge Victorious from

this trial your path has not been easy but I am with you every step of the way I’ve

never taken my eyes off you I have always cared for you though you may not

see me I’m behind every little Victory guiding your steps illuminating your

path be thoughtful and careful don’t hurry your decisions wait for things to line up in

your favor I am arranging everything for you who I’ve heard your requests I’m

responsive to your calls for help know this what happens in your life isn’t

random it’s not just chance or luck my hands are actively shaping your journey

I’m guiding you toward a life filled with plenty blessings and success Don’t Be Afraid entrust

everything to me because I am at work in your life when doubt and fear come

knocking don’t let them in instead welcome me into your heart and let me

fill every aspect of your existence no matter what you’re going through I’m always here to listen today

say it out loud you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus even now

as you face daunting challenges and dark times remember I am with you you’re

never alone I’m your shelter in any storm your light in the darkest times

and your Firm Foundation I’m always by your side watching over you wishing for you to see

that my love for you is deep and unwavering don’t be scared of my words

you’re not fighting alone believe in me and stand strong in your faith my strength is greater than any

obstacle you might face so I urge you not to be overwhelmed by despair do not

be intimidated or surrender to the challenges that this world presents to you hold on to your faith and believe

that there is a reason for everything even the toughest challenges you encounter that’s why my child I urge you

today not to lose hope in what you’re facing and when it feels too hard to

continue pause for a moment and listen to my voice speaking within

you I’m the voice of Hope the one reassuring you that you’re not fighting

alone that no situation is hopeless and most importantly you are victorious

remember you are my child a reflection of my love in this world you are my special and valued

creation destined to live a life filled with victories and blessings nothing can hold you back if

you trust in me don’t give up keep pressing on even when you’re exhausted

and tears seem like your closest companions realize you have the inner strength to stand up again for you are

more courageous and resilient than you know know that my assistance is always

available there’s no weight I can’t lift off your shoulders no challenge I can’t help you overcome if you let me be part

of your life and direct your way you’ll notice how obstacles disappear and answers emerge so never

hesitate to seek my aid for I am ever ready to hear your prayers and meet your

needs my dear child it is time for you to rise and grb grasp that each New Dawn

brings forth a fresh opportunity do not dwell on the past with

regret look forward with hope and possess the determination to forge ahead do not yield to

despair remember you have a purpose in this life a path to tread and a destiny

to fulfill don’t let any barriers knock you off your chosen path or let a sense of

Despair snuff out the light inside you believe in me and the plan I’ve laid out

for you even when life’s unexpected twists leave you

puzzled trust that all things are being arranged for your personal growth and

betterment let me be your guide and Safe Haven when times get tough and I promise

you’ll find the Tranquility you’re searching for resist giving in to

hopelessness keep moving forward knowing you have my love and forgiveness

trust in me and let me wrap you in my loving Embrace sharing with you the

immense love I hold for you you are more valued than you can ever

understand stay brave and strong my precious one so when the storms look like they might capsize Your Vessel

you’ll navigate confidently knowing I’m your strength the light cutting through the darkness and the anchor keeping you

steady have faith and my love will guard you and be the wind that pushes you onward

this is your moment my child move forward boldly my

daughter regardless of the struggles hardships or difficulties you encounter my love will always be right there with

you firm and constant continue to press on and don’t

give up no matter how tough or demanding the journey appears remember I am your

source of strength strength and my love will lead you to a brighter

future today my dear son and daughter be brave enough to take steps of Faith

secure in the knowledge that I am in control of your destiny you will never be on your own

again with me by your side you can face and conquer any challenge that comes

your way and you’ll discover the peace happiness and success you’re

seeking Proclaim with confidence today that through Christ Jesus you are more than

Victors in the midst of your struggles challenges and tough times know that I

am right there with you I have the answers and solutions you need there’s

nothing too hard for me I’m in control of everything what’s important my dear

child is that you trust in what I say cling to it and embrace each of my

promises promises that will give you hope hope and the strength to endure your current

trials realize that without me you can achieve

nothing living without my guidance is like being a drift in a world full of

letdowns and troubles that’s why you must hold on to my words grip them with determination

and Faith because they are your Oasis in a desert in my words you’ll find your

escape and answers to all your problems so accept what I’m telling you

today believe that my plan for you is for your good and is Flawless today

recall the story of Hannah a faithful and steadfast woman who despite her circumstances and the discouragement she

faced yearned for a child despite the hardships of her era

and the despair she felt her faith in me did not waver she prayed earnestly and

with deep emotion and trusting her pain and desire to me her intense desire

dedication and persistence were so profound that eventually her prayer was answered and she was granted her heart’s

wish this simple tale serves as a reminder that with faith and patience I

have the power to change your life remarkably I can turn around your

circumstances and change your path making the most challenging and sorrowful times into periods of light

