I Am Waiting For You | God Message Today |

my beloved

child allow me to impart upon you a

Divine truth that resonates with the

essence of your

existence listen closely for in my words

lies the key to unlocking the abundance

of blessings that await those who truly

understand the nature of giving in this

vast Universe where the EB and flow of

Life intertwine I Proclaim this truth

only he who gives all will receive all

yes my beloved the path to Eternal

fulfillment and everlasting reward lies

in the selfless act of giving it is

through the generous outpouring of one’s

heart without reservation or hesitation

that the gates of divine abundance are

swung wide

open do not be deceived by the illusion

of scarcity for the measure of your

rewards in eternity is not based on what

you possess but on how freely you give

it is a profound Paradox my child that

in surrendering what you hold dear you

shall receive Treasures beyond measure

the wealth of Eternity is not amassed

through selfish hoarding but through the

selfless Act of pouring out your love

your resources and your very Being for

the Benefit of others those who seek to

withhold a part be it their time their

talents or their possessions shall find

themselves bereft of the fullness of


reward the blessings that await in

eternity are not meant to be fragmented

and divided amongst the selfish but

rather bestowed upon the openhearted and

selfless Souls who understand the true

nature of giving therefore my child let

this truth permeate your being embrace

the transformative power of selfless

giving for it is through this act that

you align yourself with the divine order

of the universe release the fear of

scarcity for in the act of giving you

tap into the infinite Wellspring of of


abundance my beloved child let the

wisdom of my words take root within your

hearts understand that the rewards of

Eternity are not measured by what you

hold on to but by what you freely give

embrace the joyous surrender of self and

open your hands and hearts to the needs

of others in doing so you shall find

that the abundance of Heaven pours forth

upon you and your reward in eternity

shall be beyond measure my precious

child Let My Words penetrate the depths

of your being and guide you towards a

choice of utmost

importance I beseech you to Choose

Wisely for in your decision lies the

path to a profound and intimate

relationship with me hear me now as I

reveal the depths of my longing for you

I your loving savior need your life

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