I am Your Loving Father | God Says

my dear child you are the Delight of my heart do not be afraid for my blessing

is already with you the time is near when you will rise above the burdens that now press upon your spirit know

this I have promised to always be by your side to guide and protect you to wrap you in my Divine

Embrace like the sun that breaks through after a storm my light will clear your

path guide you to Serenity and peace trust in my boundless love and strength

for they are greater than any challenge you may face I’m always with you showering

blessings and fortifying your spirit place your hands upon the sick and I

will heal them rebuke the winds the financial woes and the storms of life

cast out quarrels and enmities from your home speak my word with reverence and

Faith for no miracle is beyond my reach I long to bless you I am eager and

determined to deepen your understanding of my word and to fortify your

heart fear not when external forces threaten your family many who live in

isolation due to their sins wander like roaring Lions seeking to divide and steal from innocent families but you

along with all in your household stand firm raise your hands in prayer and pray

in my holy name as I hear your voices raised in faith your adversaries will

Retreat and be defeated I desire for you to awaken tomorrow with a heart

renewed this is your moment to refresh your thoughts to dismiss all negativity

and to commit a new to pursuing me no matter the challenges ahead you will advance even in spite of

your setbacks I assure you my child there is always hope for you and your love

ones it’s true that some may feel disheartened at times and others might

see their faith Wayne but here I am ever ready to forgive them to purify their hearts and

souls and to endow them with the fortitude to withstand Temptation should they stumble again

they will rise with hearts humble and A Renewed desire to repent and transform in this place I await their

return recognize your humanity and the world’s corruption around you it’s tough

to walk through mud and not soil your white garments with faults and guilt yet

ask yourself who am I to you here from my own declaration I’m your loving

father the companion who walks beside you through every trial in these moments

of faults failings sins and forgiveness I stand as your Advocate your Defender

what a privileged position you occupy in the Heavenly realm your Victory is

certain you possess a loyal and sincere heart an advocate who intercedes for you

a judge who loves you and overlooks your shortcomings because you have sought shelter in the Redeeming Grace that I

secured for you on that painful cross but now tell me do you accept my

forgiveness do you embrace my blessings with joy will you cease to dwell on the

past no longer shall you mourn for those who wounded you with their malice what seemed like love became an

obsession and they ens snared you with their vile schemes you fell into the snare of a

false affection they left you shattered yet that is all behind you now and there

it must stay all bitter memories will fade from your mind and tomorrow when

you awaken you will no longer Ponder those negative thoughts you will rise

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