I Will Touch Your Life Today Right Now |God’s Message | God’s Message Today

my dear brother my dear sister write

down well and keep this day in your

heart because you will return here to

give your testimony about what God

accomplished in your life you will say

Tony that day was the day of my victory

Hallelujah do you think you will tell

your Victory here until the end of

November then declare out loud I believe

and I take possession stay with me

because we are going to pray now and at

the end of this prayer share with as

many people as you can because this way

you will be attracting even more the

blessings of the most high for your life

Hallelujah Lord God Almighty Heavenly

Father father I come before you at this

moment with a humble heart and a

contrite spirit you are the king of

kings Lord of lords and I adore you with

all my being father you know the

struggles that I have faced the

challenges that have been presented in

my path I cry out to you Lord for

Prosperity not only material Prosperity

but prosperity in all areas of my life

Lord you have said in your word that you

want me to prosper and be successful in

everything I do I take these words and

declare them on my life open the doors

of Heaven Lord and pour out your

blessings on me I ask for wisdom father

to manage the resources that you have

entrusted to me to be a good Steward

taking good care of everything that is

under my responsibility help me to be

generous to share with those who have

less and make a reflection of your love

and goodness Lord I cry out for an

increase by a multiplication of my

resources May the work of my hands be

blessed and may I see the fruit of my

labor give me strength and determination

to pursue my dreams that you have placed

in my heart and open the doors that no

one can close I rebuke every Spirit of

poverty and scarcity in the name of

Jesus I declare that I am the son of the

king heir of your kingdom and that

Prosperity is mine indeed help me to

live according to your word to be

obedient to your Commandments and to

seek first your kingdom and your

righteousness trusting that all other

things will be added to me Lord I also

pray for those around me my family my

friends and even Those whom I consider

enemies that they too may experience

your Prosperity May their lives be

shaped by your power and may they

recognize that you are the source of all

blessing heavenly father I continue to

pour out my heart before you knowing

that you are the God who hears the

prayers of your children as it is

written in Philippians my God

Will Supply each of your needs according

to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus I

believe Lord that you are the provider

of all things and that I will lack

nothing I remember Lord your promises in

Psalms where you say the Lord is my

shepherd and I will lack nothing you

make me rest in Green Pastures you lead

me next to Still Waters and refresh my

soul even though I walk in the Valley of

the Shadow of death I will fear no evil

because you are with me your rod and

your silence give encouragement Lord I

cry for Prosperity not only for myself

but also for my family and for all those

who are connected with me may your

blessing rest upon us and may we be

channels of blessings for others as

written in Proverbs the generous

will prosper whoever gives relief to

others will receive gold father so that

the prosperity that comes from you is

not only material but also prospers in

my soul in my spiritual life that it

grows and Grace in knowledge and in

intimacy with you as it is written in

rd John beloved above all I wish

you to prosper and enjoy good health

just as your soul prospers Lord I know

that true Prosperity comes when I put

your kingdom first help me to seek your

Justice to live according to your

principles now trusting that all other

things will be added to me as it is

written in Matthew seek first his

kingdom and his righteousness and all

these things will be added to you oh god

of infinite Mercy I continue to cry

before your throne of grace knowing that

you are a compassionate father and full

of goodness as it is written in

Lamentations – by the mercy of

the lord we have not been consumed

because his mercies never fail they are

renewed every morning great is your

faithfulness Lord in your mercy look at

my life and see the need that I have for

prosperity and blessing do not look at

my mistakes and failures but look at

your great compassion you promised in

your word that you would be merciful to

those who fear you and I fear you Lord I

recognize that you are the God of all

creation and that everything is in your

hands father I cry out for Mercy for

those who are around me for my family

friends and even for those I do not know

but who need your help may your mercy

reach all Hearts bringing healing

restoration and prosperity as it is

written in Psalms the Lord is

good to all and his Mercy is over all

his works I pray Lord that your mercy

may be manifested in a powerful way in

my financial life that all debts are

canceled that the doors of employment

are opened and may your provision be

evident in every area of my life I

believe father that your mercy can

transform any situation and I trust that

you are acting right now in my favor

Lord I also ask for Mercy for those who

are going through difficult times

difficult people who are unemployed who

are facing financial crisis may your

powerful hand reach them bringing

Solutions opening doors and spreading

Prosperity as it is written in Psalms

all day long he is generous he

lends liberally and his descendants are

blessed I declare that Prosperity Is

Mine by right being a son of the king I

reject every Spirit of scarcity every

mentality of poverty and every bondage

