I Bless You | God Says | God Message Today

my beloved child today I bless you with peace Serenity strength and wisdom your prayer has reached my ears

and I hear the sincerity in your heart telling me you need me you’re in the right place to listen

and receive you are dearly loved just as you are I know you’re not perfect but I

see true remorse in your soul you’re working to change your character your attitudes and how you view life and

treat others I have chosen you for a blessed life you’ve been through tough times but

now you won’t have to face such trials alone my Holy Spirit and my word will

give you divine Supernatural wisdom you’re learning to make wise decisions

and not let those false friends who are really thieves of your peace faith and security manipulate you

anymore you’ll stand strong against any conflict

you may have forgotten me in times of need but now you will rise stronger my

authority will be evident in your expression your eyes will Sparkle with joy and gratitude and your smile will

open doors and break chains I will pour out my blessings abundantly and you will stand firm

you’ve neglected me because you needed me but now you will rise empowered the light in your eyes will

show happiness a thankful spirit and your smile will unlock many

opportunities you’ll break chains for I will shower you with plentiful

blessings stand up and start your journey you will not walk alone I will bring good people into your

life who will not judge you but help you grow spiritually pushing you towards

more Harmony and unity but keep your distance from those who lead you astray those who plant

seeds of doubt and Discord in your soul it’s true that some in your family have

yet to believe and surrender their hearts to me but I want to use you to show them my love and give them a

message of hope I’m giving you the strength to commit to your family always recognize your need for me

seek my presence immerse yourself in my word and my Holy

Spirit if you ever waver in your determination to continue remember you live in a

challenging world but for you and your family there is always hope and a firm

promise of protection unity and Abundant Blessings receive my affection and

love now tell me if you accept this wonderful blessing with joy and Faith what a splendid person you are I

love how fervent your heart is when you speak to me your joyful Spirit fills me

with delight as you bask in this Divine happiness I offer for easing any

discomfort pain or sickness after hearing me I want you to feel deeply

loved you don’t have to walk through life feeling down lamenting your

circumstances I love you and today you will feel it in many ways I will show it

to you and through my powerful word I will tell you so if someone tries to upset you you’ll

feel the Divine love that fills you instantly if sadness tries to grip You My Embrace will wrap around you driving

away all distress and filling your heart with joy your family and friends will be

amazed and ask about the source of your inexplicable happiness your enemies will

turn away ineffective and unable to harm you you will be

surrounded by a supernatural Shield of divine protection with thousands of angels stationed around your home

regarding you and your family day and night believe with all your heart my

love for you is as real as the air you breathe more powerful and beautiful than

any Miracle you could ask for my love covers you and it is the

greatest blessing you will experience in your life each day you wake up grateful

thanking me for your life entrusting your destiny and your days to my care

care you stand as a testament to Faith even as others mock you for believing in

an invisible omnipotent God but you know I’m always watching

over you and meeting your needs with your faith you will live confidently knowing you are a child of

the creator of the universe every step you take is filled with assurance and your face glows with happiness your

steadfast grateful Spirit deeply moves me you have a heart that holds on to the

promise of tomorrow I am here waiting to embrace you as the dawn breaks before

the sun rises I know how much you love your children they are precious to me too I

have their names faces Hearts thoughts aspirations and struggles recorded in my

book I never forget what they mean to you stay calm and don’t worry over their

decisions if you think they are straying don’t agonize over what you can’t control give all your worries to me

focus on your own life dwelling too much on concerns can drain you and steal your

peace conserve your energy and Faith for I want you to pray for them it’s time to

let go of things you need to release the doves have grown and must now fly release them confidently let them spread

their wings and find their own way as you rise my protective mantle

will always cover them except what I say trust in my plans your mind burdens

itself when you succumb to the urge to control to decide for your children to open or close paths for

them leave these matters in my hands there’s a boundary that must never

be crossed the Dignity of your family and your home which must always be

respected if someone does wrong you cannot stay silent I will give you the

strength peace and wisdom to address them when needed but always speak Without Anger be

careful with your words as they can either hurt deeply or

heal I have not been harsh with you I have brought you love and salvation now

offer the same to the children in your heart trust in this mistakes will happen

and tears will be shed but the Salvation you received will also come to your children at the right time in my perfect

timing they will reach the limits I set true repentance will come and they will

return home with joyful blessings that will enrich your household and extend

your happiness extend to them forgiveness and Grace give them another

chance keep praying for your children and you will soon feel my peace be

assured that your children are in my hands a blessing for your family is on

its way this is a time for healing to come into my presence and lay down all

Discord and unforgiveness it’s time to let go of

differences and embrace a beautiful reconciliation if you accept this

blessing let me use you as a vessel of abundant wisdom to strengthen your character share my word and guide your

loved ones some in your house may still resist following me but they will change their

minds when they see the Transformations my love and power can bring you will no longer feel ashamed

and if anyone mocks you or troubles you respond with patience I will make sure

they see you as an example never afraid to approach you knowing you will offer words of encouragement and pray for them