and happiness I alone can transform your needs into abundant and valuable

blessings you need to trust in me my dear child give me all your worries and

Furs I am bigger than any issue you face and can guide you to victory over

them so my child don’t lose hope stay strong in your faith and hold on to my

promises remember there’s nothing too hard for me because I am the god who does The Impossible The God Who works

wonders changes lives and heals all kinds of sickness nothing is beyond my reach

because I’m the almighty keep believing and wait patiently the relief and

answers you seek will soon be part of your experience remember I’ve got a plan for

you filled with hope and a bright future a future without pain and sadness where

Joy stays with you always don’t lose heart or get down when things don’t go as planned keep a positive outlook and

believe even when you face tough times and challenges don’t stop pressing

on Hannah faced criticism she was wrongly judged for her Earnest prayer

yet she didn’t lose her spirit she stayed strong in her faith despite tough

times I encourage you to do the same don’t give up when you aice herley even

if authors critic you or don’t get what you’re striving for stay confident in me

my plans for you might seem odd or hard to grasp to some but my aim is to bring

you peace to transform your toughest times into Beautiful Moments to turn

your sadness into happiness and your lack into plenty so my dear son and daughter keep

going on this Faith Journey don’t let anything shake your resist olve always come before me with prayer supplication

and Thanksgiving present your request before me entrust everything to me and I will

grant the desires of your heart I will be the light that illuminates your path

the compass that guides you toward happiness and the truth that sets you free trust in me and I will lead you to

victory I will lead you to peace happiness and prosperity I will always be with you

always keep your hope in me don’t let any negative talk or discouragement pull

you away from your path move forward bravely I’ll always be right there with

you my strength and love are much bigger than any criticism or negative judgment

you might encounter so my dear son my precious daughter stay firm in your faith in what

I say Keep trusting me and my promises I will give you true Joy a life where fear

and sadness can’t stay as your loving father I will act for your benefit filling your life with

Grace and blessings continue with faith and patience never stop believing live by my

guidance see how my powerful Hand Works in your life creating wonders I bless

you with Rich spiritual gifts from Heaven declaring you free healed and thriving in Christ

Jesus this morning I bestow my blessings upon you today shall unfold as a day

brimming with promises and blessings affirm it today as you do every

day know that you are not alone my presence accompanies you the events you

shall encounter today Are Not Mere happenstance but manifestations of my

love and mercy intended to bless you therefore fear not my son fear not my

daughter for you shall have a good day despite the challenges you may face all shall be well regardless of your

circumstances for today shall be one of the finest days of your life I will open

doors that bring opportunities your way I will provide you with the strength and insight to make the right choices

helping many of your projects succeed just stay alert my son keep focused my

daughter avoid being sidetracked by things that are trivial or fleeting because the

opportunities you encounter today are meant to develop and strengthen you realize that these are signs of my love

for you be aware that I have a plan for you and everything happening in your life is a part of that plan my wish is

to bless you and mold you into someone who thrives and succeeds in everything

you do I know there will be times when it feels like everything is going wrong and

events aren’t turning out as expected in those moments you must remember that I am with you no matter

how tough the circumstances despite the apparent contradictions I shall perform great and

wondrous Deeds within you beyond your imagination therefore fear not do not

fear this perverse and deceitful world for today I have grand plans for you

regardless of the scale of your dreams I am there to assist you in achieving them

regardless of the depth of your fears I am there to illuminate your path

regardless of the intensity of your pains I’m there to heal them keep in

mind that everything happening in your life is part of the grand plan I have

for you each obstacle setback or pain no

matter how tough is a chance for you to grow and become who you’re meant to be

so remember every success joy and blessing is a sign of my affection and

attention for you you are absolutely unique in the whole

Cosmos I’ve chosen you to spread my love and kindness in the world have faith in

me hold on to my words and know you’re always safe with me this new day I urge you to affirm

this strongly I won’t be afraid because the God who saves me is right here with me whatever I face

today isn’t random but part of his plan to enhance and enrich every aspect of my

life my children the words you speak are like Seeds of Hope growing in the

nurturing environment of my love each statement of faith you make is a potent

seed that allows my grace to manifest so don’t be anxious about

today’s challenges my grace and favor are with you you possess the power to

influence your reality and the world around you through

faith today look Beyond appearances

recognize my hand at work in every detail of your life whether in moments

of Victory or challenges I am sculpting your story don’t be scared of stepping into the

unknown because I’m always with you guiding you the plans I have for you are

full of purpose leading you to a life rich in blessings and

achievements so in each step for word keep in mind how much you mean to me

you’re my child unique and irreplaceable in all of creation there’s no one else like

you I’ve chosen you to show the world my love and kindness boldly trust in my guiding hand