that tries to keep me in a state of lack

I am a son of the most high God and

prosperity is part of my inheritance

father I cry out for a supernatural

release of resources opportunities and

blessings that the doors of Heaven open

upon my life and that the reign of

prosperity fall upon me I declare that I

am positioned in Heavenly places with

Christ and I demand that all resistance

to my progress be br broken now God of

power and authority I ask you to move

the mountains that are before me to

remove the obstacles that are in my path

I cry out for a financial breakthrough

for a miracle in my economic life I do

not accept living in mediocrity for you

created me to live in abundance Lord I

take possession of the prosperity that

is mine in Christ Jesus I declare that I

am prospering in all areas of my life in

my health in my family in my work and in

my finances I am head and not tail I am

up and not down I am blessed when

entering and blessed when leaving father

I now release your anointing of

prosperity over my life that everything

I touch is blessed that every project I

begin is successful I declare that I am

walking in Divine favor that I am living

under your blessing i reject all forms

of poverty and scarcity and embrace the

abundance of the Kingdom I am prosperous

I am blessed I am a child of the god of

abundance and I declare that from today

I will see the manifestation of your

prosperity in my life in ways I never

imagined Hallelujah God spoke to my

heart that today needed to deliver a

message to someone who is extremely

restless with a spirit that is too

troubled it is you right then God tells

you to calm down because you have

already prayed you have already put it

in his hands and who is going to solving

this for you will be him this is not

something for you to stay there anguish

so rest and wait because you will see

his movement in your life there are

things taking away your peace taking

away your sleep right and God commands

to tell you if you believe you will see

my hand move in your favor going in your

direction amen look don’t stay there

wondering how in what way does God have

victories to give you victories from the

spirit spiritual world to give you and

everything is going to happen suddenly

the most high he made you listen to my

voice just to tell you that from this

moment he takes you out of that dark and

gloomy place from this moment he shows

that he is God in your life he will take

what they did to harm you and use it to

lift you up to bless you he will exalt

you in front of those who wanted to harm

you who want it to do you fall they will

be confused God will take you from where

you are and place you on a stage of

Honor what you need is to free yourself

from all the turmoil and let him take

the lead in this battle shame those who

are raised against you will cause the

fury of the enemy to fall to the ground

so free yourself from that restlessness

in your spirit and let him take the lead

in this battle all who trust in him were

honored and none of those who trusted

were put to shame he has seen your fight

and he tells you I sent this message to

your heart today because I have a very

strong purpose in your life I have a

very great care for you so let me take

the lead in this war let me take the

lead in this battle let me take the lead

in this fight because I am God The God

Who does the God who acts The God Who

works The God Who is beginning to act

now in this situation that is taking

away your peace and when I start to act

no one can stop me God is using me in a

way very powerful to speak directly to

you while you listen to my voice you

know what I’m seeing I see a wall

collapsing from top to bottom falling to

the ground you know what that means god

is causing a time of impossibilities in

your life to collapse God is causing a

time of adversity collapses in your

existence God is not wrong anyone could

be listening to me now but it is you who

is listening to my voice because in fact

this message is for you God chose this

exact day to break down all the barriers

in your life today is the day the Lord

decided to make every obstacle that was

bothering you fall for you preventing

you from moving forward moving forward

overcome listen I can assure you that if

you open your heart you will receive

this in your spirit and believe in the

spiritual world the doors will open and

the obstacles will fall to the ground

great chains that were tying you

imprisoning you will be broken pod

loocks will be destroyed amen you

believe then take possession we are here

praying crying out for divine help in

your life in what area do you need the

help of God I want you to write here in

the comments of this video it isn’t in

the financial professional area in your

health or in the health of someone you

love right in what area of your life do

you urgently need the help of God God is

for you in always present help that is

what he tells me to tell you for you he

presents himself as immediate help the

enemy can even prepare traps but God

will always arrive first the enemy can

set traps but God will always be before

you the enemy can shoot arrows but God

will never allow you to fall into the

Trap or for the arrow to reach you say

amen I believe to affirm your faith

because for you he is help in need

Hallelujah so I want you to write your

name now in the comments of this video

and declare with faith God is my very

present help Hallelujah I am going to

pray now for you God will be your

immediate help in your life today while

I am here praying ties will be cut doors

will open and the Providence and help of

God will reach you if you have not yet

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Let us raise our prayers you who suffer

