I Know You | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

I know you God’s message for you God’s

message now music my beloved child I

know your struggles well I’ve seen you

every time you’ve pushed through on days

you felt weak and stumbled remember

those times filled with tears and pain

so intense that life seemed too much to

bear I was there holding you giving you

strength to carry on reflect on your

journey no matter how tough or how often

you’ve faced defeat you’ve always come

out strong now you stand more resilient

leaving past pains behind you know what

you must do come to me when you’re

unsure when obstacles seem too great or

when you’re too tired to go on remember

I love you deeply your life continues

fueled by my enduring love my spirit

strengthens you and your life is filled

with blessings even now after all you’ve

been through and all you’ve achieved

achieved you might feel insecure frail

or anxious you might wonder if I’m truly

looking out for you I’m here to remind

you about my unlimited love and tell you

to let go of negative thoughts your life

story is written in my book I promise

you success I am your father in Heaven

your all powerful God giving you life

and strength I am your provider with

wonderful plans for your future future

listen to my words open your heart and

let Hope fill you for I will always

bless you every day doubts and

discouragement will try to break you but

my grace and love will always surround

you give yourself entirely to me for I

want to show you amazing things you

haven’t seen yet I have so many things

to reveal and many dreams to plant in

you I’m your father your protector your

deep love your loyal friend when you

pray and talk with me know that I am

close one day I will dry all your tears

and take away all the pain you felt I’m

speaking these words so you’ll always

remember my promise to you and know how


I care about your happiness fulfillment

and blessings believe in me with all

your heart and don’t let doubt fear or

thoughts of losing Get to You music if

you keep going holding tight to my words

the best things will come your way

quickly and in plenty I love you and

will always be there for you I’m looking

out for you your family your money and

your health I hear every prayer you say

and I will respond to each one following

my plan and timing you’re going to get

more than you ever hope for I’m making

your faith stronger and giving you the

courage to go forward confidently and

surely come te

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