i know that you love me! so that you can’t skip this one

God says be alert open this immediately

otherwise you’ll

die God’s message God is saying to you

today hey there kiddo I’m like a

superhero but even cooler I’m the god of

Miracles that means I can do anything no

matter how impossible it seems to you if

you trust me you’ll see some really

amazing things happen in your life I’m

always listening to your prayers my dear

and guess what I’m already making

miracles happen just for you

even when things seem totally impossible

I’m the one who finds a way to make them

work out if you believe in me give this

video a thumbs up guess what I’ve got

planned for you this week lots of good

stuff I’m going to make your blessings

grow like magic it might sound too good

to be true but trust me it’s music

happening today you’re going to feel so

much love healing and abundance and your

whole family will feel better too

whenever you need a miracle I’m right

there to make it happen just type amen

if you agree get ready for a big

surprise before the end of the year I’m

talking million dooll surprise it’s like

a gift from me to you just keep watching

this video till the end to claim music

it in my powerful name get ready for for

some awesome opportunities coming your

way I’m about to shower you with

blessings that will change your life for

the better just remember I’m the one who

created everything in this amazing world

from the sky to the mountains to the

oceans I made it all and I’m always by

your side looking out for music you

you’re my favorite you know that and no

matter what I love you in the next hours

get ready for some serious Divine

assistance in daily

life happiness love money and good

health are all coming your music way

you’ll see doors opening up for you

debts disappearing and bills getting

paid off your bank account is going to

look a whole lot better and your love

life will be awesome too I’m knocking on

the door of your heart just waiting for

you to let me in don’t worry I’m not

scary I’m actually super nice and when

you invite me into your life I’ll bring

you peace joy and strength before this

month is over get ready to

party I’ve got some huge blessings

heading your way and I can’t wait for

you to see music them type if you

believe in music God Jesus says when

you’re sad and crying remember three

things God is with you always this week

expect good things in your health job

relationships and money God will do

something amazing to take away your

worries remember he takes

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