to support and lead you today and in the days to come now is your moment to

confidently state that today will be packed with blessings Prosperity chances

and challenges that all contribute to a story of grace and favor know that your

words when filled with belief can change your surroundings bringing forth a harvest of Happiness achievement and

surprising chances Faith isn’t just about being sure of what you’re waiting for it’s

also about being convinced of the things you can’t see so my dear son my dear daughter move

forward knowing I am with you and believe that today is filled with blessings purpose and joy even if you’re

up against tough times I will speak to your heart yes these days might be hard but there’s no stopping what I can do in

your life I want you to know that I’ve got amazing plans for you I picked you out

even before the world was made I knew you as you were being formed in your mother’s belly and I said you are my

beloved child the one I take great Delight in so don’t lose heart keep

pushing forward give it your best and I’ll grow in you a zest for life and a

will to press on your way of thinking will change you’ll feel fresh and

invigorated any feeling of feet will be wiped out by my strength in my name you’ll Stand Tall

you’ll feel triumphant and favored Your Existence will turn into a vivid example

of my might and Glory you’ll shine like a light in the dark guiding many others

they will come to you because they’ll recognize in you the glow of my love and

might you’ll be like a tree rooted by streams of clear water flourishing and

full full of fruit and your leaves will stay green I will give back all you’ve lost

everything that slipped through your fingers will come back to you then your life and your family’s

life will transform as I pour out endless blessings until you are completely

content so my children today I declare it’s time to get up throw away all fear

and lies that keep you down listen to me and let my truth set you free from every

deception of the enemy for his falsehoods have only made you stall in life filling you with fear and doubt to

the point of nearly giving up on your endeavors the moment has come for you to

Rise And Take My Hand by my side you will once again Dare

To Dream to think grandly your fears will dissipate and

you will achieve all that you set out to accomplish take my hand I assure you

nothing will Bild the same as before so do not fear draw near to me remember I

will always be with you to ensure that everything unfolds according to the plan

I have for your life I will lead you to where you ought to be where you will

Thrive where my love overflows and my grace is more than

sufficient all I ask is for you to trust in me and believe in the words I’m sharing with you now then I’ll Lead You

guiding you to places of abundance and peace showing you where blessings can be

found just stay alert and keep your eyes open so that when opportunities come you

won’t miss out but will grab hold of the good things and chances that come your way helping all your aspirations plans

and projects succeed so put your faith in me trust in

what I say and hold tightly to my promises don’t get disheartened or lose

hope and don’t get shaken if you don’t see immediate results hold my hand and keep believing

I’ll be with you all the time even when it’s quiet ready to shower you with my

blessings remember I don’t fail nor am I too early or too late I act precisely

when the time is ready right often when you least expect it trust that I will

keep my promises to you ignore the enemy’s lies that try to make you think you can’t

succeed I dismiss such negativity what the enemy offers is

fleeting and temporary but what I provide is Everlasting and genuine for

even though Heaven and Earth may disappear and the world and its Cravings

may vanish my words and those those who follow my will shall remain

forever so my child when tough times or problems show up don’t try to dodge them

meet them directly if you’re facing failure don’t be scared hold your head up with faith

and optimism look at your difficulties not just as problems but as opportunities to

grow stronger and more courageous remember I created you to reflect me to

be my child child and I’ve given you the strength to overcome any challenge don’t

be afraid of what’s ahead have faith and let me lead in your

life I’ll give you the strength courage and wisdom you need to

succeed if you walk with me I’ll guide you on paths filled with peace favor and

blessings making everything you do Prosper just open your heart to what I

advise and hold on to my promises I I promise you wonderful things love wealth and

success will follow you you won’t face any harm because you trusted me


amen my beloved child trust in me for I have a plan for you filled with joy and

Abundant Blessings I’m your God and Father your unshakable rock the strength that will

lead you to victory over all your challenges I provide for your soul

meeting all your needs I am the light that illuminates your path and guides you to success in

your destiny do not be discouraged by those who see you as weak or unsuccessful they do not understand the

plan I have for you the world may tell you that you don’t need God to be happy but I assure you

only through my power can you experience a truly fulfilled and Abundant

Life do not let the currents of this era drag you towards fleeting and empty

Pleasures be wise and avoid evil even when faced with economic

challenges keep your faith strong and do not let anything take my place in your

heart do not try to solve your problems alone instead place your trust in me and my

love for you believe in my wisdom and I assure you that with me you can overcome

any challenge put all your trust in me and you will experience a Unique Piece one

that goes beyond all understanding and keeps you safe even in the midst of life’s

storms trust in me and I promise to bless you abundantly in every area of

your life I will bring Prosperity not just to you but also to your loved ones including

your children and their children remember you can find everything you need in me you don’t need

to seek happiness in the things of this world especially not its material things

seek me immerse yourself in my presence and delve deep into my

word there you will find the path to all my promises and understand the right way to claim my blessings just trust in me