with love without criticism or judgment even if you disag agree with their

lifestyle their mistakes and their vices you’re not their judge I have not

sent you to punish your role is to love just as I have loved you you’ve stumbled

many times yet I have never shamed you always patiently forgiving and giving

you more chances for that is who I am my loyalty is vast my grace

boundless but you know that your mistake have consequences that bring pain thus

you are wiser now Having learned your lesson realize that you are alive and

forgiven by my grace and love for the patience I have shown you each morning

come and allow me to fill you with the patience and wisdom you need to rise to a level where you can earn the love and

respect of your entire family you will lead them all to my holy path and one day they will all know me

because you shared my message with love and demonstrated it through your actions when you feel tired remember

that you are not alone I am here to comfort you in Trials to protect correct

bless and love you deeply but because I hold you dear I need to tell you

something important for the healing of your soul be aware of what I am about to do

nothing is impossible for me and during this time you are gradually coming to know me to perceive understand and

believe that my word is true and must be fulfilled yet there is something lacking

and I point this out not to discourage you but because if you listen and obey

your blessings will multiply accept these words I give you

now if you want the doors and windows of Heaven to open for you if you want a

bridge to the Divine and Supernatural you must remove from your heart all complaints and

negativity I greatly admire your faith but do not let the poison of complaint

weaken your belief today you must decide whether you will trust me or turn away from the

wonderful changes and blessings that are coming your way if you choose to stop complaining Embrace Faith and Hope and

reject negativity incredible things will will happen blessings provision Freedom

healing family Harmony joy in your soul and a heart brimming with

happiness Embrace this message wholeheartedly let go of doubts and

complaints don’t try to do it all on your own let me bless you and show you

the incredible love I have for you if you trust me I will remove the

obstacles blocking your path Tear Down the Walls that obscure your beautiful

destiny I am breaking the harsh chains that have wounded your hands and lifting the heavy burden that has weighed you

down for so long for a long time adverse winds have

buffeted your Sals drawing you into the eye of a storm that plunged you into an abyss of sadness and

despair today I am here to set you free to breathe my Divine breath into that

storm the cloud clouds heavy with fear and anxiety are clearing the words I

speak to you are alive and have the power to bring about real miracles in your life the changes you’ve longed for

the Fresh Starts you’ve cried over are about to happen but let me warn you you are no

longer at an age to waste time you must rise and remember what I’m telling you

don’t take lightly the grace and mercy you are receiving nourish your soul with

wholesome words let your heart soak up the Heavenly honey take to heart These Warnings you

hear this year is the time to apply all the constructive lessons you’ve learned

every morning as you wake up I will remind you as you listen to my spiritual

voice if you can’t see me come and find me I am as close as your faith Within

Reach of your prayer I’m ready to fulfill the desires of your

heart if you want to see Supernatural miracles this year you know what to do

give your heart to me act justly hand over the Reigns of your life to me and

listen to my voice I have announced major changes they will happen soon and the promises I

made to you will be fulfilled you will be freed from debt provided with work

and strengthened it is up to you to rise from where you are and tackle the tasks I set before you without hesitation

there are blessings even in your efforts your faith is the key that opens doors

the giant Stone blocking your way is gone do not fear move forward with

determination do not be discouraged my presence will always be with you filling and guiding you at the

end of this message I will give you words that will fill you with

joy what’s coming is great the blessings you’re about to receive are

immense but first let me tell you how much I love you you’ve heard me in your

deepest Despair and during those nights when I gently touched your heart I

provided Divine Comfort the next day you were stronger and you could see clearly

the wonderful purpose we have for your life I Delight in how you’ve learned to withstand the enemy’s attacks it’s

wonderful to know you are mine my child my blessings are so abundant that I must

give them in my perfect timing and according to my will such Joy should not be rushed in

some areas you still need to grow and apply the wisdom you are receiving remember valuable things

obtained too easily might not truly benefit your

life before you receive what I’m about to give you you must understand it’s purpose and what you need to do to

ensure your blessings multiply just as Farmers must wait for the right time for rain sun and Seasons

you too must be patient which will solidify your plans and intentions many blessings are on their

way await them with a peaceful heart for they will manifest at the time I have

chosen they will not come without notice you must prepare yourself for the

victory you will receive reive I told you at the start of this message that I admire you and there is a

secret that has been proclaimed loudly since the beginning of time few try to understand it others

want to hear it because accepting it and embracing it means kneeling before the

omnipotent holy and living God I have something important to tell

you I love you deeply and truly care about you let’s make a PCT start your

day by by spending a few moments with me kneel down listen to my voice in the morning and let your heart be filled

with joy stop complaining immerse yourself in

my wise teachings read my word and store it in your soul love and respect

yourself as I love you treat your family and everyone else with the same patience

