Ignoring me could be costly for you !|God Message Today For You| God helps|Jesus affirmation

beloved children hear my voice

resounding through the heavens and

echoing within your hearts I am the

almighty the creator of all things and I

speak to you with boundless love and

infinite wisdom as you navigate the

winding Paths of Life know that prayer

is your Divine connection to me a sacred

Channel through which your hopes fears

and deepest desires are carried to my

Throne prayer is not merely a ritual but

a sacred dialogue between your soul and

mine in The Quiet Moments of solitude

lift your voices to me for I always

listening let your prayers be like

incense Rising before me filling the

heavens with the fragrance of your faith

pray without ceasing both day and night

for there is power in persistent prayer

let your hearts be steadfast your

spirits unwavering as you entrust your

cares and burdens Into My Loving Hands

in the Stillness of the night when

darkness threatens to overwhelm you let

prayer be your Guiding Light

Illuminating the path ahead know this my

dear ones the power of prayer transcends

Earthly understanding through prayer

mountains are moved chains are broken

and miracles are wrought it is the key

that unlocks the treasures of Heaven and

unleashes the fullness of my grace upon


lives prayer is not a mere supplication

but a declaration of Faith a

proclamation of victory over the forces


darkness when you pray believe that you

have received and it shall be granted

unto you according to your faith

therefore let prayer be the Cornerstone

of your existence the Wellspring of Hope

in times of Despair trust in my promises

and know that I am faithful to answer

the cries of your heart as you surrender

yourselves to the power of prayer Watch

with awe and wonder as I move mountains

transform lives and manifest my glory in

ways Beyond Your Wildest imagination my

beloved children heed my words and

embrace the power of prayer let it be

the rhythm of your lives The Melody of

your souls drawing you ever closer to me

the source of all life and light in

prayer you will find strength for the

journey peace for the soul and joy

unspeakable in my presence so pray

without ceasing and experience the

miraculous unfoldings of my divine grace

if you are ready to receive the Divine

blessings reserved served for you today

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