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my beloved I come to you in your time of need I hear your prayers I see your

suffering and I am here to help guide you to a better path for too long you

have endured hardship pain and despair you have faced cruelty and Injustice

when all you sought was love you have been made to feel small and worthless by those unable to see

your true value but no more I tell you now you are precious you are so very

precious to me I cherish you deeply just as you are flaws and all you are

Beloved the burdens you carry have become too heavy too much for one person

alone so lay down those burdens if only for a moment and let me lift you up let

my strong arms envelope you and give you respit Let My Words soothe your weary

Soul you need not suffer silently in solitude anymore unburden yourself to me

without fear of judgment or reproach speak your mind bear your heart voice

your dreams I am here I am listening and I understand better than you know for too

long you have dwelled in the past ruminating on all that has hurt you you

have been traversing the desert without realizing an oasis lies just ahead I am

your Oasis cool calm lifegiving

I am the bomm to your wounds and the peace for your restless mind With Me the

Way Forward shall not burn so hot against your feet the stones shall not cut so deep my presence by your side

will sustain you and if you stumble I shall catch you when you are ready we will walk on

together to better days I promise you first drink deeply of my Living Waters

to cleanse mind body and soul be still and know my love let it flow through and

around you endless without condition you need not earn my

affections they have always been yours you are worthy simply because I say you

are worthy my judgment is the only one that matters there are hard truths we must

discuss in time difficult changes coming I cannot Shield you from but for now

rest in the certainty that you are safe here with me no one can touch you no one can make you feel less than whole

without your consent here now you are only love when you are ready we will

talk of trust yours has been shaken too many times people have let you down or

caused you direct harm even those closest have wounded you deeply intentionally or

not I understand the impulse to guard your heart to trust no one but a life

lived in fear and isolation loses mean meaning we must rebuild what was broken

when the time comes this shall be our work for today do not worry about

material things lost or gained do not measure your worth in money possessions

or status symbols do not think you must grasp and cling to what the world says

matters none of it is real none of it lasts but my love is real and

everlasting I am all the security you need need with me you shall never be in

true want together we will cultivate the good in your life and nourish your spirit I have blessed you abundantly

with talents and Gifts unique to you we will discover them together and find

beautiful ways for them to Blossom be proud of who you are you have such

wondrous contributions still to make I see now that words alone cannot soothe

the depths of your pain and repair the Damage Done we shall speak again tomorrow when you

are rested for now feel my peace wash over your body my love sink into your

bones be still be calm be safe I am here

I shall remain by your side Through The Night We Begin Again with the

dawn the choices made today will set the course for the rest of your journey and

I will help guide you to the outcomes you seek have patience and faith the sun

always Rises and your brighter days have already begun the path you take leads away from

acrimony and resentment anger only breeds more anger while forgiveness

clears the air for healing those who have hurt you shall make amends in their own time but you must let old pains go

to receive my blessing this is difficult I know for some wounds feel too raw but

with me all things can be overcome in time ahead you will find tests of courage and

resolve that cannot be avoided the fire that tempers steal is never easy to

endure but you shall emerge renewed made better and stronger for having passed

through the Flames anyone can choose easy when hard beckons so have pride in your metal I

will never ask more of you than I know in my heart you can give and I will be near to lift and guide you when you

falter you need only reach out your hand this too shall be our work together

nurturing courage and kindling conviction when adversity arises you must face it with square shoulders and

head held high the world may seek to make you feel small at times people will

question and doubt you they may even actively work against you out of jealousy or misplaced