I have shown you start now and soon you will witness the Miracles you’ve been

hoping for for these words are For You Who Come to speak with me every morning

who take the time to close your eyes in faith reaching out your hands for my

response don’t lose heart or give in to despair here you are day after day

demonstrating such valuable beautiful and Powerful Faith that’s why I want to

fill your heart with love heal any past wounds and ensure you always feel secure

in my love go to sleep with joy and wake up each day with unwavering faith that

today will be better than yesterday Feel My Embrace feel my hands

on your head blessing your thoughts and guiding your steps I promise to shower you with

wonderful blessings and amazing surprises but I ask you to stay strong

and not grow tired of meeting with me daily you don’t always need to speak just

close your eyes and feel the love that flows from my words enjoy this Comfort feel the

immense emotion filling your heart I desire your well-being and peace let the

times of struggle end and a new era of prosperity begin for you and your

family sometimes you may feel humble insignificant you see others flaunting

their material wealth but remember you possess a greater blessing you truly know me you’ve given me your heart you

have an understanding of the spiritual realm that many will never

attain I’m always here to speak with you at any moment of the day and you will hear me I will open doors for you that

remain shut to others I will always lead you along a better path you don’t envy

what others have you don’t follow paths that lead to destruction

walk proudly you don’t need to impress anyone to matter in my eyes you know my word well the doors to my house are

always open to you and you are always welcome here is your home where you are

listened to patiently nowhere else will you find love as pure and beautiful as

mine I’m the True Light I’m here to remove all Darkness from your life your

home and your family seek me daily accept my love and my will and receive

my words with humility meditate on my teachings let

them sink deep into your soul treasure them never forget them keep your Bible

next to your bed wake up eager to hear my voice every morning read with the

intention to learn these promises I give you today will strengthen you so that

you no longer wake up in despair if my words are still unclear to

you then come to know me better come early into my presence I will show you

how much I love you go about your day feeling better

free from the burdens of anxiety and despair not enslaved by your emotions or

Waking Up In Fear I want to strengthen our relationship for you to trust me in

every situation don’t worry anymore decide to give me all your concerns I

can set you free open your eyes and look forward to the coming months with hope have faith I’m showering you with

encouragement peace and Trust I want fear to end in your

home May Financial worries no longer bring distress or depression instead of

arguments Let There Be words of encouragement let misunderstandings cease and understanding Prevail in your

family I am your Shepherd your path Your

Truth your life I want you and your family to spend this whole year under my

Divine protection your home is free from curses the power of my blood has cleansed you from all past

wrongs no Darkness witchcraft or curse can touch you stop believing in false

curses you have given me your heart you and your household are saved and protected this is my

promise don’t listen to those who don’t love or believe in me dive into this

River of power love freedom and Supernatural change have faith and

blessings will flow into your life tell me you believe remember all the times I rescued

you amid troubles all the Miracles I performed that showed you my real

presence today you will see all the good in your life here is your blessing the

ultimate solution to all your problems you know I love you and always

have even when you feel distant or when doubts whisper that you have failed that

I don’t love you that’s not true in your heart

there’s still a Burning Flame and a deep yearning to ReDiscover what waits for you and Longs for you don’t be afraid

come closer I know you’re confused unsure of what to do you thought you had

everything figured out but many things failed especially those you trusted most everyone went their way leaving you

behind you felt abandoned thinking I had forgotten you when you called for help

but you know I’m always on time I never left I was there offering you Solutions

and all the answers you needed but you didn’t trust them I spoke beautiful

words but you struggled to accept them doubting that your almighty God could

really speak to you don’t wander away this is where you are deeply loved this is your home where

you can feel safe at peace so you can rest at night and dream deeply let me

take you into the supernatural tonight you will dream you will stand by crystal clear

waters you will see me with outstretched arms and you will walk Barefoot on

miraculous water that will wash away all your pain anger and

frustration when you wake up you will feel different empowered you will

realize that I have lifted all Heavy burdens from you this is your calling you will experience it this is the

reward for those who admit their mistakes and return to their

faith you don’t need to search Elsewhere for someone to say beautiful things to you I am here here is my word which is

life and goodness accept it into your heart and you will be filled with my

Holy Spirit I’m familiar with your life and what you truly need the real solution

comes from the heart tell me you believe say it think it write it with all your

faith what you have lost will be restored I’m The God Who raises and

renews I will help you recover what was taken from you because you have sought me

sincerely and humbly I see how much your heart hurts and sometimes you think it’s all over

but soon you’ll see clearly just how much I love you your future has always

been in my hands and I have the power to turn around all those challenges you

faced there were times you felt alone and lost the will to live but I’m

changing all that I’m here to show you that I want to bless you immensely and

turn what was meant for your harm into something that will lift you up strengthen you and help you

thrive be bold and Dream Big Dreams dare to plan great things knowing that with

my hand in yours you can achieve incredible Feats if you truly believe that I dwell in your heart start

thinking like I do there are no limits obstacles or enemies that can withstand

my power stop focusing on defeat don’t give

room in your mind to discouragement or failure perhaps you’re letting negative people push you off your path leaving

you a drift like a ship tossed by the waves and wind I will help you recover everything

you’ve lost but you must cherish my love and the plans I have for you take my

words as truth if it’s written in my word respect it and Obey it don’t ignore my advice don’t

always look for the negative in what happens to you come and talk with me every morning

