I Make You This Promise | God Says |

my dear child pause for a moment and let this message seep deep into your heart

sparking an undeniable Joy your presence Delights me you’ve reached into the

depths of my heart touching it deeply despite the rugged roads you’ve walked you keep your faith in me Rock

Solid no matter what Storms Come so today I make you this promise I’m going

to drench you and your loved ones in blessings more generous and abundant than you could

imagine keep going don’t stop move forward with determination Don’t Be Afraid keep

reaching towards the heavens even when tiredness makes it tough sit down and

talk with me just use your own words tell me what’s on your mind your

plans the deep feelings in your heart what are you holding on to what emotions

are stirring inside you remember you don’t live on bread alone but on

every word that comes from me I’m here to lift you up to nourish you with

encouragement calm and confidence I leave you my peace I give it to you

embrace it today when you feel overwhelmed remember the warmth of my love always with you don’t rely too much

on people they can let you down don’t depend on others for love and approval

yes I made you to love and be loved but the only true Everlasting Love That Will

Never Let You Down is mine it’s always there for you steady and sure don’t give

your heart to those who might leave you don’t trust your future with those who stop loving after receiving all they

want don’t make those who might turn away break your heart or disrupt your

life the most important in your soul you’ve looked for Hope and now it’s here you’ve asked for a way forward and it’s

open before you always remind yourself that you are never alone or without

family even if your closest ones leave the deepest and most beautiful

love my love is always available to you it’s truly wonderful to know and feel that your heavenly father cares for you

deeply I know you need these words I want to help you overcome your struggles

to defeat sadness to keep moving forward without losing faith so you can succeed

and Thrive trust in me as your heavenly father feel free to talk to me to share

your needs because I also want you to see and experience me as a close friend

I reach out to you assuring you that I am always attentive talking with me

brings Comfort to your soul and peace to your mind when you speak your feelings

aloud your faith faith is activated and miracles start to

happen today is the day for you to tell me everything on your mind but also to

listen when I speak to you I am not here to judge you to scold you or to remind

you of your past mistakes feel my spirit gently whispering in your

ear I tell you that I love you and I wait for you every morning eager for you

to wake up and show your need for me your love for me your words of adoration

and praise reach my Throne as the day begins my presence fills your life your

family and your home with love and protection so remember that when you

face challenges I am ready to help you I will not keep from you the good things

you ask for whatever you request for your benefit I will quickly provide

wrapped in my love even if you have only been faithful with little I will lead you to Great

abundance you have shown gratitude thus I will enrich your life

and Beyond what you have asked from me neither the world nor people can offer you the love and peace that I can give I

have bestowed upon you Faith strength courage and endurance to move mountains

to overcome every obstacle you encounter believe serve and love a real Almighty

and Supernatural God tell me you feel it talk to me declare your belief in me

stand up Embrace Life with joy put into action the words you hear and read today

don’t ignore me I speak to you with sincerity and deep affection for today I

have something Priceless to share with you if you listen to my message to the

end you will be immensely blessed I have heard your cries your moments of Despair

your feelings of being overwhelmed and your doubts about continuing to live

therefore I urgently bring you my response accept it with faith and let it

be proof of my love for you I’m listening I’m real and I am attentive to

your needs these words will fortify your spirit and your resolve to

persevere your journey must continue feel so loved that you fear nothing not

health issues financial troubles nor the loss of material possessions or employment I will relieve

your fatigue so that you do not stumble especially now as you are close

to Triumph do not scorn Your Destiny or think about giving it up I’m the only

one who can and wants to protect you I know what you need and I will provide it

at the perfect time from my throne own I receive the prayers and pleas of all who

intercede for you many people value you and pray for your well-being and that of your

family if anyone diminishes you or chooses not to walk with you anymore let

them go do not beg do not demean Yourself by pleading for Love from those

who disdainfully believe they own your soul you belong to me and I do not want

you to humiliate yourself so do not crawl to The Refuge

weeping for scraps of love from those who despise you your soul is mine and if

you trust in my word I will remove those who lead you to misery and do not love

you I will Elevate you so that when they see you next they will mourn in sorrow

and regret they will recognize the immense value you have in my eyes the profound

