I Know You


my beloved child I know your struggles

well I’ve seen you every time you’ve

pushed through on days you felt weak and

stumbled remember those times filled

with tears and pain so intense that life

seemed too much to

bear I was there holding you giving you

strength to carry on reflect on your

journey no matter how tough or how often

you’ve faced defeat you’ve always come

out stronger

now you stand more resilient leaving

past pains behind you know what you must

do come to me when you’re unsure when

obstacles seem too great or when you’re

too tired to go on remember I love you

deeply your life continues fueled by my

enduring love my spirit strengthens you

and your life is filled with

blessings even now after all you’ve been

through and all you’ve achieved achieved

you might feel

insecure frail or anxious you might

wonder if I’m truly looking out for

you I’m here to remind you about my

unlimited love and tell you to let go of

negative thoughts your life story is

written in my book I promise you success

I am your father in Heaven your all

powerful God giving you life and

strength I am your provider with

wonderful plans for your future

future listen to my words open your

heart and let Hope fill you for I will

always bless

you every day doubts and discouragement

will try to break you but my grace and

love will always surround you give

yourself entirely to me for I want to

show you amazing things you haven’t seen

yet I have so many things to reveal and

many dreams to plant in you I’m your

father your protector your deep love

your loyal friend when you pray and talk

with me know that I am close one day I

will dry all your tears and take away

all the pain you felt I’m speaking these

words so you’ll always remember my

promise to you and know how deeply I

care about your happiness fulfillment


blessings believe in me with all your

heart and don’t let doubt fear or

thoughts of losing get to you


if you keep going holding tight to my

words the best things will come your way

quickly and in plenty I love you and

will always be there for you I’m looking

out for you your family your money and

your health I hear every prayer you say

and I will respond to each one following

my plan and timing you’re going to get

more than you ever hope

for I’m making your faith stronger and

giving you the courage to go forward

confidently and

surely come to me with hope and be

filled with my

peace every morning I’ll awaken your

soul to a new chance so you can feel my

love and get to know me better I’m

telling you this so you’ll know and feel

sure that I’ll always support you no

matter what challenges come your way

every day do these things be thankful

for the blessings you have take time to

seek me

earnestly feed your soul with my sacred

words and let my Pro promises make your


strong understand that my love and power

live within you let go of any anger or

frustration you feel toward those who’ve

wronged you I promise the enemy won’t

win over you or make you

fall those who tried to hurt you will

realize their mistakes seeing how

they’ve wronged me and you I’ll handle

them so you don’t need to worry keep

moving forward free from past hurts

new friends will enter your life seeing

your joy and valuing you highly offering

deep affection don’t stress about what’s

ahead I’ll make sure you’re not lonely

today I’m infusing your spirit with new

energy and confirming my love for you

embrace my affection remember I’m always

with you loving you

completely I’m looking after your family

too keep them in your

prayers I’m acting in their lives in

ways you might not see keep praying your

family deeply needs your spiritual

backing I’m with each of them no matter

where they are be at peace for I am

bringing Harmony to your

household the worries and sadness you

face will transform you and your family

will grow

closer I will take away those who spread

rumors and wish you harm but you must

forgive and treat them with

kindness don’t risk respond to their

provocations and soon they won’t bother


anymore you were brought into this world

to show love kindness and be a light by

living this way you’ll Inspire change in

many of your family members you’ll see

them wondering what’s changed in you why

you’re so peaceful and changed they’ll

want what you have eager to grasp why

you’re different

now this is your chance to share that

your God is changing your life and can

do the same for them continue to pray

for your family my

child well you might not have the

ability to alter certain circumstances

or be constantly there for your dear

ones I have the power to intervene

because I cherish them

immensely every person is valuable to me

and I tenderly care for everyone you

hold dear just focus on praying let go

of of any resentment false talk

bitterness and anger trust in me fully

and live knowing that I oversee

everything at the right time hand over

your concerns to me and you’ll see

significant transformations in your

environment should you doubt my ability

to reach someone in your home keep

faith I have the power to change Minds

characters and hearts soon you will see

proof of

this you are my child and I have

wonderful blessings lined up for

you despite the world’s challenges

hurdles and difficulties every day will

bring lovely surprises that show my love

for you filling your life with deep

happiness you are truly blessed and

favored but I see how the enemy tries to

Cloud your spiritual sight and numb you

to the reality of your worth and how

dearly Loved You Are

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