find time during your day for us to chat before you go to sleep kneel down and

tell me about your day your struggles I will fill you with Supernatural strength

and you will witness Miracles that will transform your life realize that I am a

faithful God and father but remember I want your heart your loyalty let your

words always bless and build up it’s very clear I love you and that will

never change now tell me again that you love me don’t overlook this message don’t

close this page give me a moment of your day with all your heart listen to the

end let nothing stop you from he hearing open your ears let me inscribe these

words on your heart by the end of this message you will feel better filled with

immense peace so listen patiently in my words you will find guidance and

wisdom seek me diligently and open your Bible daily read eagerly learn

devotedly with each page feel and hear my voice in your spirit

have you longed for a response day and night you’ve been through a lot in the waiting like a skilled Potter I Am

molding you even if sometimes you don’t feel it or see it know that I am calming

your fears and refining your flaws your character and outlook on life

I am transforming after enduring so much and spending nights in tears when you

receive my blessing and when my answer arrives you will see how you’ve been

transformed I know you faced many challenges and it’s time for you to have

peace and happiness that day is coming and now if you’re ready to welcome me

into your home even those hearts that seem hardened I will transform them pay

attention to what’s happening around you today and notice how the seeds of Love you’ve planted are starting to

grow wonderful times are ahead so good that you’ll forget the

sadness you won’t be held back by discouragement anymore you’ll never sink

into depression again nor will your emotions be tossed around by the wind I promised you a future filled with

prosperity and I’m keeping that promise so hold tightly to my word to refresh

your faith and strengthen your character don’t be afraid to think big

and dream big you have the right to start over there have been many setbacks in

the past but trust me wholeheartedly because of your faith and loyalty this

time you will succeed so impressively that it will Amaze you so come into my presence today here

I wait eagerly with all my love to hear your prayers and to open the gates of Heaven for you I will make your path

clear so everything works out for you I’m opening the doors to wonderful

blessings but hear me out to the end amid the doubts in your mind let me

speak your hard work hasn’t been in vain the reward for your faith and your

trials is close I know everything you’ve gone through and I understand your

heart you’re not after false rewards riches fame or popularity your fight is

real seeking only enough to support your family get out of debt and help those

you love but I want to bless you that’s my desire I will open the windows of

Heaven for you and shower you with real blessings until you have all you need to

be free from oppression and live in peace if you believe in me I want you to

do something get up determined and keep working rest when necessary but then get

up again try hard and be brave with all the enthusiasm you can

muster keep moving forward without complaints or sadness with energy and

joy even if things don’t go as planned or people try to trouble you stay the

course on tough days continue to rise with optimism when you encounter enemies meet

them with a smile treat them patiently if they are thirsty give them water help

them but be wise don’t share too much about your life or weaknesses with them

nor give them the chance to betray and harm you show them love but also maintain

your integrity and all that you have learned from me you will

demonstrate avoid the wicked don’t discuss your plans with them do not

entertain gossip about anyone your enemies will be frustrated when they see they can’t make you falter I will remove

them from your path our journey is not yet complete you will continue forward with

faith courage and effort until the day I welcome you and at that moment you will

understand so much more you will stand before a massive door and behind it you

will discover incredible blessings tell me you believe in me and commit to

coming into my presence daily and starting this plan right now my child you are incredibly Brave

stand up with faith because you are destined to Triumph I am your true God your heavenly

father the one who rescues you from despair the one who blesses you with

kindness and mercies I have loved you since before you were born watched over your birth

and kissed your forehead as you came into the world I’ve planted in you great desires

and dreams and promises You Are Meant to claim I love you I cherish you and I seek you

out each morning Desiring that you feel my presence as you start your

day it’s true that sometimes in your dreams it feels like your world is

falling apart you wake up worried scared that envious people might steal your

blessings or that the wicked might harm you but rest assured I am protecting you

with my heavenly Shield you are safe in my mighty hands I

will guide you along safe paths where you won’t stumble in the darkest nights

I will be the light that guides your steps I will brighten your life you will always know I am with you it will only

take a moment for you to sense my presence wherever you are close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze on your

face that’s me showing you my love telling you that you are never alone in

your toughest times your strong God will be right there loving and caring for you

do not let the flame of your faith die out don’t let the evil one cool your

spirit continue pushing forward with that fighting spirit that defines you

claim my blessings receive them by faith for my children receive their provision

from above I am your father who loves you deeply and my love is enough to take away any

suffering in your heart stop crying stop seeking love and attention from others

you are stronger than you realize you possess a super natural strength that I

have given you I have clothed you in Heavenly garments your eyes shine with my

light this world will despise you for loving me for spreading my word m being

my child sets you apart from their schemes and entrapments you must remain steadfast in

your faith unwavering in the face of threats from the evil one remember I’m empowering you every

step of the way even when others leave you I will never abandon you I will stay

by your side loving you unconditionally do not try to please those who criticize you do not seek