seek my presence and walk obediently according to my

commands you will see how I transform your life into a story of Hope and

success as only I can don’t give up when faced with life

storms fight to the end give your all and keep believing in my promises for

they are true and steadfast even when the world brings

doubts challenges and difficulties hold tightly to your faith in me stick to my

word for I am the god who makes the impossible possible nothing is too

complicated for me to handle for I am the one who can provide for every one of

your situations don’t be influenced by false ideas or negative opinions from those

who don’t understand my word or my plans for you often the world’s will wisdom

contradicts the wisdom found in my word but stand firm on the Rock which is

my word and I assure you that every step you take will move you closer to the fullness and abundance I have prepared

for you do not fear when You Face problems challenges or moments of

uncertainty instead exercise your faith

Remember My Endless Love will support you and I will be with you in every situation and decision you

face just put all your trust in me and let me direct your life I will be your

guide your protector and your strength together we will navigate

life’s Rough Waters confidently and securely so know that you are not alone

at this moment my holy spirit is within you never leaving you or forsaking you

he fills your life even now offering Comfort guidance and insight listen to

his voice inside you be still and follow it for he will lead you to the truth and

remind you of my promises during times of trial and uncertainty trust what I

tell you today rest in my love don’t let discouragement or hardships knock you

off your path give me all your needs for I am your help and immediate

support remember every challenge you face in this life is just a step toward

a life filled with blessings where you can grow and fully Thrive move forward with confidence

knowing I’m with you and the true happiness comes from living a meaningful life loving others and obeying my

Commandments go forth for my grace and favor are upon you tonight sleep in my

loving arms let my peace fill you bringing rest and comfort through the

quiet of the night let me fill your heart with Words of Love That Flow from me like a

river tonight I want to tell you how deeply I love you I will never leave you

I am with you from morning to night every heartbeat of yours Echoes Within Me reminding me that you are my finest

creation made with love and shaped by my hands know that I have been with you all

along your journey guiding each step you take I have been the gentle breeze on your face the

strength in your stride and the light shining during your darkest

times today has been tough I know it’s been hard navigating through the

constant bad news and unexpected challenges that bring anxiety stress and

frustration you feel overwhelmed by the pressures and the endless tasks of the day you’re tired that’s why tonight I

open my arms to you come and rest In My Embrace let the light of my presence

fill and comfort you renewing your strength I will take away your worries

and fears my light will brighten every part of you chasing away the shadows of

fear in their place I will instill a feeling of accomplishment and

satisfaction because you have bravely faced every challenge life has thrown your way remember even though storms Roar and

winds blow fiercely I am your safe haven my arms are always open ready to offer

you comfort and strength so when tomorrow comes with its

challenges struggles and trials do not be afraid for I will be there to guide

you I will be your compass with every step you take my light will always chase

away the darkness that might appear on your path tonight entrust me with your

thoughts give me all your burdens and worries put all your desires into my

hands I will give you the rest that your body and soul need In My Embrace you

will find the peace and Tranquility you long for tonight I promise to watch over

you and your loved ones My Loving Hands will protect your dreams wrapping you in my cloak of protection driving away any

sh shadow of fear or danger while the world sleeps I will

keep watch over you like a shepherd with his flock my gentle hand will protect you

from any Shadows that try to disturb your peace because you are my cherished

child I deeply desire for you to live the Abundant Life I have planned for you

before you go to sleep let go of any bitterness in your heart and forgive those who have wronged you remember

remember forgiveness is a powerful gift you can give yourself and others let the

act of forgiving free you from the weight of resentment allowing you to

rest peacefully in my Everlasting Love sleep peacefully like a child in

the arms of their father tonight May my words soothe your tired soul and may you

wake up refreshed strong and filled with excitement ready to welcome the new day I have set before you

tomorrow as I stay close by lighting up your life with my words renewing your

strength and filling you with hope Every Beat of your heart will remind you of my

love for you every step you take will show that I Am with You guiding you with

my grace and wisdom as you go about your day do so with love kindness and respect for

others these qualities show my unconditional love for all people my dear

child tonight I bless you with restful sleep when morning comes wake up with a

heart full of gratitude knowing that a New Day brings Joy blessings and chances

to grow in love rest now my beloved Son in my

everlasting love my dear child remember that I am with you in every heartbeat

and Every Breath You Take may my peace and love be with you as you sleep preparing you for a new day filled

with the wonderful things I have planned for you at this moment I bless you with love

peace and protection my angels will watch over you as you dream showing you the beautiful

and amazing things I have in store for you I love you my son I love you my

daughter tonight sleep in the comfort of my loving arms listen to me for a moment please

give me just a few minutes of your time today I want you to spend a little time with me just a few

moments you don’t need to be in a church or Temple you just need to pause and listen to my words with your mind and