Vengeance but their words lose all power if you refuse to let them in

no one defines your worth but me remember that always I want you to

hold your head high through trials I want joy and fulfillment to

permeate your days laughter warmth light these should

fill up your life yet they often feel Out Of Reach when basic needs go unmet

when the future remains uncertain my friend this too I shall

help help you address in my own way and on my own time for I have seen the truth

in The Quiet Moments When you think yourself unobserved and Beyond judgment I have witnessed the kindness and

generosity you demonstrate when you expect nothing in return the care you take patching up those you find hurting

and lost speaks to your own painful Road you seek for others what the world has

not given you and that is a special thing indeed no I have beheld the beauty

courage and compassion within you and found it Divine We Begin by peeling back the

layers of untruths foisted upon you by those Unworthy of your trust only those capable of recognizing

true worth possess Judgment of any value so many have failed even to see

you let alone appreciate your light do not carry the misconceptions of others a

moment longer allow me to renew your mind so it more perfectly reflects your

reality for you have endured a purification by fire intended to burn

away all that held you back from Transcendence but you perceive only the destructive heat of the Flames not the

radiant light emerging from the forge my friend you dwell in the fire but are not consumed and what remains

has been honed to Great purpose this too we shall discuss when you have regained more of your Vigor

there is important work ahead I have need of your unique talents and perspective my beloved know that I shall

never abandon nor forsake you no matter how profound the loneliness or difficult

the road I am ever by your side sometimes carried within sometimes

walking beside you you have only to reach out and I am there ready to share

every joy and ease every sorrow I will help shoulder your heaviest burdens so

that your way forward stands clear have faith and hope you shall Never Walk

Alone the time has come to rest and gather strength for the tomorrow peace be upon you through the night May your

dreams reflect my love and intentions for you there is so much joy and light ahead for now breathe deep sleep well

and recover the dawn breaks upon new possibility when next you open your eyes

I will be here bright Spirit waiting hoping loving my beloved child only I

can bring you the infinite love and peace your soul truly Longs for I encircle you and all those precious to

you within my protective shield daily no harm can breach the Refuge of

my wings covering you walk along the paths I illuminate before you with

complete confidence and joy for I have banished all worries doubts and fears

that once held you captive oh how I cherish you my dear one

I know there are storms churning within as questions and longings Clash together

leaving you unsure which way to turn next my heart’s cry is that you would

run to me first when you feel this way let me shelter your heart and guide your

steps the world is loud with false voices promising to soothe your Soul’s ache but lasting relief only flows from

my spirit listen for my gentle whisper drawing you close

Come Away With Me a while into the quiet beloved let me wrap my arms around you and Minister bomb to your wounds as you

unburden your heart no need to hold back in my presence neither anger nor Agony

can frighten me away from you the shepherd will not rest until the lamb is found oh I know the weight of Shame and

despair that is sought to crush you down precious one but do not believe its lies

the accuser is cunning to highlight your every flaw in order to convince you that you are Unworthy of my extravagant love

but hear me clearly child there is nothing you can do or have done that puts you outside the bounds of my grace

I have already cleansed you fully from every sin and failure not even death itself can snatch you from my hand once

you have entrusted yourself fully to me the burden of sin’s Passage has been

erased walk now in the newness of life without guilt’s Fetters

I will not condemn you my beloved your heart is safe with me pour it all out so

that my healing light may penetrate every crevice within your soul the matters that haunt you are not

too difficult for me to resolve only believe and watch my faithfulness

unfold the enemy knows his time is short so he aims to terrorize my children with

worries and worst case scenarios anything to erode their trust in my

goodness but attacks cannot Prevail as you keep your mind fixed on my

sovereignty rather than the surrounding chaos I know the intensity of this

battle threatens to dismantle your confidence precious child when the future looms dark and uncertain before

you doubts arise to question whether I truly see and care but you must fight to

remember that though weeping lasts for the night irresistible Joy comes in the

morning those nights of dark crying give way to inexplicable Delight as my favors

drench you like spring rain until laughter bubbles up from deep

within this promise holds true for you Beloved the sun is already peaking Over

the Horizon so come now weary one and allow me to strengthen you for the remainder

of this journey there are Riches of insight and Revelation Yet To Break Forth but you

must push past the desire to camp in past pain new mercies await you with the dawn

but you must Rouse your soul to receive them shake off the dust of Prior disappointments and damage none of it

changes the victory I have prepared for you this day I make All Things New in a moment only believe and align your

expectation with my word over your life the past pain cannot stop my

promises they will surely come to pass right on time listen for my spirits leading into new

