I give you courage| God Message

dear heavenly father as night falls and

silence envelops the world I kneel by my

bed to bid you good night I ask that you

fill my soul making this night a moment

of communion with you as I lay aside the

day’s busyness and fatigue grant me an

Indescribable peace in my heart please

forgive the mistakes I’ve made today

whether from neglecting those in need or

from words that might have hurt others I

sincerely repent cleanse my heart so I

might sleep peacefully un tormented by

guilt father let me find rest in my

dreams and may my heart be

stilled send your faithful messenges to

God around me repelling all that might

disturb my night’s peace bless me with

deep sleep so that I may face the

challenges of a new day with a

replenished spirit and

MTH thank you for all you prepared for

me my family friends and every challenge

you’ve set in my life may I remember

your love and mercy on this quiet night

which accompany me day and night and

greet me each new morning beloved father

I thank you for my life for each breath

I take bless me with renewed strength as

I sleep enabling me to wake in the

morning with New Hope and joy continue

to lead me so that every step I take

follows in your

footsteps may I also experience your

presence and guidance in my dreams grant

me spiritual growth even in moments when

I am most fragile and in utmost need of

you on this Serene night I entrust all

to you my worries plans and

dreams I believe you will pave the way

for me tomorrow may your will be done in

my life as it is in heaven lastly hear

my quiet voice that represents my

complete trust and dependency on you I

ask all these out of your infinite love

and grace for I pray in the precious

name of your son amen thank you for

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