Joy you experience because they will will understand that beside me you will have

eternal life but for them awaits Eternal condemnation I bless you for listening

to me do not forget my words keep your head held high for your worth is beyond

measure I paid a high price for your life tell me you will not forsake your

faith speak write tell me you love me I do not want you to worry anymore

hold on to me I’m I am with you every step of the way I have come to help I

will never leave you no matter what happens remember that I know your love and faith in me and

your constant seeking of my presence I am your strength ready to provide everything you need I will guide your

steps even when the path ahead is shrouded in darkness and

difficulty I will never give up on you I am with you until the end

why do you doubt you are safe in my hands nothing and no one can pull you

away from me I have never left you I am always right here with you hear me you

will get through this challenging time which will soon pass I am showering you

with rains of Joy let those tears fall tell me you feel my presence I am

listening I will carry you through your toughest storms comforting you as if you were a little

helpless child I will be there to console you when you cry remember today

that my love for you is eternal and with me by your side you have the power to rise above

despair trust in me to fill your heart with joy even amidst dark conflicts I am

your Shield do not fear or falter your faith and courage allow you to hear my

voice through the storm my sheep hear my voice and follow me even when rain Pours Down and cold

winds blow I remain your God and your hope continue moving forward with passion and

steadfastness my light always breaks through after the storm your adversaries may wish to see

you defeated but my word will comfort you and my assurances stand firm do not

be afraid or falter I Am with You strengthening your heart calming your anxieties and fears healing your

emotions and infusing you with Supernatural peace and strength you are

strong resilient and filled with my wisdom you are spiritually formidable if

you wish to witness Miracles continue to pray believe fight and persevere I grant you confidence in

indomitable power if things don’t go as planned I will be there to lift you up

remember I know what’s best for you and I will turn all to your favor if you let

me my grace and mercy are Limitless do not confine my love or forgiveness I

chose you even before you were born I am fully aware of your challenges and struggles do not shy away from

difficulties or be intimidated by the enemy’s threats and lies in the night cling to the Eternal truth that I

never change or deceive I am ever the same if I’ve told you a thousand times

that I love you it’s because I truly do and I always will never stop loving me regardless of

the circumstances many struggle alone and are overcome because they listen to the

lies of the enemy others yield to challenges but not you do not give up do

not turn back do not halt maintain your faith and cling to my

promises know that I will always always be by your side caring for you defending

you watching over you fulfilling your needs and hearing your thoughts and prayers I will dispatch my angels to

ensure the Fulfillment of the plans I have for you I Delight in seeing your

active Faith come to me wholeheartedly and I will take care of

everything else one day you’ll see that I knew what

you needed before you even asked your patience Delights me now you wait

trusting that my answer will bring even greater blessings I invite you today to spread

this message helping extend this blessing to many

others I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow come and share your feelings and desires

with me lay your plans before me for I promise to bless you

abundantly be courageous for I’m fortifying you with my strength the days

of Sorrow are behind you and joy will return to your life and home trust me

when I say all will be well if you continue to fret over things you’ve entrusted to me you’ll only lose

strength you’ve reached out your hand to me now let me Lead You calmly to Lush

pastures I don’t want you to lack anything I aim to fill your soul with

Divine love and sacred tenderness do not fear any Misfortune you will

stand strong and I will never let go or leave you I know you felt weak which is

why I’m speaking directly to your heart my child I am here with you instead of

getting caught up in confusion and despair sit with me for a while do not fret about the future or

get troubled by the world’s turmoil focus on what matters your family your

spiritual growth nourishing your life with my words praying doing good deeds

and showing Mercy to those who hurt you while Others May tremble at the signs of

impending troubles you and your family should not fear I will hold on to you you must be

ready even as others Give In To Fear you will witness incredible

Miracles the trumpets have sounded and your time of Liberation is near pray believe believe strive and

live without fear of what lies ahead trust in my word nothing is impossible

for me I love you tell me that you love me it warms my heart to hear it begin

this day with a calm and assured heart I will envelop you in peace and Sublime

Tranquility because you can feel my immense love for you right now leave your worries with me I will

handle them and if at any point today you feel lost anxious or weary unsure of

what to do or which path to take just pause for a moment with me this isn’t

wasted time it’s for your benefit stay quiet feel my presence reflect on my

words affirm my promises and breathe in my love that surrounds you feel my hand

gently touch your head I will embrace you making you feel cherished always

special to me my thoughts and intentions do not shift with time I will never abandon you

I remain steadfast if you believe your sins are forgiven if you’re ready for me to forget your past mistakes if you

accept the love of an eternal all powerful God then all the vibrant

promises in my words will come alive for you believe in me and streams of life

will flow from within you trust in me and you will have the strength and power

to overcome any challenge I want today to be wonderful for you and not just today but every day

start each morning here with me listening talking sharing your frustrations and celebrating your

victories let’s plan your desires together let’s chart the path that will

lead you to your dreams please don’t be so hard on yourself you’re filling up with stress

and your peace is slipping away you live in fear that I will punish you or that I’m angry with you just because

you’ve made mistakes but remember you are my beloved child and I want you to

never forget this truth that I reveal to your heart there is forgiveness in my

shed blood there is peace and salvation and abundant eternal life through my

resurrection starting today you will feel a wonderful confidence a security a

love and affection you may have never felt before each day you’ll come to

listen and speak with me and regardless of anything else you will wake up each morning filled with faith peace and

