I Still Love You Gods message today

my beloved child I come to share with you the most profound and Powerful message you will hear

today please Embrace its truth with all your heart know that I love you with a love

that is pure and wondrous I have been with you I am with you now and I will

always be by your side your family holds a special place in my heart and many of your prayers

will soon find their answers the blessings that are approaching are both beautiful and abundant

do not be afraid for your help and salvation come from the heavens and nothing can stand in their

way challenges may arise and adversaries May multiply for there are forces in the

spiritual realm that have risen against you fiercely and relentlessly but I repeat do not be

afraid no harm shall befall you my angels surround you and my glorious presence will shield you from all harm

do not judge or hold grudges is against anyone for your true battle is not against

them your attacks come from a hidden enemy lurking in the shadows a cunning

adversary who sets traps to ensnare you using Messengers and servants to wage a battle that may lead to deep

discouragement causing you to stumble to combat these malevolent spiritual forces

on with my Army of angles through praise and worship kneel in prayer in the early

morning it is crucial for the end times are drawing near prepare your soul

inform your family and come together in prayer within your home allow my Holy

Spirit to take control of your life I will grant you self-control and remove fear filling your heart with confidence

the enemy is Crafty and deceitful but do not fear or waver for he is not all

powerful omnipresent or privy to your thoughts and my plans he watches your progress with

seething Envy many tremble and fear this adversary when he attacks forgetting that they

have a God so great and powerful that none can compare you are under the shelter of

your omnipotent God my grace Shields you from evil there is no power that can

defeat you and no one can accuse you I am your protector and Advocate no one

can snatch you from my [Music] hand do not let fear weaken your knees

guard your thoughts never believe that the enemy has more power than your heavenly

father though he is persistent and shrewd he will continue to hover around your life waiting for moments of

weakness or neglect times when you feel breathless or on the verge of falling in those moments call upon me

through prayer and I will answer I will Infuse you with strength and protect you

if your concern today is for your children and their future simply place them in prayer and entrust them to my

care I promise their protection they will be safe throughout their lives under my shadow and care for I love them

as much as I love you move forward without doubt for I will provide you with the necessary

strength to remain steadfast on your path difficulties will not diminish your

spirit for I will fill you with joy and peace allowing you to enjoy my blessings without worry

I will be your shield and your strength I will watch over you and keep harm at Bay tell your loved ones to open their

hearts to me allowing me to care for them and love them as the good father that I am I have never failed you and

will never fail you for I am an almighty God regardless of what others may say or

do against you my love for you will never waver good things are coming into your

life I will open doors you thought were closed and you will be begin to

prosper I have given you my promises and my Commandments now come each morning

and listen to the new messages I have for you bow your heart and kneel in daily prayer always be vigilant for the

enemy will not rest he will wait for you to become distracted and weakened attempting to make you forget the

promises you made to me but now I declare You Victorious and brave a

triumphant and strong individual your faith is unwavering your desire to serve me is

beautiful and steadfast I want you to begin thinking differently you are no longer a victim

of the enemy he is already defeated and you are more than a conqueror I am with

you stand up and Proclaim it I am a warrior of my heavenly father Fearless

in my path his Supernatural power works miracles in my heart my family and I are

in his hands protected blessed and embraced by his

love I promise to give you all the good things you ask for in prayer come to me and I will bless your

life your family your food your coming and going I will remove all sickness from

your body ease your mind of all bad memories lift your burdens free you from

debts and Surround you with blessings because you have trusted in me you will be like a tree planted by

the streams of water with strong and healthy Roots green leaves and fine

seeds that multiply and grow sharing blessings and life with those around

you you will not fear the heat you will provide shade for the needy and comfort

for those weary of their sins in times of drought you will not be anxious and

you will never cease to bear fruit I will show you my favor and Grant you my

peace you will always have the the confidence to entrust all your Works into my hands and all your plans will be

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