I will protect you from harm every day

my beloved child while the confusion and

tumult of Life surround you have you

ever thought about who calms the storms

of your doubts and fears I am here

always present ready to guide you

through the storms to a place of

Tranquility then he got up and rebuked

the winds and the waves and it was

completely calm Matthew

in The Quiet Moments When your

heart is at peace you feel my presence

dispelling the inner chaos today I am

calling you to embrace the serenity that

only I can offer imagine a life without

anxiety where each step is Guided by my

love and each breath testifies to my

care for you do not be anxious about

anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your requests to God Philippians

are you ready to trust me to guide

you into this new chapter a chapter

where every challenge is overcome with

my Divine strength and every moment

moment is filled with eternal purpose

let me show you the way to a transformed

life filled with peace that surpasses

all understanding and the peace of God

which transcends all understanding will

guard your hearts and your minds in

Christ Jesus Philippians now calm

your heart and trust in me I am the Lord

who transforms The Impossible into the

possible Jesus replied what is

impossible with man is possible with God

Luke be at peace and keep your

faith firm just as I calmed the storms

before I will do it again for you when

the winds and storms respond to my voice

so too will the turmoil within you be

stilled be still and know that I am God


come to me and I will give you the

rest you so desperately seek come to me

all you who are weary and burdened and I

will give you rest Matthew I will

dispel the fears of and thoughts that

steal your peace I desire that you have

peace during the day and Tranquility at

night you are an heir to many blessings

but often you let fears overshadow your

promises the Lord is my light and my

salvation Whom Shall I Fear the Lord is

the stronghold of my life of whom shall

I be afraid Psalm

do not be shaken by the news or the

words of others I am the one who has the

final authority over your life even if

the challenges seem insurmountable

remember that I am in control no matter

how many rise against you even if you

face the consequences of your own

mistakes do not fear you are my child

and I will protect you from evil but the

Lord is faithful and he will strengthen

you and protect you from the evil one


even when everything around you seems

to be falling apart and fear grips the

hearts remain strong and courageous so

do not fear for I am with you do not be

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand


my message of love for you today

is clear even in difficulties I am by

your side bringing Clarity and

dispelling your doubts God is Not unjust

he will not forget your work and the

love you have shown him as you have

helped his people and continue to help

them Hebrews I love you and am

here to heal your wounds to remove the

marks of disdain and to restore you

trust in me everything you have endured

will not be in vain even when the world

seems to be collapsing around you be

strong and courageous finally be strong

in the Lord and in his mighty power

Ephesians you are my beloved child

and I am committed to your well-being I

will bring you peace in your days and

rest in your nights in peace I will lie

down and sleep for you alone Lord Make

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