I Will Lift You | God Message Today

God is around you and he is watching you

so don’t ignore these minutes and

don’t leave them

incomplete your life is about to change

after listening this message from the

God make sure you watch the whole video

every word Spoken Here lays it path to

your bright future type you are

ready my dear

child once upon a time there was a small

child whose name was Anand Anand was a

happy and healthy child but he was often

afraid of the evil of the world she was

afraid that she would be harmed or left

alone one day Anand was walking in a


Forest he was alone and he was feeling a


scared just then he saw a beautiful

woman standing in front of him the

woman’s face was full of kindness and

love the woman said joyfully my dear

child why are you afraid

Anan said I am afraid of the world I

feel like I will be harmed or I will be

left alone the woman said you don’t need

to be afraid I will always protect you

then the woman took Anand In Her Arms

Anand felt safe in the warmth and

protection of the woman he stopped being

afraid the woman said to Anand I Am Your

Divine mother I will be in your life

forever Anand said I am very happy for

you then the woman went into the forest

with Anand they reached a beautiful

Meadow in the meadow there was a lake

Anand and the woman sat on the bank of

the lake and talked the woman told Anand

that he was a powerful and merciful god

she told Anand that she would always

help him and guide him Anand listened

carefully to what the woman said he felt

that he was very inspired by the woman’s

words the woman said joyfully now I want

to give you a

blessing this blessing will heal your

soul and calm the turmoil in your heart

then the lady blessed Anand Anand felt

blessed he realized that he was feeling

internally at peace and happy the woman

said joyfully now you are safe forever

no power can defeat you or cast you into

Shadow on and cherished the woman’s

words in his heart then the woman tells

Anand that he has to go Anand told the

woman that she would miss him a lot the

woman smiled and said I will always be

with you you just feel me in your heart

then the woman

disappeared Anand was left alone but he

was not feeling alone he knew that his

Divine mother was always with him Anand

lived his life happily and peacefully

he was always in the memory of his

Divine mother Anand had now grown up but

the words of his Divine mother continued

to resonate in his heart life’s

challenges came doubts surrounded but

every time he got into trouble a quiet

voice would be heard within him feel me

son I am right here with you once Anand

was standing in front of a big

decision the right path was blurry and

fear gri him she closed her eyes and

tried to connect with her Divine mother

with her deep

breaths gradually peace flowed into him

he felt a Clarity a path appeared and

the courage to take a decision

arose As Time passed Anand realized that

his Divine mother not only provided

protection and guidance but was present

within him she would awaken his

creativity teach him the lesson of

forgiveness and Inspire him to spread

love in in every

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