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my precious child if someone is trying

to put you down because of your faith

you should stay away from

them I will handle them so you can just

leave them with me think about the

future you are my hope that you will

achieve great things in life and be

showered with

blessings spread love like wild fire and

watch your life blust

the ability to supernaturally receive my

word love and forgiveness or gifts that

I have given

you I hope that my love for you and your

family is evident in everything that you

do make a difference in the world by

using your hands to assist

others I am going to personally remind

you to look upon me every day if you

need Med it and I am taking your faith

to new heights you have never

experienced with my touch I can

alleviate your

fears mend your broken heart and take

your suffering

away everything in your heart is

changing my unwavering support and

assistance will be evident to you in all

that you

do I will wrap you in my love protect

you and reveal myself to you through

your happiness and

smile I want my power and strength to

shine through the

world a loving family supportive friends

and exceptional abilities are all things

I’m bringing into your

life seeing the changes I am making in

you will bring them to adore and rever

you you are becoming more resilient and

motivated to keep

going the devil will send you gloomy

people who can see the positive side of

things and you aren’t enthusiastic or

faithful keep that in

mind you should ignore them because

their goal is to bring you

down and make you feel bad about

yourself in every moment of your life

you are loved Ed blessed and embraced by

me soar high on your spirit work hard

and remain

steadfast keep going because you mean

the world to

me commit some time every day to obeying


word pay attention to what you say and

how you

walk keep your

vulnerabilities and secrets is

hidden I will surround you with reliable

people who have faith in you and will be

there for you every step of the

way I am able to alleviate your

suffering whatever it is that you have

confided in

me I will attend to this I assure

you I will speak to your spirit soothe


emotions and reassure you with loving


Whispers the mental storms you’ve been

experiencing won’t last

forever when other people control the

outcome there’s no need to endure

pain believe these potent words that can


you when I say there is peace within


spirit I would prefer it if you could

express your appreciation to me

privately without mentioning any of the

favors advantages and present that I

have given you your sins are

forgiven and I will never remember

them I am the one who will cure your

illnesses save you from the pit of

despair and fill your heart with love


mercy give me your heart now and I will

satisfy your every

need never again will you be lonely or

thirsty for

attention true friends will no longer be

sought after and you will no longer seek

the approval of those you are un

appreciative and

betrayal in addition to being your

friend companion provider healer

Shepherd King and food I will also be


God if you ask me I will open your

spiritual ual eyes today and you will

understand these

words do not go back to the house of


instead enter this door into a

supernatural New

Life amazing and miraculous things are

on the way for you things you haven’t

even dreamed of yet in return for the

devotion and devotion you have shown me

by opening your heart to me

I will shower you with blessings as a

result of my unending

love after that you will be absolutely

mine but beware for your crafty

adversary Waits

patiently anticipating the moment you

will be tempted to doubt these words

look back become distracted or dwell on


past permitting uncertainty to to creep

in can lead you into its clutches once

more make sure you never forget how

crucial it is that no one can harm you

or your loved

ones trampling on your faith and

emotional stability is the enemy’s

goal when they target

you their assaults are weak and

pointless because they know their demise


imminent having Supernatural power


stability emotional maturity and control

is possible when you show no fear and

keep your spirit in

shaken even when faced with unexpected

challenges there will be absolutely no

sign of fear or anxiety in your

heart when faced with unexpected

challenges and

conflicts you you will not cower in fear

or let your anxieties get the best of

you remain levelheaded and

composed do not let your emotions

dictate your decision

making keep in mind what I am saying




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