Applause or recognition from the world they do not see what I see they do not

know your heart you are loved chosen a holy nation let me remind you once again

you were chosen from among many the plans I have for your life are filled

with blessings you are very important to me and I do not want you to forget

it every day I show you in various ways how much I love you I have forgiven your sins I have

removed the darkness that once filled your heart and I have blessed you you

will achieve Victory you will witness my powerful hand at work in your life your

dreams will become reality your path is one of Victory blessing and prosperity

remember I am with you when you are sad when you feel down I am the one who

gives you the strength to carry on when you feel weak I am the the one

who renews your strength when it seems like you are losing the battle I am there turning the

tides in your favor I will never leave you no matter what happens or what others say about

you I know you completely even down to the number of hairs on your head you

have no reason to doubt me I have not left you defenseless at these moments I ask you

to hold on to this message in your heart engrave it in in your mind remember it

whenever you think about giving up my words Inspire and strengthen you

they help you stay steady on your path to catch your breath and continue with Vigor do not turn back do not look back

even to gain momentum keep moving forward the past is

Forgiven do not dwell on it nostalgically there is a path to follow

and Promises to claim open your arms and receive what I have for you let this

Breeze of blessings reach you and your descendants nothing will stop me from

giving you what I have set aside for you don’t rely solely on your own

strength lean on me to fulfill your destiny to conquer evil I have already

told you that I am your strength from my lips come words of encouragement to

sustain you on your journey do not doubt it I am with you in trials and in

triumphs with love your beloved heavenly father my child I hold the miracle

you’ve been waiting for so don’t lose heart something wonderful is coming your

way at this moment when your soul aches and your heart feels weary let me wrap

you in my words of Love comfort and hope never think you’re alone or that I’ve

abandoned you for you have always been In My Embrace even during times you felt lost in

darkness today dear one immerse yourself in my love and grace for I hold in my

hands the miracle you’ve longed for a blessing so profound it will bring you strength health and

prosperity despite your trials and tribulations your faith has never wavered every tear you’ve shed has been

noticed by me none has been in vain each pray pray and Midnight Cry has reached

my ears that’s why I’m here now to dry your tears and heal your deepest

wounds throughout your life you’ve battled against sickness pain and despair but your faith has remained

unshaken you’ve stayed strong trusting that I would respond to your calls know

that my love for you has never faltered I’ve always been by your side

you are my beloved child and it is my deepest desire to see you healed and thriving in every aspect of your

life do not surrender to despair do not let challenging

circumstances cause you to lose sight of my promises I know the load can sometimes

feel unbearable as if the whole world is against you sapping your

strength but even in your darkest moments when hope seems lost

remember I am right there with you I’m holding your hand guiding you

through the storm life’s challenges are opportunities for growth and learning in

my hands your hardest trials transform into valuable lessons that will strengthen you just hold on to faith and

patience because often the greatest blessings come through the toughest trials so March forward remember you

have a purpose in this life a purpose greater than any hardship you face on earth when pain and illness Cloud your

vision cling to me Proclaim my word with me you will see a bigger picture because

I am weaving every detail of your life into a magnificent tapestry that will turn all things for your good do not

fear the future or be swayed by human judgments in my hands your future is

secure and all things are possible you might not fully understand my my plan now but trust that it is filled with

love and hope I am quietly working miracles in your life and in time you will see the

fruits of my love and care just trust in me and know that all you ask in faith

will be granted remember the power of faith is within you a Divine spark that

lets you see beyond your current circumstances your faith is the bridge

between your prayers and my respon responses through which a great and powerful Miracle will

manifest keep the flame of Hope Alive in your heart maintain your fervent faith and

even when storms rage around you let it not extinguish your inner light that

light is my presence within you shining brightly even in the deepest

darkness my dear daughter never forget how deeply you are loved my love for you

is boundless unconditional and unwavering no matter the mistakes you’ve

made or how many times you’ve stumbled my love for you remains

unchanged my arms are always open ready to embrace you with love and

compassion remember I am always here to listen whatever you’re going through come to me in prayer no detail is too

small no burden too heavy for me with me by your side you can overcome any

obstacle trust that the miracle you’ve been waiting for is in my hands I will

deliver it to you at the perfect moment in just the right way be patient and it will

come so do not be disheartened or give up maintain your faith for in my hands

your future is filled with blessings and Beauty Rejoice for a great miracle is on

its way to you I’m here to enrich your life to fill it with joy and

abundance today as you listen know that I am right beside you even if it feels

like no one understands or listens you seem alone with your problems I’m

here I love you more deeply than anyone ever could which is why I am ready to

listen assist and bless you making you happy prosperous and

blessed hear my words today they will bring peace comfort and liberation to

your soul my child do not flee from my presence nothing can separate you from

my love do not succumb to despair or let life’s burdens overwhelm you do not let

the enemy’s destructive plans affect you instead let me hold you in my hands

guide you on life’s journey on the path of righteousness filled with peace

happiness and Tranquility let me take your hand and lead you to fulfill my

promises no matter how tough the situation may seem I will never leave you I will always be by your side

supporting you embracing you with my loving arms my desire for you is to live

a fulfilled and joyous life a life with purpose overflowing with blessings

blessings that meet your needs and satisfy your soul and heart’s desires that’s why my child I will never

abandon you I will always remind you of my immense love for you you are my

wonderful creation called to be blessed and to prosper to live joyously on this

Earth though you may sometimes forget who you are and the purpose of your calling be at peace for I am here to

