I Stand With You | God’s Message For You

my dearest child the touching message

awaits you my words aim to calm your

spirit and bring peace to your

soul open your heart listen attentively

and focus with the wisdom of your soul

be ready to receive for I bring words of

incredible Miracles and amazing dreams

that are about to

happen listen carefully to this powerful

message that reaches out to you

promising with certainty that your

difficult times are almost over

I announce to you that the final moments

are here marking a spiritual battle

between the forces of good and the

Darkness your enemies may try to

overwhelm you with Despair and disrupt

your life but don’t be

afraid I have sent armies of angels to

surround you protecting every step you

take my beloved child I have called upon

you to be brave and strong to hold on to

courage without giving into to fear or

exhaustion let my teach te ings guide

you from Sunrise until you rest tired

from your efforts but filled with a

spirit of

Bravery you have Champion the cause of

your loved ones with courage and follow

the path I laid out for you

Faithfully when night falls and you

sleep remember the fight doesn’t

stop take a moment to pray before sleep

takes hold your time is a precious gift

to me more valuable than you know each

word you speak in prayer strengthens you

you don’t hesitate to declare my

promises and teachings with

conviction announce them let your voice

be heard in your home and stand firm in

your faith even if others mock or

consider you

naive see them with kindness for they

miss out on immense

blessings repeat these words with belief

the Lord is my shepherd I have

everything I need say it again this time

with even greater conviction and


these aren’t just ordinary words they

are sacred

pronouncements saying them ignites a

fire within you driving away doubts

sadness Despair and the evil bonds cast

by enemies through lies and

deceit I long to hear your bold

declaration my God is my Fortress and

Sanctuary Whom Shall I

Fear the lord’s name is a powerful tower

of strength I will cry out to him for

help and he will lift me in his

Embrace he will will calm my spirit and

under his shelter I will find

Refuge now pause for a moment you who

receive these words read them again and

listen to my voice close your eyes savor

every word feel my presence breaking the

chains of wrongdoing and illness reach

out your hand rise and step forward

embrace the extraordinary world I’ve

often described to you here your future

is shaped and your blessings are fought

for it’s important important for you to

remain strong in your faith and delve

deeper into my teachings for you are on

the verge of witnessing and

understanding wonders beyond your

understanding or

imagination you will truly grasp the

greatness of this Divine love that

surrounds you your heart will jump for

joy when you hear my words at the

beginning of a new

day you will be aware and receptive to

this guiding

voice you will follow my advice and let

yourself be

led take my hand and allow to lead you

to a place where I will make you

prosperous my dearest child

child I write to you with a Father’s

Heart overflowing with

love my deepest desire is for you to

live a life free from burdens a life

Unshackled by the curses that have

plagued your

ancestors these curses like malevolent

chains have bound them with crippling

worries irrational fears and annoying

envy that poisoned their minds but fret

no more in this very moment I call upon

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