I Never Said life Would be Easy if You Follow Me |God Message Today | God Message for You Today


today God wants you to understand that I

never guaranteed that life would be easy

if you follow me however I affirm that I

will always stand beside you together we

will navigate through every challenge

though it may not be

effortless yet through adversity we

emerge resilient when you communicate

with me be forthright express your

emotion sincerely whether it’s anger

stress or fear

it’s acceptable to experience these

emotions and to share them with me take

a moment to reflect before reacting

hastily if you desire a deeper

connection with me reject wrongdoing the

closer you draw to righteousness the

farther you move from me I am renewing

everything and my affection for you

knows no bounds all circumstances are

orchestrated for your benefit you are

neither forsaken nor deserted by me your

prayers have been heard keep your gaze

fixed on me disregarding discouraging

voices a break through awaits just

Beyond the Horizon if you have faith in

this message your current predicament is

transitory remarkable blessings are on

the horizon I will exceed your

expectations and bring sudden positive

changes in your life type Amen to


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