remind you to guide you and to help you achieve it no matter how Grand your

dreams and goals I am here to support you in realizing them because you are my

precious treasure and you deserve happiness I understand the guilt you

feel over past mistakes and how hard it is for you to forgive yourself but know this I always forgive you I never judge

you rather I want you to learn from your mistakes grow and become a better

person understand that every trial and challenge is an opportunity for growth to strengthen and improve you my child

remember the tough times are merely steps that elevate you to a higher level of faith and a life filled with purpose

and blessings you are destined to achieve your dreams and goals to reach a

place where you can grow and Thrive continuously no matter what happens or

what challenges arise I will take care of you and fulfill all that I have promised in my word just keep moving

forward don’t lose Heart during difficult times they are a sign of the

great things I plan to do in your life my son never forget that my love

for you is vast unmatched and everlasting my deepest desire is to

protect you bless you and see you prosper to make you happy knowing that

even though you cannot see me I am always by your side and and every heartbeat every breath and every sigh of

your soul I will always care for you love you and support you no matter what happens

in this world so I ask you my son to trust in me open your heart to me and

let me guide your life let me handle everything that tries to distract you

and steal the promised blessings I have for you leave everything in my hands and I

will make you successful joyful and prosperous I promise that I will never

let you down that I will always be there for you to listen comfort and help you achieve your

Ambitions just trust in me and I assure you that you will receive all sorts of blessings I will make you abundant in

all things so your life may be a living testimony of my love Grace and

forgiveness let everyone see that those who trust in me will never be disappointed

so my beloved Son always remember that I love you I love you with a love that

surpasses all human understanding do not try to comprehend it fully as it is

beyond human grasp just believe it that I will always be here for you to love

you and lead you on the path to happiness joy and prosperity trust in me and it shall be

so you are my child Brave strong and Resolute your faith will be rewarded

beloved since the beginning of time I have held a Divine Purpose for you in my

heart your destiny has been sculpted by my hands nothing can oppose what my word

declares about you for you are my daughter the most precious and unique

creation a cherished Jewel within my kingdom thus through these words I

remind you that you are not alone you never have been I am with you at

every step sharing in every joy and every smile my love for you is steadfast and

my power within you knows no bounds do not heed the Vain and

senseless comments that suggest otherwise move forward with faith and courage do not be intimidated by life

storms do not fear the rising Waters nor despair under the weight of

challenges look to the heavens for strength the same strength that has sustained Generations before

you fear not for I am your father your refuge and your

stronghold my daughter you are a Warrior in Spirit capable of facing any

challenge do not be overwhelmed by discouragement or fear nor listen to the enemy’s Whispers The Power of my Holy

Spirit lives within you let his fire ignite your heart and

his wisdom guide your decisions rise as a courageous daughter

a passionate leader poised to make a difference in the world remember you are unique your voice

can transform hearts and your love can heal the deepest wounds don’t let the comfort and mediocrity of this world

Cloud your vision you are meant for an extraordinary life full of purpose and

meaning dare to dream big and pursue those dreams with unwavering Faith don’t

give up when life gets tough stand strong in the role of the virtuous woman I’ve entrusted to

you understand the importance of being brave and grateful at all times for

gratitude is a powerful weapon that opens doors to New Horizons be thankful for every breath each new day and every

opportunity even in Trials always find a reason to give thanks because through

gratitude you will discover peace that surpasses all understanding remember I am the god of

the impossible what seems unreachable to you is possible if you trust in me believe

in the miracle of transformation and be brave in chasing the dreams I have placed in your heart do not falter in

the face of adversity it is Within These challenges that you will find lessons that nurture

your soul strive to live in love giving freely without

expectation let your heart be a Wellspring of compassion forgiveness and

Grace love others and lift those who have fallen in love you will find true

joy in the fullness of my presence entrust your worries and burdens to me

do not bear the weight of your fears and anxieties alone trust in me and walk

knowing knowing you are enveloped by my profound and Endless Love remember I am

your safe haven in storms your Guiding Light in the dark trust in me and my

peace will prevail in your heart beloved daughter press on and keep the faith

protect it with the courage and virtue that Define you then you will thrive in all aspects

of Life your dreams will come true your desires will be met and your talents

will flourish nothing can stand in your way

for I Am by your side empowering you with strength knowledge and wisdom ensuring your success do not be

intimidated by the world remember you are my daughter the most beautiful flower in my

garden you are brave strong and determined your faith and determination

reflect the beauty of your spirit keep moving forward and never forget my love for you which is more profound than you

can [Music] comprehend regardless of your situation

or the challenges you face I am always there for you even if others leave you

know that I will never fail you I am your father who loves you deeply The God

Who created you with a purpose that is Uniquely Yours my love for you is unconditional

and everlasting and I will always watch over your well-being

life can be tough and discouraging at times but understand that you will never be alone even if the World Turns its

back on you I will be there with open arms and a Heart full of love and

compassion no matter the circumstances you are never alone in moments of

darkness and despair when you feel abandoned by those you trusted look up to the heavens and remember I’m always

