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amen my dear child you have already faced many tests and challenges in your

life and I want you to know that your faith and perseverance have not gone unnoticed now it is your turn to be

blessed you have endured hardships learned valuable lessons and shown

incredible courage in the face of adversity I want you to understand that

the difficulties you faced were not your fault you did not cause them the

adversary like the Wind that Shakes the wheat sought to disturb your life in your moments of desperation You

released your Seeds of Hope and they fell onto the ground moistened by your

tears but I want you to open your eyes with faith because the Earth is trembling and a green Sprout is

emerging I want this truth to be etched in your heart this year you will reap a

Bountiful Harvest the seeds you thought were lifeless are coming back to life and

they will return to you as fruitful and beautiful blessings these blessings will enrich

your spiritual life without bringing sorrow tension or problems I have positioned you perfectly

to prosper but you must understand that I am your Shepherd and your provision

will come when you treat others with kindness without placing complete trust in any mortal

being obey my Commandments leave behind doubt and pessimism and rise with faith

great Miracles and wonders are possible if you believe understand that this is not a

game it’s not about luck magic or vague declarations I am speaking of my holy

word which always fulfills itself in perfect timing according to my will I see your desire for change your

longing for things to go well your yearning for prosperity

compassion wisdom and truth in your life and the lives of your loved ones you seek a transform with all your

heart and I want to assure you that I can and will transform you I have the

power to change hearts and Minds overnight but I always need your faith

you’re entering a new phase in your life and I want you to leave behind what is holding you

back reach forward with faith and grasp the blessings I imp placing before you

the trials have passed Your Time Has Come Today I will perform beautiful

miracles in your life and the lives of your family and you will not be troubled by the doors that have

closed speak to me affirm your thoughts and write them down tell me that you believe and accept

this holy encouragement that comes from Heaven if one door closes do not despair

for another massive door will soon open bringing something even better there is a spiritual battle in

the Heavenly realm for your life and your faith many enemies oppose your growth attacking you from outside and

within though you cannot see them but fear not for I will place

people with Divine knowledge in your path to assist you accept their Guidance with humility

dedicate time to prayer and I will reveal even more to you you will emerge

victorious in this battle all obstacles you face will be

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