I HANDLE THE IMPOSSIBLE | God message today

God is saying to you today I want you to

take a deep breath life can be beautiful

but it can also be

Messi I want you to praise me in both

the good and bad times as I will be with

you through anything remember I am the

source of all good and have protected

you in the past I am the same God who

will continue to bless you I see the

hard work passion and effort you put and

keep going even if you feel alone or

anxious at times those feelings are

normal but don’t believe them

entirely You are not alone and things

will improve no matter what you face

a.m bigger than any challenge that comes

your way and I am with you always you

are alive because you are special and

have a purpose you are my child and you

matter if you need help ask me and I

will be there for you as I always have

been be patient and know that you are

doing well I am proud of you and your

prayers will be answered because I am

the god of the

impossible don’t underestimate my power

you will encounter hardships and pain

but you can overcome them with my

presence even when you might feel

distant or angry with me remember that I

love you you love is patient and kind it

does not envy or boast love is not proud

rude or

self-seeking it honors others and does

not keep a record of wrongs love does

not Delight in evil but rejoices in the

truth it always protects trusts hopes


perseveres for God loved the world so

much that he gave his one and only son

so that whoever believes in him shall

not perish but have eternal life I give

you a new command Lov one another as I

have loved you this means even loving

your enemies and doing good to them

without expecting anything in return

your reward will be great and you will

be considered Children of the most high

because he is kind to The Ungrateful and

wicked so my command is simple love each

other just as I have loved you take a

moment to reflect on these words and

show your belief in God through your

actions love others and let your faith

shine May these words bring Comfort

guidance and love to your heart if you

truly believe in God comment like share

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