If You Only Knew My Child l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l God Message l

my child if you’re tuning into this

message may God ease your pain worries

and problems replacing them with good

health happiness and peace surrender

yourself to God and he will bless you

and your family with an improved

existence today the supreme power

urgently knocks on the door of your life

Your Existence may be teetering on the

edge of an abyss and it’s vital that you

realize it Angels warn you of the

presence of negative energies trying to

surround you and it’s crucial to

eliminate them

the enemy threatens to bring great

sadness into your life but you have the

power to stop it be alert as amidst

negative news good news is about to

arrive bringing financial

prosperity God instructs you to stay

vigilant as amidst unfavorable moments

good things are about to happen

subscribe to counteract plans against

you God promises blessings and you will

soon enjoy great

Prosperity make crucial decisions to

change your destiny and avoid unpleasant

events in the coming days be wary of

people with the evil eye attracting

misfortunes into your life make a

decision to let go of past energy and

God will eliminate hatred from your

heart say yes to finding light getting

rid of addictions and negative

feelings each storm you weather will be

rewarded by God filling your table and

becoming a cure for your family A great

miracle is Promised on your journey with

special news coming tomorrow beware of

possible disagreements this weekend and

share the message to reverse it the

Angels reveal that something is hiding

behind you God has stunning news for you

at the end remember to Express gratitude

as the more grateful you are the more

blessings will flow into your life

angels are always by your side to

protect you from negative energies the

Angels warn of an imminent danger in the

next hours and have chosen today to

Save a Life God will restore everything

you’ve lost in your life and multiply

what you’ve been through if you continue

in faith the enemy desires to steal your

joy but by allowing them to act today

nothing will stop you listen carefully

to the message and it will be granted to

you from today onwards all the

difficulties and barriers you faced will

be overcome by Divine Wisdom ask for

forgiveness for all malice directed

towards others and doors will open in

your life an angel is always by your

side to defend you open your heart to

communicate with God and pray for

strength and wisdom he is the light of

the world bringing joy to troubled

hearts and happiness to the desolate

trust in his guidance and you will find

peace amidst the storms of life amen


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