heart know that I am observing your actions hearing your prayers and I am

always with you you are never alone I am with you at every moment moment with

every breath and heartbeat in your joyful times I celebrate with you and I

also stay close during your struggles I am here to support you to give you comfort and strength to remind

you that you are loved and that you can rely on me no matter how dark or confusing your

path seems I am the light that will brighten your way the compass that guides you the force that drives you

forward just trust in me and my Everlasting Love

and you’ll see how obstacles become opportunities hardships turn into valuable lessons and tears transform

into Smiles of gratitude I understand that after facing

many challenges it might be hard for you to believe what I tell you today but

remember my love for you is greater than any mistake you’ve made stronger than

any fear and more healing than any medicine on Earth no matter how often you’ve

stumbled or Fallen I am here to pick you up to support you and to remind you that

you are worthy of love and forgiveness there’s no mistake that

can’t be made right no wound that can’t be healed no pain that can’t be turned

into joy and celebration accept my unconditional love

let me lead your life I promise to guide you on the right path give you the

strength to overcome any challenge you face let go of the weight of the past

and the burden of guilt allow me to lead you to a future filled with possibilities joy and love where peace

dominates your life and hope keeps the flame in your heart

alive let my spirit fill you and Let My Words refresh your mind here you’ll find answers to your

questions and worries feeling my unconditional love and endless Grace

always at your reach let go of the tension and stress you’ve built up raise

your hands to the sky and take in my strength to keep moving forward remember no matter what you’ve

done or not done before I’m always here to forgive you and give you the chance

to start over my love for you is unconditional and everlasting and

nothing you do can change that now my child close your eyes and soak in the

Peace of my presence let go of your Sorrows your worries and Fears let me carry them for

you let me lighten your load and fill your heart with hope and

joy let your concerns fade and your fears dissolve in the light of my

presence do not let the Shadows of the past darken your present or Cloud your

future stand up with courage and resolve knowing I Am with You empowering and

guiding you to a place of Peace where Harmony and serenity Prevail May today

Mark the start of a new life for you filled with purpose and meaning where hope shines brightly within you like a

star guiding you toward fulfillment and achievement from now on walk confidently

Knowing You Are Not Alone on this Earthly Journey I’m here with you as your compan ion your safe haven in

storms the light that clears all Darkness the peace that soothes your troubles and the love that heals your

deepest hurts believe that my love will transform your life your being and your

destiny open yourself to receive my blessings my gifts and my boundless

Grace Embrace The Wonder of being loved unconditionally let these words reside

in your heart soothing and healing your soul whenever you think of them feel my

loving presence in your life guiding protecting and caring for you you are

more precious than anything in the universe except this with Love Now and

Forever the path I’ve set for you is filled with blessings victories and prosperity if you’re anxious about the

future or unsure what to do feeling unprepared for upcoming challenges do

not be afraid once again I am here to embrace you with my love and ease your

worries even though you can’t see me know that I am here working in your

favor with Limitless power I am bringing forth a spring of

Living Water to quench The Thirst of your soul and to

provide you with the peace and strength you need you shouldn’t have to live in

distress it has never been my intention for you to suffer or be Tred let the

transformative power of my love fill your being and guide you out of your difficulties just believe in me and

you’ll see how I C the fiercest storms in your life

remember I’m the god of the impossible the one who fills your life with goodness and rescues you from evil I am

the one who crowns you with favor and mercy your lord your provider the one

who looks at you with eyes full of love despite your mistakes and

Imperfections I am your God your Shepherd leading you along paths of

righteousness even in the darkest valleys through shadowy places and the Valley of Death do not fear any evil for

I am with you trust with all your heart my child I will strengthen you in weakness lift you

up in adversity and sustain you in the storm fear not for in me you will find

strength and the comfort you need I am your strong rock your protective shield

and your secure salvation trust in my love and Trust in this promise you will see that with me

by your side you can Traverse the deepest valleys and the highest mountains please listen only to my voice

and cling to this promise close your ears to the voice of the enemy do not

heed his words or follow his schemes he seeks to lead you into the

alley of fear seeking to confuse you so that you do not seek my light he wants

you to embrace your fears and sink into darkness be strong and courageous

remember my words when I tell you that you are my child the best of my Warriors

Victorious and brave I will cause Springs of Living Water to burst forth from you in the midst of the

dry land Springs that will quench your thirst and protect you from the sun when

you pass through the desert dear Child cast aside your doubts

and Proclaim my word so you may receive healing provision and protection remember there are countless

blessings in heaven waiting for you you only need to believe and all that you

ask for will be granted remember nothing is impossible for me do not fear when

the evil one tries to block your path with illusions of barriers do not be intimidated or

discouraged when facing his tricks let your eyes reflect bravery not

fear stand strong in your faith and move forward knowing I with you indeed I have

