I Have A Plan For You My Child l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l

I have a divine plan for you and

regardless of any opposition this plan

will come to

fruition have you heard it there’s no

need to gather the breadcrumbs tossed by

others you possess your own blessings

welcomed by a heavenly father who

Embraces you with love healing and

prosperity he watches over you

diligently those who caused you to

stumble will regret it while those who

underestimated you will learn

Unforgettable lessons for raising their

hand against you I stand by those ID

love and I will ensure your enemies flee

I’m clearing the path of obstacles and

conflicts for you so seize the moment

don’t dwell on the past shedding tears

for what’s gone don’t waste your voice

shouting into the wind for it cannot

hear you stop yearning for the false

affections of those who despised and

sought to destroy you in my presence

you’ll find a happiness and emotion more

beautiful than you

imagined I have a powerful purpose for

you and I’m opening the path to your


look forward for there’s no one in your

past who loves you as I do embrace the

security of feeling loved and protected

by a supernatural God I don’t ask for

material wealth your faith and sincerity

move me you desire change to live your

life fully and bless others you long to

Proclaim love forgiveness and salvation

to the world in my presence you’ll find

the strength to rise again and start a

new activate your faith n ntue your soul

with my word and remember my promises

they are your shield and sword in

adversity I am with you the almighty God

who empowers you to

overcome believe in me and you’ll find

joy and peace you need love so come to

me each morning I’ll clothe you with

affection cover you with protection and

Lead You with care together we’ll face

challenges and I’ll never let go of your

hand trust me even when you can’t see me

and fear not for I Am With You with you

always you’re on the verge of

experiencing my boundless love I’ll

remove your worries and immerse you in a

beautiful healing emotion love treasure

this sensation for it transforms and

fills you with joy embrace it for its a

gift beyond

comprehension as you persist in faith my

power will manifest in your life you’ll

bear fruit emit fragrance and flow like

a river fill yourself with my word and

you’ll find peace

end your distress feel well and enjoy my

presence let your words and actions

reflect love and healing for that is the

true miracle I



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