intensely from the departure of a loved

one you have not yet found the strength

to accept that loss you who suspect that

something negative has been thrown into

your life you feel that your paths are

blocked stuck if addiction of your son

is tearing your heart if your husband’s

attitudes and words are hurting your

soul if unemployment is shaking your

self-esteem if worry is consuming your

life and your body causing even back

pain and nervous gastritis I want to

pray for you now God will enter into

this situation and your help will will

be very present I raise my eyes to the

mountains and ask where my help will

come from and I affirm to you with

conviction my help comes from the Lord

the creator of the heavens and of the

earth God Almighty father Lord I stand

before your presence now to intercede

for this person who is listening to my

voice God this person has faced

extremely difficult moments injustices

that have accumulated in their life that

is why father their heart is oppressed

somewhat discouraged even feeling sorry

for itself Lord I ask you enter now this

envir where this person is and renew

their strength lift that Spirit lift

that head free them from all fatigue

discouragement physical and spiritual

exhaustion my God this person who is

following me now is so worried so

anxious act father at this precise

moment to remove the concerned because

for them you are and will always be the

very present help oh God while we are

here United in prayer we ask that this

person be visited by you that their body

their mind their emotions and everything

that is wounded within them be touched

and healed by your spirit that a great

great work of Liberation and healing in

their life begins now father I ask you

to visit this person now touch them with

your power heal now those who are sick

touch them with your anointing of

Miracles with your anointing of power my

God approving the inheritances that in

human eyes are incurable but that before

your greatness have no power touch now

since high from the head to the SS of

the feet of this person and remove all

physical and spiritual diseases because

there are diseases sir that arise and

invade our lives through the Envy of the

malicious gaze and even through works of

cursing for that reason I implore you

now that all illnesses whether physical

spiritual or emotional be brought down

and annihilated at this precise moment

God I know that this prayer is touching

and reaching many people at this moment

there are also those who are interceding

for a loved one someone who is sick

visit that person now and perform your

Miracle enter this house father and

rebuke every addictive Spirit of Discord

and Miser understanding that may be

dominating this family father intervene

in this relationship rebuke every Spirit

of of jealousy betrayal fights and abuse

that is in this house in this

relationship and in this family in your

blessing your peace your Victory Union

and respect Prosperity Lord is what we

ask now my God also bless this person

who at this exact moment is listening to

me alone is a simple person father who

always follows us sometimes thinks that

you do not listen to their prayers does

not realize how much they are cared for

and special to you touch them now father

make them feel your presence so that

they believe that you have always been

and will always be with them my father I

believe that you are a powerful God who

listens to our prayers and accepts our

requests that is why I ask you at this

moment to come with your urgent help to

the life of this person who is talking

to me now enter this situation father

change the scenario bring the answer and

the solution bring victory for this

person God bring now your help your

action your work attend to this cry in

the name of Jesus Amen and you say thank

you God and take possession of your

blessing of your Miracle of your Victory

I want you to allow God to use use you

after all you are an enlightened being

isn’t it so bless seven people today

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word and your reward will be great do

not waste time do it now and you will

see the Wonders that God will do in your

life and in the lives of those who

receive this prayer amen heavenly father

I come before you today seeking your

help in times of difficulty Lord please

come to my Aid when I am in danger in

all situations of my life help me

remember that you are sovereign over all

that the story of your angel who closed

the mouth of the Lions is a testimony of

your power and promise come to my rescue

in times of difficulty and Deliver Me

from the hands of the wicked Lord please

help me in all my doubts perplexities

and temptations help me not to Fear the

Future but to boldly trust that you are

in control even when my emotions sink me

and when I am in despair give full face

to my interior I am in trouble Lord

while I walk through the deepest valley

of the Shadows of death no evil will

approach me because you are my helper

help me Lord and save me from those who

seek to devour me I put my absolute

trust in you father grant me the grace

to recognize your will and purpose for

my life Lord your word in Psalm and

says that the Lord is a refuge for

the oppressed a strength in times of


those who know your name Trust You Lord

you never abandon those who seek you

Lord please be my helper and provider

deliver me from the evil of the agendas

of the wicked against my life help me

Lord always remain in you as my source

of help and strength may my exit and

entrance be preserved under your Mighty

Wings go before me in all I do and

direct my path I declare that nothing

can defeat me because the almighty God

is my portion will excel Lord I will not

be afraid because you are always with me

thank you Lord for being my source of of

help in times of difficulty heavenly

father I come before you longing for

financial prosperity I beg you to free

me from the bonds of scarcity and Grant

me Financial blessings in the name of

Jesus you are the protector of Daniel

and the benefactor of all the Israelites

father bless me so that I may prosper in

everything I undertake in this life Lord

you have given us the power to generate

wealth so that we can contribute to

establish your alliance and spread the

gospel Grant the grace to attract riches

honor and live in abundance supplying

all my needs according to your riches in

glory help me to follow your wisdom and

instructions on what to do to achieve my

financial prosperity May Prosperity

triumph over poverty in the name of

Jesus enable me Lord to strive

financially and Achieve Financial

stability pour out your heavenly riches

on me so that I may Prosper grant me

sufficient resources to alleviate my

financial problems I give my source of

income to you bless and multiply the

works of my hands so that I may live in

financial prosperity help me to live a

life of comfort For Your Glory father

Lord I pray that you guide me to Pious

institutions or people who may you help

me promote my plans and prosper

financially I Elevate to you the success

and growth in my finances in the name of

Jesus thank you Lord for granting all

Graces all Earthly favors and blessings

in abundance so that I have all

sufficiency and can abound in every good

work I am financially blessed in the

name of Jesus I receive endless

Financial advances in the name of Jesus

your word in John and tells

us that this is the confidence we have

When approaching to God if we ask for

anything according to his will he

listens to us and if we know that he

listens to us in everything we ask we

know that we have what we ask for Lord I

pray that align all my prayers and

supplications according to your Divine

will grant financial prosperity to be a

blessing to those around me thank you

Lord for the financial prosperity I am

about to experience in my life in the

mighty name of Jesus I pray amen

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