given you the power to overcome obstacles and to defeat every evil force that comes against you

tonight close your eyes and feel my loving

Embrace listen as I tell you that I love you that through Christ who strengthens

you you can do all things and that you are more than a conqueror through

him ignore the criticisms of the world and the lies of the devil trust in my

word and my promises you will see how your sadness turns into Joy your tears into laughter

and your lack into a life full of abundance believe my child truly believe

with all your heart and you will see everything I am telling you today come true now is the time to stop

undervaluing yourself and feeling guilty for sins I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness you don’t need to live chained to your past stop punishing

yourself do not let others make you feel worthless as if if there is no hope for

you I am the one who died for you I shed my blood so that you can live forgiven

and hold your head high you’re not defined by what people say you are who I

say you are through my word you are my child my warrior my most precious

treasure do not let yourself be influenced by those voices that condemn you and seek the worst for you you were

created to win battles and Conquer victories I chose you to be blessed and to live an

Abundant Life today I give you victory over every problem that afflicts your

life over every sickness over every poverty and scarcity I give you power

and authority to undo every work of evil so rise and shine rise and shine

with the light of my love remember you are my perfect creation made with love

and attention to every detail you are a Victor a conqueror and heir to my eternal

Kingdom so walk with your head held high knowing I am with you and your destiny

is secure in my hands and here I am again embracing you

with my love and easing your worries you may not see me but I am here

working on your behalf with Limitless power I am bringing forth a spring of

living water that will quench your soul providing the peace and strength you

need you shouldn’t have to live like this I never wanted to see you suffer or

be in distress let the transformative power of my love fill your being and

show you the way out of all your troubles just believe in me and see how I calm the fiercest storms in your life

remember I’m the god of the impossible the one who fills your life with goodness and rescues you from evil

I’m the one who adorns you with favors and mercies I am your lord your provider

the one who gazes upon you with eyes of love despite your mistakes and shortcomings I’m your God your Shepherd

guiding your soul along paths of righteousness where you will walk securely even as you Traverse through

Darkness through places of Shadow and death fear no evil for I am with

you trust with all your heart my child I will strengthen you and weakness lift you in adversity and sustain you in the

storm fear not for in me you will find strength and the comfort you need I am

your Solid Rock your protective shield and your sure salvation Trust In My Love in This

Promise with me by your side you can cross the deepest valleys and climb the

highest mountains listen to my voice and hold on to this

promise ignore the enemy’s voice do not fall for his deceitful

tricks he tries to lead you into fear aiming to confuse you so that you don’t

seek my light he wants you to cling to your fears and sink into darkness be

strong and courageous remember my words when I say you’re my child the final of my Warriors

Victorious and brave I will cause Springs of Living Water to flow from you even in arid

places Springs that will quench your thirst and provide shade as you travel through the desert beloved Child cast

aside doubts speak my words and you will receive healing provision and

protection remember I have many blessings in heaven waiting to be poured out on you all you need to do is believe

and everything you ask will be granted to you remember nothing is impossible

for me do not be afraid of the evil one when he tries to block your path with

imaginary walls of iron don’t be discouraged or give up when faced with his tricks keep your gaze Fearless stay

strong in your faith and move forward knowing that I am with you I have given you the power to tear

down strongholds and to overcome every evil effort against you tonight close

your eyes and let me wrap you in my arms of Love listen as I tell you how much I love you you have the strength to do all

things through Christ who strengthens you and you are more than a conqueror through

him ignore the opinions of the world and the lies of Satan trust in my words

believe in my promises and you will see how your sadness turns into Joy your

tears into laughter and your lack into an overflowing abundance

believe my child truly believe with your whole heart and you will see how

everything I’m telling you now will come true it’s time to stop doubting yourself

and feeling guilty for past mistakes that I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness you’re not meant to be chained to your past stop torturing

yourself don’t let others make you feel worthless or without hope I’m I am the

one who died for you I shed my blood so that you can live in forgiveness and

hold your head high you’re not defined by what others say you’re defined by what I declare in

my word you are my child my warrior my most

precious treasure do not listen to those who condemn you or wish for your downfall you were created to win battles

and achieve victories I chose you to be blessed and to live a life of

abundance my child today I grant you victory over every challenge in your

life over illness poverty and lack I give you the power and authority to

overcome every force of evil stand up and shine with the brightness of my

love remember you are my perfect creation made with love and attention to

every detail you are a Victor a conqueror and a to my Everlasting

Kingdom Walk Tall knowing I am with you and that your future is secure in my

hands I hold the miracle you’ve been waiting for do not lose hope for

something wonderful is headed your way my child in this moment as your soul

cries and your heart feels hurt and weary let me wrap you in my words of

Love comfort and hope do not think you’re alone or that I have left you for

you have never been alone even if you felt lost in darkness at times know that

I have always been right beside you cradling you in my arms of love and compassion today dear child I want you