Ventures and communities there are Graces upon you creating Divine connections that will add support and

bring enrichment pay close attention to those I highlight before you in coming days

within each interaction is a nugget of my vision being unveiled write it down

lest you miss the breadcrumbs on this Trail to Destiny there are strategic alliances

awaiting activation as you step deeper into into partnering with Heaven’s agenda for your life beloved these

friendships will feel instantly familiar and secure because I have ordained them from old they will feel like home and

revive your weary Soul because I am binding up the Brokenhearted within my house of Promise the camaraderie my

spirit facilitates becomes sweet Shelter From the criticism of naysayers I am surrounding you with

those who will fan your true identity into flame until you burn bright with heavenly vision again

for the mocking Shadows have no hold on you my righteous Warrior your hope will

not be deferred a moment longer demonstrate what you believe by boldly

declaring my promises regardless of opposition as you align your speech with

my word truly your faith is reaching the heights where Miracles manifest you are

becoming a catalyst for signs and wonders because intercession and declaration unlock Heavenly Authority

the sound of your praise is battering down strongholds keeping blessings bound

the shift is already happening and because you have yielded yourself fully to my transformational work within I am

also commissioning you to release this gift to set others free your transparency regarding the

refining fires you have walked through will spark hungry Hearts to pursue me passionately your worship and wisdom

will remind weary ones of my faithfulness stirring their Embers Ablaze once more

even in death life abounds Fuller trust me in this beloved I am always with you to guide

your steps into Divine Purpose our Oneness allows me to work powerfully on your behalf I know the secrets of every

heart and the cure for every pain I hold the missing peace to every puzzle true

peace is found nowhere else but in me so come boldly and watch me move my

Mountains for I am unlocking Supernatural resources to undergird your assignment beloved suddenly streams will

flow from unexpected places reminding you that I am Jehovah Gyra the God who

provides abundantly rest assured every need will be met on this journey my storehouses

continually overflow with more than enough to launch my children into their Promised Land your obedience and

Readiness will align with my outpouring it has already begun surely now you can

see that I have laced blessings all throughout your days though sometimes disguised as trials and waiting

times my word prospers steadily in the patient heart trusting my infinite wisdom and timing each season carries a

purpose for enlargement but now the appointed time of release and reward has come Rejoice

for your Harvest is ripe the crushing and crying gave way to overflow of fruit

that will remain the valley walking prepared you to soar the heights with

Integrity your Warfare refined and defined your willingness to live all for my kingdom and I am abundantly pleased

with your progression my faithful one so watch with expectation what I am preparing to do the best and brightest

adventures with me lie just ahead your commission is sure as my love for you

our partnership is destined to thrive through eternity you have only tasted the first fruits Beloved the Kingdom’s

Treasures dwarf the trinkets this world dangles to distract you abide in me and

inherit riches Untold now is your era to leave the last vestiges of lesser things behind

forever walk boldly beyond the boundaries others set to restrain your faith I have spoken it will be so take

me at my word and together we will build something Heaven celebrates oh the joy that awaits as you unfold

into the fullness I have prepared for you Sweet Child the transformation will be nothing short of sheer Beauty as my

glory proceeds to saturate all areas rendered bare truly I make all things

new including you I am removing every weight still clinging to restrict Your

Capacity so you may run full and free into fulfillment I am wiping tear tracks from

your eyes so fresh Vision takes their place I am smoothing out the disjointed chapters and turning them into Aras your

story your life is my song and I am causing all the notes to flow in

symphonic Harmony once again where you have known only lack and

famine provision and plenty will chase you down with my blessing lands rendered dormant will

