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I shall shield and protect you God says

God message today God’s message now God

message my dear child I will take care

of you and your family and soon you will

feel the Gentle Touch of my love I want

to walk with you along a peaceful path

lift the heavy burden of anxiety from

your shoulders and remove the fear that

sometimes overwhelms you you will no

longer be afraid your mind will no

longer be plagued by distressing

thoughts your soul will not be tore

tormented by memories that haunt you at

night and sap your will to live Miracles

will happen in your life my will shall

be revealed in you for my word always

accomplishes what I intend today I’m

here for you to bring change and

transformation open your eyes to the new

day and prepare for the incredible

Miracles you will soon see hold my hand

tightly as you walk through the valley

of loneliness tell your adversaries that

you are not alone for your heavenly

father is with you come I am waiting for

you don’t hesitate if you feel that

today is the day to start over start

with me walk with me and you will find

Joy abundant and Lasting forever basked

in my love say it right it shout it loud

that you love me too I heal you I

sustain you I care for you I provide for

for you I love you I comfort you so fear

nothing and no one my power strengthens

you and my mighty hand protects you it

has always been this way even when you

couldn’t see me when you thought

everything was lost and that your

troubles would overwhelm you but look at

you now you are still here if you are

reading or hearing this it is because

you have faith because you seek success

because you want to live and be happy

who said you don’t deserve it don’t

waste your time on vain thoughts or


accusations you are my child you have

opened your heart to me you love me and

seek me daily I have named you heir to

All Things pure and beautiful kind and

good you will achieve all your dreams

that are rooted in truth and goodness so

walk with firm Faith toward what you

will achieve and work hard for them it’s

never too late nor are you too old don’t

worry if you feel unprepared I

strengthen and prepare those who are

willing I call out with my own voice to

those who wish to draw close to me and

serve me with love you know you are in

this world to do great and significant

things despite any past mistakes or

failures that’s why you believe in my

death and Resurrection I am forgiving

your sins I am giving you a new chance


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