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hello my beloved child I’m Jesus your

savior here is a message from God to you

don’t close this video without listening

because it’s for you in fact if you love

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video God bless you I love you my sons I

love you my daughters now we can hear

the message from God thank you

Revelation says he will wipe every

tear from their eyes there will be no

more death or Mourning or crying or pain

for the old Order of Things has passed

away ever thought about a place where

every tear is dried every sorrow is

soothed and pain is a thing of the past

this message serves as a reminder that

no matter the challenges we face today

there’s a hopeful and beautiful promise

that awaits us a future where God

himself will ensure that our tears and

pain are replaced with joy and peace now

let us pray dear Lord we come before you

today holding on to the promise of


where you say you’ll wipe away every

tear and eliminate pain death and sorrow

for anyone seeking comfort in this verse

please fill their hearts with hope peace

and the Assurance of Your Love help us

all to remember that even in our

toughest times you are with us working

to bring about a future filled with joy

and free from suffering strengthen our

faith and guide us to lean on you and

each other as we journey towards that

glorious day amen and share it with

someone who needs to hear this today


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