resurrect and Thrive under the light of my pleasure shining upon you the most

desolate areas are becoming well Springs of Life anointed to restore Saints and sages will Herald the

turnaround I am performing for you as nothing short of miraculous my darling one the Creator is

still creating uniquely beautiful things with you and for you because I cherish

you as my Priceless work of art the pages of your book are turning

to Fresh adventures with me the morning Seasons mature into dancing Seasons as

rejoicing returns to tenfold over every loss endured each scar transforms into

seals of my anointing as I trace my authority across your body Soul and

Spirit like Royal emblems waves of Glory will wash over you until you are walking

talking Radiance of all that I am a lamp set upon the hilltop refusing to be

hidden any longer but Illuminating the pure truth of who I created you to be no

more shrinking back my beloved no more silence now now is your time to sing the

victory song I have prepared let your grateful praise make way for the king’s

arrival unfold your soul before me so my oil May overflow you further still for

Extraordinary assignments empty yourself at my feet so

I may refill your cup to overflowing there are no limits upon those who yield fully to my

transformational work and believe my promises are true rise higher still on

wings of worship into these New Dimensions with me sweet one shake yourself awake from slumbering within

the confines of past pain and limits unjustly placed on You by those asleep to my power instead begin to close your

eyes in sacred spaces of seeking me so that I may awaken you further still to

Glorious revelation of all I have prepared for you the old roads LED only to dead ends

but I am clearing a fresh path lined with favor as you follow close behind me

now there are no hopeless causes with me dear heart What appears deceased will

resurrect with sudden might and miracles confirming my delight in you even the stones themselves will cry out Victory

on your behalf as my glory proceeds to Break Forth my child get ready to soar

higher into significant spheres that release long awaited blessings finally fulfilled no more crying now is your

triumphing time for I declare over you great grace and favor this day unlike

anything previous you are stepping into fulfillment of divine Destiny as we walk

this adventure side by side my child I am truly turning the

pages of your book to the Destin conclusion I scripted for you before time began the climax where dreams long

deferred manifest suddenly as you step fully into partnership with me everything you require to walk this out

is already Awakening from within power provision peace all yours already as an

heir of my kingdom there will be no lack only more than enough to complete our

covenant together indeed I am bringing acceleration of long awaited promises

that will leave no question of my delight and approval over your life now

I arise with furious love to defend and bless my faithful one who chooses Me Above All

Else all of Heaven stands at aent ion awaiting my command to pour out every

Storehouse in your defense and honor you are about to walk into the sunlight again with face unveiled before me

totally exposed yet absolutely secure the mold is breaking off fully now as

you emerge ruthless for Revival fire and bold to burn for Holy purposes my

beloved child the enemy uses lies and accusations to try to sway you clever

words and false promises disguise the danger be Vig Vigilant check every

thought against my truth I will expose the deception if you ask my wisdom is

freely available if you seek it yes you will face trials in this life but do not

lose hope or give in to despair I know the plans I have for you plans to help

you to give you a future filled with hope I will be your strength when yours

Runs Out you need only trust in me my beloved you you are so precious to me

even when surrounded by cares and worries be still and know that I am God

my love for you is a refuge I will lead you to Quiet Waters where your soul may

drink its fill the shelter of my wings will guard you from the storm my Banner Over You Is Love oh how