Tranquility tell me that you believe in me listen closely I have an Urgent Message for your heart I truly love you

you are so precious to me and even if you stray I still love you I will will

find you wherever you are and rescue you from the deepest pit I want you to feel my love there are

no words in the universe that can describe this holy beautiful Eternal emotion I feel for you I will never

abandon you because you are very important to me there’s no reason for me

to break my eternal promise to keep you safe in my hands every morning in my presence you

will find the strength and stability you need to face the challenges along your path no matter how insurmountable the

mountain seems I am here to help you conquer it I will give you the agility

to climb to the highest spiritual Heights thereby strengthening your

spirit understand this do not compare my love to anyone else’s nor doubt your own

worth because of the challenges you face today do not dismiss my words because of your failures do not undervalue my

blessings do not throw away my forgiveness I’m unchanging I love you and will continue to love you even if

others despise reject or betray you do not accuse or compare me both the

good and the bad live under the same sky and walk in a world full of suffering all those who have served me and loved

me without reservation have also faced hunger beatings

betrayals scorn and persecution doubts come every day they

lurk in the streets hiding in the corners ready to throw whatever dirt they can find at you the enemy wants you

to give up to feel life’s disappointments to doubt my love and

protection he whispers that things didn’t turn out as you expected that you’ve encountered sudden problems that

you’ve been abandoned and rejected by people even your own family they didn’t

look after you they didn’t help they only reach out when they need something from you today I speak directly to your heart

because I have purified it and am reshaping you from you I seek a deep and

unyielding Faith a commitment to follow me without hesitation accept this truth

and gain true wisdom you are human and while you walk this Earth if you rely so on your own

strength you will stumble but remember I am with you

always I will never turn away from you you are not one to take my grace lightly

I know your heart aches with the weight of sin and you have never taken my sacrifice for

granted I recognize your efforts and your devotion though you are not

flawless I will continue to love and fortify you I promise I will never let you down I have chosen to establish a

covenant with you and this pact is sealed I grant you salvation you are an

heir to blessings that bring power peace patience and love I will open your eyes to see beyond disdain and to rejoice

when you realize the Magnificent future that awaits you your joy starts now

today I endow you with unyielding strength and a resilient faith I spark

within Your Heart A Renewed purpose a light to guide your way motivation to

continue your fight without surrender and a desire to assist serve and bless

others let me steer your course and Grant you wisdom with each step trust that I will never abandon you

I’m always here to support and uplift you when you falter I am your almighty God Comm

commanding even the Seas and storms to heed your voice I Empower you to overcome all dangers nothing shall harm

you watch as your adversaries fall those who challenge you will find themselves

confounded and defeated do not think yourself unworthy

I do not want you to diminish your worth or reject this wondrous blessing you profess your love and faith in me now

demonstrate it Embrace these words words confront your challenges gear up for victory today I

envelop you in my love and Infuse you with my strength I reaffirm my commitment to you I will always stand by

you I love you unconditionally and will never leave you be bold and declare

these three words yourself I believe it with me nothing is impossible and my words confirm this no

mountain is too high no problem too vast for us to conquer

together and when you feel weak and unwilling to fight fear not I will

battle for you and secure your victory in your pain I am your healer in

your sorrow I am your joy my love Shields you like a formidable Fortress

regardless of the chaos around you evil cannot reach you bask in my peace amid

turmoil allow my love to comfort you in your struggles I do not expect perfection in all your

endeavors all I ask is that you do not lose faith and that you continue to

trust and if you find yourself without strength rely on me and I will Aid you

my beloved child Proclaim these soothing words

today I choose to trust I will be bold and Trust in my almighty God who

empowers me to conquer when you feel small or weak remember David the young

Shepherd who with my Aid defeated a giant recall Moses who by my power

parted the sea no matter the size of the challenge I Am with You granting the strength you

need to Prevail when you feel fear or doubt creeping in close your eyes and speak to

me I am always listening and ready to bolster your faith to continue forward

because I deeply love you from the very beginning I have had Grand plans for your life from the start of

your journey I have been by your side guiding you every step of the way I will

carry you through every part of your journey even through the darkest and most unfamiliar paths through every

