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amen my beloved child I am your God your everpresent companion your guide

and your protector if my name has not yet graced your ears let this be our

introduction from the moment before your first breath I chose you kindling a

flame of purpose in your soul that burns with unwavering conviction I am the architect of your

days showering your journey with an endless Cascade of love and mercy as

vast as the ocean’s depths I embody love the soft Whisper of Peace

in the chaos and The Guiding Light That Shepherds you through the Shadows Embrace this day as a canvas for

miracles painted with the brushstrokes of Faith by my words alongside you walks

my spirit a Vigilant guide on your every Journey lighting the steps under your weary

feet open your heart wide to these truths etched into your very essence

ready to emerge in in those pivotal moments when you seek my face the gates to my grace are forever

open to you approach with boldness and without a shred of

fear I am here to mend the breaches in your spirit to sooth the scars unseen

but deeply felt the Shadows that once danced menacingly in your thoughts those

secrets that once ens snared your joy today lose their

grip I offer you a new beginning washing away the stains of yesterday freeing you

from the chains of regret let not your heart be troubled nor your peace be stolen away if you

find yourself unable to undo the knots of your past do what is within your

reach seek humility ask for forgiveness strive to

make amends and purify your essence and for those who out of

bitterness refuse to Grant the grace of redemption leave them to

me you stand before me renewed your spirit cleansed and

absolved in this Divine Embrace know that every step every stumble is part of

your journey towards the light your past does not define you nor

do your mistakes dictate your worth with each New Dawn I offer endless

possibilities for Renewal and growth so carry forward my child with a heart

unburdened by yesterday’s Shadows stepping into the light of my unwavering love and

forgiveness leave the past behind give me all that weighs you down the Shadows

that dim your joy and those deep-seated negative feelings that trouble you day after

day let go of the memories and thoughts that you’ve clung to for too long and

allow my power to work within your heart I will forever shatter the chains of fear obliterate the shadows of anxiety

and plant the seeds of my holy word in you I flood your soul with my grace

offering you the miracle of true Freedom wrapping you gently In My Embrace of

Mercy I protect you with my love filling your life with uncounted blessings today

the ties that held your spirit captive are broken your disposition transforms

your irritation Fades and your Fury ceases no longer will your words be of

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