to fully embrace my love and grace I hold in my hands the miracle you’ve been

waiting for a blessing so profound it will bring you strength health and

prosperity this is the miracle you’ve yearned for deep within your heart through all your trials and tribulations

your faith has never wavered each tear you’ve shed has been seen by me none

have gone unnoticed every prayer every sigh every cry in the night has reached my

ears that’s why I am here now to dry your tears and heal your deepest

wounds I know your journey has been tough marked by trials that have tested your spirit and left scars on your soul

you faced illness pain sorrow and despair yet through all these struggles

your faith remained strong anchored in the belief that I

would respond to your call so understand my love for you has never waned even in the hardest times I

have been right by your side you are my cherished child and it

is my deepest wish to see you heal and flourish in every area area of your

life do not give up my child never let go or feel disheartened and don’t allow

your circumstances to pull you away from hearing my words I understand that sometimes the burden feels too heavy as

if the entire world is against you and your strength seems to be fading but

remember even in your darkest moments when it appears All Is Lost I’m right

there with you closer than you can imagine imagine I am holding your hand guiding

you through every storm life is indeed full of challenges and trials but each one offers a chance

to grow and learn in my care your toughest experiences will turn into valuable lessons strengthening

you just hold on to faith and patience for often the greatest blessings come

after the hardest trials move forward my child remember

you have a significant purpose in this life greater than you can comprehend a purpose that goes beyond any illness or

Earthly need so when you feel overwhelmed and

unable to see the path ahead hold tightly to me Proclaim my word with me

you will gain a broader perspective I am weaving every aspect of your life into a magnificent tapestry

and in this design everything will work work together for your good do not fear what

tomorrow may bring my child nor be swayed by the judgments of others for in

my hands your future is not only secure it is filled with possibilities you might not understand

the plan I have for you right now but know it is crafted with love and filled with hope I am quietly at work in your

life performing Miracles you may not yet see but in time the the results of my

loving care will become clear all I ask is for your trust believe that what you

ask of me in faith I will bring to fruition remember you possess the power

of Faith a Divine spark that lets you see beyond the immediate beyond your current

struggles your faith in me Bridges your prayers and my responses it is through

your faith that a great and powerful Miracle will unfold in your life keep

hope alive in your heart and maintain your fervent Faith even as storms rage let them not

snuff out the Inner Light you carry that light is my presence and it

will continue to shine brightly even in the darkest times always remember that you are

deeply loved and cherished my love for you knows no bounds it is unconditional

and steadfast no matter how many mistakes you make or how often you might stumble my love for you remains

unchanging my arms are always open ready to embrace you with warmth and

compassion know that I am always here to listen to you whatever you are experiencing bring

it to me in prayer no detail of your life is too small and no burden is too heavy for me

to shoulder with my guidance you will surmount any obstacle trust that the

miracle you seek is within my power to give and I will place it in your hands at just the right moment so do not lose

heart or grow weary maintain your faith for your future holds a tapestry of beautiful

blessings Rejoice for a great miracle is soon to unfold in your life today I bless you

and declare you free from chains restored in your finances and prosperous in all your ways

my dear child in this sacred moment hear my words filled with promise and power I

want to plant these words deep in your heart I am your heavenly father the

almighty God always watching over you out of my immense love for you I

choose to speak and reveal my plans for your life I understand your needs and

the deepest desires of your heart even before you voice them today I assure you

that I will meet all your needs fulfill your heart’s desires and restore your finances do not be afraid or

overwhelmed by what I will do in your life I will heal your soul and bring

back the peace you’ve lost the debts burdening you will be cleared all that

seems impossible to overcome you will conquer because I will give you the strength and the push you need to move

forward I promise that everything you undertake will

flourish your efforts your work and your dedication will not go

unnoticed every seed you plant in faith will grow and produce Bountiful harvests there won’t be any Financial

Obligations you can’t meet because I will give you the wisdom to manage the

blessings I put into your hands you will see how the doors to Blessings swing

wide open before you Prosperity will come into your life in many forms

materially emotionally and spiritually improving your life and the lives of those around you

significantly but remember my dear child Prosperity isn’t just about Earthly

riches it’s a state of completeness that covers all aspects of your life as you prosper I ask you to remain

faithful in the small things and I promise to entrust you with more remember my blessings are a call to

obedience to responsib manage everything I give you so keep your heart humble and

generous ready to help those in need those who have less prepare your heart

and let me use you as a conduit of blessings for many my dear child know that as you walk

your path you will face trials and obstacles that will test your faith but

do not be afraid for I am with you every step of the way strengthening and guiding you don’t let hardships