there for you listen for my voice in The Wind

reminding you of your worth and my love you are my daughter a beauty unmatched

invaluable no matter how the World Views or treats you you might feel lost questioning why

hardships enter your life or if there’s anyone you can truly rely on but know

this my daughter even in uncertainty and pain I am with you my plans for you are

filled with hope for a bright future trust in my unconditional love

and perfect wisdom for your trials will strengthen your

faith so when loneliness and sadness overwhelm you come to me in

prayer lay your tears on my shoulder and I will gently wipe them away the world may overlook your pain

but I’m attentive to every sigh of your heart nothing escapes my care

I will always be there to lift you when you fall to transform your tears into

joy and to comfort you in your pain even if everyone else lets you down

I will never fail you never doubt that I am your loving

father Always by your side in my love you will find strength when weak Comfort

when distressed and guidance when lost I am I am your solid foundation your safe

shelter during the storm cling to me confidently nothing bad will befall you

in this imperfect world you may face many challenges but don’t be

disheartened my power is greater than any obstacle never underestimate the power

of my love it can change lives and reshape

circumstances always remember I’m with you even in your darkest moments just

have faith and my light will illuminate your path showing you the way out of any

struggle beloved daughter give me your worries and Fears let me carry your

burdens and lead you to a life full of Hope and purpose trust in me for I Will Never Let

You Down no matter how often you fall or feel distant from me I will always lift

you up and hold you close I am your loving father my love for you

is profound and everlasting rest in my love dear

daughter do not let life’s disappointments shake your faith or doubt my

presence keep moving forward secure in the knowledge that you will never be

alone for I am always with you my peace will sustain you and my eternal love

will surround you I promise to fulfill my commitment to bless and prosper you as your father

I owe nothing to anyone my beloved Son my dear daughter do not drift away from

me nor fear the challenges ahead because I will not abandon you I will stand by you through every

Challenge and trial just as I promise to protect and watch over you I will also Grant you

victory over anyone trying to harm or obstruct you hold firmly to your faith resist the

Temptations and traps set by the evil one don’t run from challenges for I will

do Mighty things in your life your past mistakes will not overshadow the profound love and purpose I have for you

nothing will prevent me from carrying out my will in your life draw near and

listen to my voice raise your hands to the heavens and accept the

blessing through my grace I provide everything you’ve prayed for I will

bless you in a unique way today the windows of Heaven are open

for you and blessings are pouring into your life embrace them my son embrace

them my daughter take them to heart for I am about to do great and wonderful

things you will achieve Feats that will not only transform your life but also the lives of your descendants

everything in your daily life will change you will no longer be in need for

I will provide abundantly you will have the resources to pursue all your dreams goals and

desires you will start projects that improve not only your life but also the

lives of your siblings friends and colleagues my grace and favor will

constantly bless your path and prosper the work of your hands do not doubt these words accept them and believe them

with all your heart then you will see with your own eyes how everything I tell

you today comes true for my words are faithful and true

and I always fulfill my promises so beloved Son beloved daughter

don’t hesitate to face life’s adversities do not back down or succumb to the fleeting and trivial things of

this world be strong and courageous for all these blessings

written in my word will come to you nothing and no one can stop my grace and

favor in your life remember these gifts are not earned through Deeds or efforts

but are given through faith and the immense love I have for you embrace them

with an open heart and Open Arms knowing they come from my good and perfect will

for you continue to move forward and never forget that I always with you even when

the path seems unclear and shadows Loom large keep your heart steadfast and your

steps sure do not stray from me do not turn away for when doubt approaches my

light will shine even brighter upon you my presence will guide you and with

every step you will feel my love wrapping around you like a protective

cloak the stars in the sky will witness how my strength flows through you

overcoming every adversity each challenge will become a chance to show your strength and

capability when you feel tired When Trials seem too heavy Remember You are

not alone my hands will hold yours giving you the energy strength and

encouragement to continue because in me your spirit is renewed day by

day remember my son remember my daughter the marks you leave

in this world will be more than just Footprints in the Sand they will be legacies of Love

kindness and determination for your descendants each word you speak will

Echo with hope promising a bright future for those to

come do not Tire of persevering in faith for your reward will be great both in

heaven and on Earth continue to testify of my grace which flows from me to you

turning challenges into opportunities failures into lessons and adversity into

growth every Sunrise will bring a chance to inspire motivate and Lead others on

the path of Faith each Sunset will offer peace and certainty knowing that no matter what

tomorrow brings my grace and favor will always be there for you steadfast and

unchanging like a Rock in your life never doubt my power or the promises I

reaffirm to you today believe them and embrace them with all your heart watch as they manifest in your life through

faith the force that moves mountains the seed that bears fruit and the wind that

drives your sails toward a horizon filled with vast and wonderful

blessings I know you’re tired of bad news and weighed down by family

financial and emotional troubles the solution to all your problems is in my hands I have the power to free you from

the burdens that oppress you you might think all these challenges are because

I’ve turned my back on you due to your mistakes but that’s not true I know your heart and nothing you

