I Come To Offer You Peace| God’s Message For You

my dearest child today is a brand new

beginning all the bad things the

unhappiness and the sickness in your

life are gone

forever those negative thoughts that

bring you

down the sadness that drains your energy

and the frustration that weighs you down

all of it ends right

now hold on to your belief in me because

you know how much I love you and that

I’m always here to support

you I will fill your mornings with joy

and give you the strength to face life’s

challenges I know the struggles you face

every day there might be times when you

feel stuck in a never-ending Loop of

problems but remember every difficulty

makes you stronger and brings you closer


me I’ve given you the courage love and

self-control you need not fear with my

help you can overcome any obstacle and

survive any

hardship the enemy might try to make you

feel defeated trapped or overwhelmed

but that’s not your

reality I have wonderful plans for you

plans for your happiness not for your

suffering I want you to have a bright

future and not feel lost your destiny is

not shaped by what’s happening in the

world but by my never-ending love and


promises whenever you stumble I’ll be

there to catch

you when you feel weak remember that my

strength is most powerful when you are

weak my love is all you need and my

power shines brightest When You’re

vulnerable so if you’re feeling

discouraged or burdened just look to me

and I will renew your strength and

Faith the challenges you’re facing are

actually opportunities for you to grow

learn and become stronger be happy when

you face tough times because they teach

you to

persevere and through these challenges

you become stronger and get ready to

receive the good things I have planned


you protect your heart because it’s the

center of your

life don’t listen to what others say or

think about

you remember who you are you belong to

me the almighty

God you’re never alone on your

journey I’ve sent angels to watch over

and guide you even in the darkest

times you don’t need to be scared

because I’m right beside

you now is the time to be strong to

claim what’s rightfully yours and to

bravely move towards the future I have

planned for you trust me completely and

don’t rely only on your own

understanding recognize my presence in

everything you do and I’ll guide you on

the right

path let me be your safe place your

strength your guide together we’ll walk

towards a life filled with blessings

meaning and

victory remember those who Trust trust

in me will always find peace in my

protection in me you’ll find a reliable

shelter and unshakable

strength when life’s challenges

overwhelm you remember I’m your

protector and

Fortress seeking refuge in me means no

Misfortune will touch you and no

disaster will come near your

home I’ve commanded my angels to look

after you in every situation keeping you

safe so that you won’t even trip over a

rock don’t be afraid of the darkness or

the challenge that come with

daylight because you belong to

me I promise to keep you safe and give


honor call on me and I’ll answer I’ll be

there in times of trouble to rescue you

and celebrate you my word and your faith

are all you need to activate this

amazing and life-changing power but I

need your

trust your future is safe with

me I promise to keep you healthy and

happy no matter what troubles come your


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