Challenge and obstacle remain calm do not let the Roar of the storm shake your resolve to stay

rooted in my love trust in what I have promised you and move forward with

[Music] determination if you face each challenge bravely and keep your faith in your God

who protects and guides you you will be showered with blessings you will earn the admiration and respect of those

around you and if ever you feel unworthy or undeserving of all the good that awaits

you remember I look upon you with Mercy don’t let negative thoughts distance you

from my love and forgiveness you are precious and cherished in my eyes

always I desire only the best for you when sadness envelops you with its

chilly darkness in the evenings sapping your strength just take a deep breath

remember my love is always with you day and night wherever you are whenever you

need it my pure love wraps around you tenderly giving your soul a supernatural

peace no that in your moments of weakness when you feel you can’t go on I

am right beside you I strengthen and help you I care for you and watch over

you I am deeply invested in your future blessings and prosperity await

you so do not fear if you trust in my love and the promises I have made you

will always find the strength to continue without faltering your simple Faith becomes a powerful force that

scatters the dark clouds allowing my glorious light to shine

through after the storm the sun will emerge and as the skies clear and your

troubles fade your life will be painted with vibrant colors of unexpected

Miracles hold on to your faith for I have plans for you so magnificent that

you cannot yet grasp their full scope be strong and courageous for I am with you

I will continue to fight transforming your challenges into courage and joy

believe in my word it is steadfast and alive when you listen to it it fills you

with peace and wisdom no matter the size of your problems face them with faith

your confidence is the key that fills you with my power and even if things don’t unfold As You Wish keep trusting

for I am still working to make everything right I will fulfill all that I have promised you wait patiently for

the seeds sewn in the soil of your blessing to sprout soon the Miracles I

am orchestrating on your behalf will come to light whenever you seek refuge in me you

are safe I your heavenly father will protect you do not fear the darkness or

the dangers you may face for I will be with you day and night in both light and

darkness evil will flee no one can harm you do not fear the worries of the day

or the Terrors of the night I am always there to protect you rest assured

knowing that my love and protection never waver let me assist you I see your

exhaustion and how desperate you feel not knowing what to do my child I want

to release you from this burden with my mighty hand I can soothe your heart if

you let me feel my peace that go goes beyond all

understanding wrap around you trust in me and accept my love it is steadfast

and forever seek my guidance always available and pointing you toward the

best paths I understand the Unseen I look beyond what you can see preparing Joys

and surprises for your life’s journey know that my plans for you are filled with desires for your well-being

and happiness to give you strength and prepare you to face any challenges that

may arise let your mind be dominated by thoughts of Victory and Triumph be calm

do not listen to the internal voices of fear that try to undermine your dreams

they do not speak the truth I Am with You leading your battles and Paving the

way to your victory that is soon to come remember I am here to strengthen and

Elevate you when fatigue sets in allow me this for it is my promise to

you today listen to me with your whole heart I love you deeply and it’s crucial

that you understand this especially when life’s obligations overwhelm you your

spirit delicate as a flower craves my nourishment essential for its

flourishing listen as I repeatedly express my love for you in many ways through various signs throughout your

day day understand this even if you feel unnoticed by others my love for you is

constant I hear you even when others disregard your efforts and the love you

extend I see everything do not be discouraged by rejection or

loneliness I’m always with you let go of the need to please others what this

world offers is temporary do not place your hope in people but in me for I will

never abandon you don’t fault me if I don’t Grant every wish you have it’s

because I adore you and have grander plans for you some may accuse me of

failing them because I didn’t deliver what they wanted but understand this my

love for you is vast and divine unlike any other if you’ve asked for something

and haven’t received it trust in my love I have the best intentions for you I

won’t let you walk down harmful paths or open doors that lead to Nowhere my responses are given with

profound love and care many treat me as if I were their

servant demanding what they want without respect selfish desires and vain pleas I

turn away from these I don’t heed those who disrespect me and refuse to repent

however for you I always have words of love my promises are tireless they can

heal strengthen and transform you my love will greet you each morning and be

the light that guides your way my love is the power that lifts you each day The Shield that protects you

from harm the light that brightens your nights it’s the melody that soothes you

as you rest filling your space with the scent of your prayers everything you share with me is

embraced with love heard with Grace and answered with kindness today today I offer you love

upon love receive it with the pure joy of a child today I offer you love upon love

receive it with the pure joy of a child trust in me deeply beyond what you see

or feel life will stir your emotions but remember my love for you is constant

write this on your soul you are different blessed and radiant with joy

While others might envy you unable to believe in what they can’t see you know the source of your strength stay away

from those who Envy or counsel you poorly you’ll be blessed if you keep my

Commandments offering me your sincere faith and whole heart and after a day of

toil and trouble when you come home weary I’ll be waiting to welcome you with open

arms ready to provide the rest you need wake up early to find me already

beside you let the first thing you hear each morning be my voice Whispering I

love you amen [Music]

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