do could make me turn away from you I am fully aware of your needs your struggles

and the pain you feel when bad things happen I’ve been with you through everything aware of every tear you’ve

shed but I was never distant I’ve always been by your side ready to help and

comfort you even when you couldn’t hear me or ignored my words I remained

faithful and never left you so enough suffering my beloved don’t worry anymore

because I am with you I will never forsake you I will continue to show you my pure and sincere love through my

words and through people who will speak of me to you today don’t doubt my

presence understand that my love for you is deeper than you can imagine I’m your creator I have been

with you since before the world began I know all your dreams goals and

plans I don’t judge you for your past I only want to heal your wounds and use

your life for my purposes in me you’re meant to walk in

blessing and prosperity your dreams and goals can be realized because that is my will for you

so don’t be confused don’t think I’m not with you just because you can’t see or feel

me I’m always there ready to assist and bless you helping you achieve everything

you aim for however for these things to happen you must rid your mind of all negative

thoughts cast aside doubt and turn away from sin these things only bring worry

and fear into your heart don’t let let the enemy’s voice consume your life or

allow hurtful comments to affect you bring all your problems to me surrender

your life and cry out in prayer place all your burdens in my

hands trust in me and I will change the direction of your life your destiny is Success not failure

for in me you will discover the true purpose of your existence remember I am

God and father rewarding The Obedience and bravery of my children I don’t want

you to miss out on what I have for you instead know that I have called you to

be blessed all the blessings I have in heaven are yours to receive abundantly

everything you’ve dreamed of and asked from me I will give to you there won’t be any obstacles or

problems that can block my blessings in your life because everything I do has a purpose

nothing happens by chance every challenge you faced was necessary to refine your faith as pure

as gold so now my beloved it’s time to

confront your fears take a moment in your life to set

aside all the issues you’re dealing with close your eyes and call out to me I am ready to listen and respond to all your

needs remember I will always be with you don’t give up

remember I’m your God who strengthens and supports you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand don’t fall for

the enemy’s tricks he will try to make you think that you’re not meant for great things that your life lacks

purpose and it’s feudal to dream big he wants to steal your blessings and all

the good things I’ve prepared for you but stay strong because if you remain in

me you can ask for anything you wish and it will be granted to you remember

the best response to Life’s challenges is Faith so my son my daughter take my

hand and you will accomplish all your goals you will achieve things you never

thought possible remember the righteous receive all sorts of

blessings keep seeking me in prayer talk to me in the morning throughout the day

and at night seek me with all your heart and keep my commands and I will reward

you greatly for I honor those who honor me keep moving forward without losing

heart my son keep pushing forward my daughter and rest assured that you and

your family will lack nothing for I will bless you abundantly your time to reap has arrived

extraordinary things are on their way to you don’t be afraid everything will be all

right your moment is near a time when the fruits of your labor will Bloom with

blessings and your Harvest will be rich and plentiful do not doubt my words today

for incredible things are coming into your life things beyond your imagination just trust and you will see the rewards

of your efforts and commitment do not be troubled by the hardships or trials you

face stay strong and keep hope alive the season of your Harvest is

approaching and it will not only be material but also spiritual and grander than you have ever

imagined so do not stop my child continue advancing towards The

Verdant fields of blessings and abundance I prepared for you I know it hasn’t been easy to reach

this point but you’ve persevered you’ve shown incredible inner

strength and kept your faith even in the darkest times that’s why I promise to

reward you to give you much more than you prayed for now is your time to experience

something extraordinary great and Supernatural changes in your life the

Miracles coming your way are tokens of your faith and proof of my love and power at work in your

life no matter your worries or the weight of your burdens trust in me let

me lead you I’m always here to help you overcome the challenges life throws your way remember I the light on your path

don’t be discouraged my child continue onward strong and forward because all

your effort and sacrifice will soon be rewarded the good things coming your way

aren’t by chance they’re the fruits of your faith tangible signs of my love and

power working in your favor move forward with resolve and

conviction each new day strengthens your bond with me don’t listen to those who

doubt or speak against my will for you smile my child because the dreams and

hopes you’ve cherished are about to become reality this is the moment you’ve been waiting for today I Empower you to

conquer your struggles and overcome any challenge no obstacle or Temptation will

be too great for you because I will always be right by your side give thanks for the blessings

you’ve received for the happiness of sharing and for the Lessons Learned in

tough times gratitude opens the door to even greater blessings which will soon pour

abundantly into your life remember the blessings you receive

are also a call to obedience and to responsibly manage all that I entrust to you keep your heart humble and generous

ready to help those in need my child remember my plans for you go beyond the

material my deepest desire is for for you to undergo a profound spiritual transformation to strengthen your

relationship with me and to solidify your faith more each day trust that this period of blessing

is just the beginning of a beautiful phase of abundance and prosperity in

your life so relish it enjoy the rewards of

your efforts enveloped in my Divine love and steadfast

support on this wonderful day today I encourage you to trust in my guidance for every step you take always remember

I’m with you strengthening you to face life’s hurdles I am the light that

illuminates your path and the solid rock that protects you amen


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