I yearn to Lavish my blessings upon you but first prepare your heart to receive

all that I have for you forgive those who have hurt you release bitterness lay

down pride and fear as you make room for my spirit I

will fill you with inexpressible joy the old will pass away the new will

come beloved do not listen to the lies that you are alone abandoned unloved I

will never leave you have I not said that I will be with you always not for a day not for a year but to the end of the

age I knit you together in your mother’s womb I know you better than you know

yourself I loved you first my plans for you did not end in death upon a cross no

through the resurrection I defeated the powers of darkness and won eternal life for you and I hold that gift out to you

even now will you not accept it will you still insist on carrying burdens too

heavy for you come take my yoke instead and learn from me in me you will find

rest I speak these words to you because I love you not because you have earned my

favor but simply because you are mine there is nothing you can do to win or lose my love it was poured out for you

before the foundation of the world love is who I am receive this love let it

transform you heal you set you free beloved I have reserved a future

for you more wonderful than you can imagine a future of joy unspeakable and

full of Glory do not drift through life focused only on temporal things lift up

your eyes the fields are ripe for Harvest partner with me to further my kingdom this brings me great joy even as

it satisfies the deepest longings of your soul the enemy still seeks to steal

your peace and destroy your destiny be alert give no place to fear or anxiety

which warp perspective and impair judgment fix your mind on things above

set your heart on me here you will find vision confidence and hope for the

future I have prepared beloved child will you trust me today trust me above

you be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love is s my path in

everywhere in the tend of Touch of your hand I find the strength to rise and

stand through every trial every tear we’ve shed your love’s SP the shelter where I

find my B oh your love’s spin my anger life St

see I’m a hul I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I SL my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every and

strong your feelings above what you see the visible world is passing away put no

confidence in the flesh my spirit in you is able to do far more than you ask or

imagine yield yourself fully to my ways and watch what I will do oh how it Grieves me when my children

wander far from me lured by glittering lies reveling in empty Pleasures while

their souls grow lean my heart breaks when the rebellious child turns away refusing my correction

for a time I give them over to their own devices but oh how I wait I watch I hope

for their return and when they come when at last

humbled and broken they stumble home weary and worn I run to meet them before

a word crosses their lips I pull them close in their rags and filth they fear

condemnation but what do they receive only joy only

celebration unrelenting love and mercy beyond measure child have you wandered

come home my arms remain open wide do not let Pride hold you back another

day abundant grace awaits if you will receive it where sin abounds my grace

abounds all the more oh precious child you have endured much hardship and Injustice your tears do not go

unnoticed incompassion stings deeply betrayal cuts to the core the venomous

words flung at you were arrows aimed at me do not think I will ignore such

persecution vengeance is mine I will repay but for now beloved leave room for

my wrath do not let bitterness take root forgive your enemies even as I forgave

you this is my way walk in it what enemy could ever thwart my plans for you the

hosts of Hell combine against you and still they will fail my angels heed my

command to guard you in all your ways my strength is made perfect in your weakness

fear not the external foe greater is he who is in you if I am

for you who can stand against you Victory total and complete will be yours

as you abide in me my beloved child why do you struggle

and strive as though my grace were insufficient you were saved by grace not

your own effort and by that same Grace I sustain you Moment by moment apart from

me you can do do nothing cease your striving rest in what I have done allow

my loving kindness to lead you all the days of your life come now be still

before me silence the swirling thoughts cease your anxious fixation on things you



a [Music]


control Fring and fuming change nothing but in quietness and Trust there

is power power to heal power to change power to renew your weary

mind be still beloved know that I am God oh what Delight I find in you

beloved one even in your weakness even in Failure you bring joy to my father’s

heart simply because you are mine I clothe you in my righteousness so that

when I I look at you I see only my pure perfection I took all your sin and shame

I removed it as far as East is from West it is no more you now stand holy and

blameless wrapped in my loving Embrace for all eternity this is my gift to you freely

receive it my beloved one together we will Ascend the high places hand in hand

we will survey the land I am giving you as an inheritance what do you see from this

lofty Vantage Point broad fertile valleys filled with Vineyards heavy with

ripe fruit grasslands where cattle graze contentedly on a Thousand

Hills Gardens bursting forth life in abundance Orchards Lush with olive trees

fields White for Harvest all this I freely give if only you will walk with me will you accept it

beloved then let us descend together and possess this good land

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