I Love You Deeply | God Says

[Music] my beloved child no matter how tough things get always remember how strong

and protective my shelter is if you’re feeling stressed come find

safety under my care Lean on Me When You’re troubled and tell me all about your worries hand over your fears and

anxieties to me my grace and mercy are boundless I love you deeply so I will

help you you are my beloved child make no mistake AK about it you have opened

up to me invited me into your heart and shown me love with all your strength which makes me very

happy because of this you have every right to come and talk to me with confidence speak to me openly and

without fear I created you chose you before you were even born and I understand your

struggles strengths dreams and weaknesses I’m not angry with you when

you make mistakes when you feel guilty don’t run away from

me who else will you turn to someone who might say they care but ends up

betraying both you and me true love is right here with me I’m

not looking to catch you in a mistake because I already know your flaws I’m

not waiting for you to fail so I can turn away from you in fact when you try

to pull away I draw even closer to you when you stray I come to find you and

lead you back to a place of Peace where you can drink from the waters that refresh and renew your

spirit so please always remember even in your toughest times that I love you

deeply know that my love and power are always ready to lift you from the depths

of Despair fill your life with purpose and joy and give you the courage you

once thought lost believe in my everlasting love and

protection it has always been is now and will forever be you should feel calm peaceful and

secure I am filling your heart so that you need not worry fear or feel like

giving up when challenges come your way don’t be overcome by fear or dread if your

emotions Cloud your judgment you might make mistakes but I will turn those negative situations into blessings for

you the answers you seek are close I will soon speak to your soul revealing

my plans and providing solutions to your problems come and kneel in my presence I

take joy in seeing you reach out to me in prayer hear my words seek me pray and

find solace in my teachings when your bills Mount and obligations overwhelm

you and you can’t see a way out remember my promise gives you the peace and Assurance to

overcome you will succeed in every challenge because I have decreed it I

possess the power and authority when I speak your Miracle

unfolds I ask for your hope your Surrender Your Love your loyalty your

devotion tell me do you believe I can do this I’m your Beacon of Hope your safe

haven your guardian in every circumstance write it down yourself

trust in me for trusting in God is always the best and only right solution to any problem declare it now I believe

and trust I will not fear or falter now tell me with all your heart

do you love me I hear your prayers and every time you pray you bring spiritual blessings to your family your home and

all whom you love I will lift you from this deep pit of despair I am reaching out my hand to

you ready for you to grab it do not doubt do not hesitate I am

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