discourage you such challenges shape your character and deepen your trust in

me remember my plans for you go beyond the material world while I may restore

your finances and clear your debts my deeper wish is for your spiritual growth

I want your relationship with me to strengthen and your faith to deepen through every Victory and challenge you

face trust in my word for I am faithful and true to my

promises my love and power know no bounds if you hold on to me if you trust

in my mighty hands you will witness the flow of my Supernatural blessings in your

life so cling to my love and grace dear one and rest assured that your finances

will be restored your debts will be settled and your financial worries will be relieved you your family and your

children and their children will not know scarcity I promise to bless you

abundantly in every aspect of your life fear not for my grace is more than

sufficient for you and my Mercy is Everlasting simply walk in obedience and

faithfulness trusting that I shall never abandon nor forsake you you shall bear

witness to my miraculous provision and those around you shall see that my

promises are faithful and true in your life therefore my child receive this

word with joy and gratitude in your heart declare with conviction that your

finances shall be restored your debts shall be paid and everything you undertake shall

prosper for you are my beloved child and I long to see you walk in the fullness

of my provision and blessing in I ask this of you my child always

keep your heart open to hear my voice and follow my guidance in every step seek my wisdom

and Trust in my perfect plan for your life don’t be discouraged by

difficulties see them as chances to grow and strengthen your faith in me will be

greatly rewarded from now on do not worry about tomorrow or fear what may come focus on

me the one who begins and completes your faith trust that I am your provider and

I will never leave you my love for you is without conditions and my wish is for you to

succeed in every aspect of your life beloved child hold these words close let

them be a mark on your heart reminding you always of my promise to you my

endless love and my wish to bless you great L today I bless you in my name

declaring you free from debt restored in your finances and thriving in all you

do I am with you I will never leave you trust and you will be blessed beyond

what you can imagine do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you help you and uphold you with my Victorious right

hand behold everyone who opposes you will be

embarrassed and defeated they will become nothing for I am your

God I hold your right hand and tell you do not be afraid I’m here to help

you when you face difficulties I will resolve them if you walk through Darkness I will be with you and if you

are ill I will heal you for I am your heavenly physician I am the one who

lifts you from Despair and blesses you with favor and

mercy always remember my child I will never leave you or abandon you I will be

your faithful friend your comforter and your guide at all times know that I live in your heart

through the Holy Spirit no matter what I’m always close to you I will never

forsake you even as you walk through the darkest times I there with you just

trust in me for I have control over everything and nothing that happens is

unknown to me always remember that I want the best for you even when others Mock and try to

hurt you entrust your life and your path to me give me your heart and I will mend

your finances you will regain all that you have lost and I will increase it you

will never be destroyed again for it is my wish to see you prosper and become fruitful

put all your trust in me I will fill your heart with joy bless your life and

that of your family bless your children and your children’s children remember no righteous person is ever abandoned nor

do their descendants beg for bread I will keep the promise I made to

you my child no matter what’s happening in the world I won’t let you be in Need For You

are my beloved child my most precious treasure and my plan for your life is

always to bless and prosper you you might think that your repeated

mistakes could lessen my love for you but that’s not true I love you with a

deep and everlasting love and nothing you do can stop me from fulfilling my purpose in your life doubt no more and

Trust in my power I Will Bless You So profoundly that everyone will see that I

am God the source of all blessings

today my beloved child let the light of my words brighten your understanding

bringing Grace and prosperity into your life let me carry your burdens and give

you rest allowing me to do great things in your life as I promised when you

first turned to me do not forget that I am your creator intimately familiar with

every part of you I know you completely your strengths and your moments of

weakness I am aware of all your hopes and deepest desires so do not be afraid

for I am here to help you I am your king who will never abandon you or leave you

helpless you are my child and it is my will to bless and prosper you to fill

your soul with happiness and joy and to provide you with

abundance so you may know that I am not a god of scarcity but a god God of

plentifulness who keeps his promises trust in me and let me lead

your life rely on me wholeheartedly and do not depend solely on your own

understanding immerse yourself in my word hold on to it day and night I will

fulfill all your needs reaching deep within your soul nothing will prevent my promises

from being realized in your life I will envelop you and your family in immense

blessings turning every tear into a moment of joy and reward look up to the heavens and

remember you are my child more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus part of a

holy nation a royal priesthood before you were even formed in your mother’s womb I chose you I

destined you to be blessed and to be a beacon of love and kindness to others remember my love for you is beyond what

you can imagine no matter your circumstances I’m always by your side

loving you ready to forgive and rejuvenate your life my child walk confidently knowing I

am with you I will be your shield and protector in hard times I will be your

hope and your rescuer in moments of distress in my care nothing will harm you for my

angels will always guard you ensuring your soul remains in perfect peace so trust in me

completely and you will experience all the Abundant and wonderful blessings I have for you I love you my child and I

am Forever by your side amen [Music]

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